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									Saving Money On Web Hosting

Running an online business requires you to establish a budget. If you need to cut down on costs, here are a
few tips to save money on web hosting.

Free web hosting is a good option if you take the time to compare different services. Find out how long a
service has been around and how they make their money. Avoid any free web hosting plan with ads or banners on
your site: your visitors will not take your online business seriously if you have ads on your site. Make sure
you get enough storage space and bandwidth with your plan. Read reviews and do more research about different
free plans if you decide to try it. Keep in mind that this should be a temporary solution: make switching to a
better web hosting solution a priority as soon as you start earning more money with your online business.

Get rid of the features you do not need. Perhaps you can switch to a less expensive plan if you do not need
the extra storage space at the moment or can do with a little less bandwidth. You should always have more
space than you need so that you can keep on expanding your site, but if you need to cut down on costs, get rid
of this luxury. Monitor the size of your site closely to make sure you are not about to reach your limit.

Compare your current plan with other options. You might find a similar plan at a better price from a different
web host. If you are thinking about switching to another host, do a lot of research about your new web hosting
service. Make sure you select a service that has been around for more than five years and has a good
reputation. Look for reviews written by other webmasters.

Save money by registering your domain name with a separate service. In most cases, your web host will charge
you an extra fee for renewing your domain name every year. You could be purchasing and renewing your domain
name every year on a different services such as Gandhi or GoDaddy. Look up your domain name on different sites
and consider purchasing another extension other than .com since these names are usually more affordable.

There are a few things you should not try saving money on such as good customer service or a good uptime rate.
Saving on these things means your site could be unavailable at inconvenient times and you might be unable to
get any help. You should also keep in mind that a good web hosting solution is necessary for the success of
your online business: try saving money on other things first. If you end up selecting a more affordable web
hosting solution, make sure to upgrade it as soon as you start making money with your online business.

Use these tips if you need to cut down on costs. Remember to do some research before you re-assess your needs.

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