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Home to more than a billion people, India has something for just about every travel. Perched in the
crossroads between the Middle East and Asia, the country has a rich historical background and an
almost unbelievable range of attractions and events. From beautiful sandy beaches to large
mountain ranges, the climate of the country is more diverse than you might expect from the travel

India is a mix of cultures, religions and lifestyles all crammed together nearly on top of each other. A
city such as Delhi is a mass of congestion and humanity, with millions of people crammed into a city
that never seems to sleep. But it's also possible to visit areas of India that don't have electricity and
don't appear to have changed much over the past two hundred years.

Here are some of India's highlights, although a visitor could spend months with vacations India and
never repeat a location:

Ooty is a favorite vacation spot for India's middle class and it's easy to see why. The area has a
relaxed vibe filled with tea rooms and quiet plantations. One treat is a ride on the famous toy train
which makes it way through the off-the-map spots and provides a glimpse of an India gone by.

Periyar National Park
Periyar Sanctuary has India's largest collection of wildlife, including everything from elephants to
rare birds. Guides can provide personalized tours that are unforgettable. The area is also the home
of many spice farms and coffee and tea plantations.

Ranthambore National Park
This is the best vacations India to spot one of the endangered Bengal Tigers. It's also the perfect
place for history buffs since it's filled with ancient ruins and abandoned palaces dating back as much
as a thousand years.

Camel Safari
The area near Pushkar is the perfect place to take a camelback ride over endless dunes of sand.

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