Vendor finance (PDF download) by negative2positive


									Vendor finance

Vendor is a person who is selling their property and the person who is purchasing the property is the
purchaser. When we are buying a property that involves lot of cash and a good amount of investment as
the real estate market is growing and the rates are property are high and in this it may happen you
would not have that amount in liquid cash and thus that is when the vendor finance comes in to

In this vendor finance scheme the vendor that is the seller pays the amount on the behalf of the
purchaser. In this people agree on the terms and the conditions that are set by the vendor then only the
deal is taken further. Till the time the whole amount is paid by the purchaser to the vendor the property
remains on the name of the vendor and when the whole amount is paid the property is transferred to
the purchaser. Purchaser is allowed to use the property till that time. This is a very convenient option for
both the parties and it is better than taking a bank loan. People can pay at their convenience and they
do not have to face any problems as well.

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