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									The Vampire Diaries Books : Stefan's Diaries #1: Origins

The Vampire Diaries are known on television as the popular television show created and
produced for the CW. Based on an original series by L.J. Smith, the Vampire Diaries show is an
extension of a literary series. However, a new series has been written that is attracting a new
collection for the vampire enthusiast.

These literary works create a deep imagery that explains the story and entangles a new one in a
detailed way that satiates the mind’s palette and allows the reader deeper into the Vampire driven
world. The first in these books, inspired by the original works of L.J. Smith and the television
show is The Vampire Diaries Books: Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins. The following explains a
little more about the book, the premise, and why it is attracting young and old readers alike.


The premise of this work is rooted in the classic love triangle. Two brothers, Stefan Salvatore
and Damon Salvatore, are torn by the love they both share for a unique woman. Katherine, the
object of their lust and affection, turns the brothers from family to foe. Sheathed in the clothes of
a beauty that is only surpassed by her own, Katherine is hiding a secret that is deep and dark.

She is more than just the object of their affection but, also, is the mystical creature known as a
vampire. Not satisfied with the moral and finite world that the brothers live in, Katherine seeks to
turn them into vampires so that her love for the brothers remains eternally. The book is set from
Stefan’s point of view. The story is rooted around his take on what happened between the three
and how the relationship between them began and evolved.

Why Read It?

This first book in the series is a must read for those who like the Vampire Diaries series and
others as well. The story is more detailed that that on the show and has elements for nearly all
readers. There is romance, horror, and action all within the pages. Further, it is an easy read that
can quickly be consumed by the reader. Whether an individual is looking to better understand the
series or has no interest in the television screen at all, the book can still be enjoyed. For this
reason, this book, written in 2010, became a staple for readers and continues to remain a seller.


Readers are raving about the book. From the entangling and enticing storyline to the graphic use
of adjectives that seem to pull them into the story in a new way, Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins is
drawing in a powerful and loyal audience. The book is appealing in many ways. First, it is
attracting young reader’s toward a love of books that is often lost at that age. Further, it is a
series allowing for an investment. That is, the reader can read the book knowing that the story is
not over and there is another following close behind.

Many parents are also finding the book as a connective tool, a connection to their child or young
relative through reading. In this way, the gripping storyline is allowing a cross generational
approach that is expanding the audience of the television show and creating a new one at the
same time. To connect with a younger adult or teenager or to read on your own, this book can be
a great read. The nature of the way it is written also makes it an attractant to those who are
simply looking for an enjoyable book and are not completely caught up in the Vampire craze.

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                         Readers are raving about the book. From the entan
                         Many parents are also finding the book as a conne
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