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									                                     ‘Witnesses of Time’
          An art initiative to support WWF India mission of wildlife

New Delhi, 3rd May, 2012: Artist duo Bharat and Mrida Joshi, in association with The Park inaugurated
‘Witnesses of Time’ - an art exhibition-cum-fundraiser event to support World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
India’s mission of creating awareness towards the pressing need of environment and wildlife
conservation today. The exhibition was inaugurated by the guests of honour, Shri T.K.A. Nair, Advisor to
Prime Minister and Dr S. Y. Quraishi, Chief Election Commissioner of India. Some of the prominent
personalities like Raghu Rai, Suhel Seth, Ritu Dalmia, Justice Sudarshan Mishra, Jug Suraiya, Jatin Das
and Omar Quaraishi were amongst many others who graced the inaugural ceremony to show their
support for the initiative.

‘Witnesses of Time’ is a unique platform curated by Bharat and Mrida Joshi which leverages the
medium of art to garner the much needed support for the initiative. The exhibition depicts that nature
has been a witness to time since its existence and therefore how critical it is to conserve it if we have to
coexist. The photography and art-exhibition showcased an interesting mix of the work done by the artist
duo. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Quraishi confessed, “It’s a wonderful feeling to be associated with
such a noble cause. Bharat and Mrida are talented artists and I wish them all the best for the success of
the exhibition and encourage them to continue with the inspiring work.”

The proceedings from the event will be contributed to support the cause of building a healthy living
planet for future generations. Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO, WWF- India concluded the
evening by saying, “We are pleased to endorse this initiative by Bharat and Mrida who are inviting
support for wildlife and environment conservation that is at the core of WWF- India. Their commitment
to the cause will help us enhance our efforts to further the message of nature conservation.”

About Witnesses of Time:

Witnesses of Time is a unique platform curated by Bharat and Mrida Joshi in association with World
Wildlife Fund (WWF) to raise awareness and garner support for its mission of wildlife and environment
conservation through the medium of art. The inspiration behind Witnesses of Time essentially is alluding
to nature being a witness to time since its existence, and the pressing need to conserve it if mankind has
to coexist. The photography and art-exhibition will showcase an interesting mix of the work done by the
artist duo. The proceeds generated from sale of artworks would be used to support WWF India mission.

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