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									Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist – Correction Procedures in Beverly Hills

A Rhinoplasty is basically a surgery for the nose where it is tried to improve the appearance and
proportion of nose or correct an associated breathing problem. The procedure tries to change the
nose’s size, width, profile, nasal tip, nostrils that are large or wide and any nasal asymmetry or
deviation. Sometimes, if not performed properly the procedure may give inappropriate results.
This may require a revision surgery or revision Rhinoplasty.

A bad surgery may cause noticeable skin damage and cause complications that alleviate the
condition. Also, there may be loss in cartilage and weakened structures. In other cases, the
surgeon might have taken either too much or too little from the nose. A revision surgery may
also be necessary in cases where the patient is facing medical or cosmetic issues. As it is a
correctional surgery, the patient should be careful while selecting the revision Rhinoplasty

The complete procedure involves 3 steps namely, consultation, surgery and post-operative care.
During the consultation, the surgeon conducts a thorough physical examination and evaluates
what actually went wrong and how it can be corrected. The patient is then given an overview of
the whole procedure. Also, the patient is told as to why a specific method may or may not be
suitable for him.

The next step is the surgery where first of all a revision Rhinoplasty surgeon Beverly Hills
administers general anesthesia to the patient. In case of minor revisions, local anesthesia may be
used however. The procedure may be completed in around 21/2-31/2hours. However, unlike a
standalone procedure, the revision surgery may have to be performed multiple times o achieve
the desired results. After the surgery, the patient is made to wear a splint for 5-6 days that helps
to rapid up healing.

In the last step that is post-operative care, the patient may feel discomfort for the first few days
even though they can carry out their work the next day after the surgery. For a proper care, the
patient is observed for 6-12 months. The revision surgery is performed using closed technique
that results in less swelling. Some insurance companies consider the procedure to be cosmetic
whereas others consider it to be reconstructive. Depending on that, they may either or not
provide the insurance cover for the procedure. Often, the surgeon also provides financing options
to patients to cover the costs involved. Also, as the surgery is performed over a period of 3-10
days, the patient may look for lodging facilities available.

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