; 6 Questions You Have to Ask Your Girlfriend
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6 Questions You Have to Ask Your Girlfriend


Discover the 6 questions that you must ask your girlfriend!

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									Your girlfriend is someone that you consider to be very special and very important in your life. You could
not even fathom the thought that you could end up losing her somehow. That would absolutely wreck
you. So, you decide that what you need to do is to ask her things that will help you to get to know her
better and have a much clearer understanding of what she wants and where she sees things going with
you. That basically means that you need to open her up a bit by asking her the things that you really
want to know.

Here are 6 questions to ask your girlfriend that should be able to get you going and have a better
understanding of where she is coming from:

This is a good thing to know because it will give you an idea of the things that she really aspired to do in
her life. It will help you to get some insights in what kind of lifestyle will make her happy. Of course,
some things have probably changed since then, but not all of them will have.

It's funny how some people will think that 6 months of dating is a long time and others will think that 6
years represents a long time. Knowing this helps you to get some clue on what she considers to be a
long time with someone, and it also helps you to see how many long term relationships she has been
involved in before you. Generally speaking, when someone says that 6 months is a long time, it means
that they have not been in many long term relationships before.

Just about everyone has that one cheesy song that they only listen to when no one else is around. When
she tells you what that is for her, it helps to give you a little secret that the two of you have with one
another. This helps to make her feel like the two of you are really bonded to one another.
This can help you to see if she is the sentimental type. Everyone will usually remember the first person
that they dated to some extent, but you will see if she remembers that person fondly by the way that
she responds and her body language cues that she gives off. All you want to know here is if she is the
sentimental type or not.

This is kind of a good way to get some idea on what her growing up life was like. You will see by the
reaction if she can quickly recall a good time on vacation with her family or not. This also helps to make
you and her feel bonded to one another and it helps you to get a peak at something that made her really
happy which is always a good thing to know if you want to be able to make her happy.

Of course, you know what the reason for asking a question like this is. You want to know what she thinks
of you and if she only has good projections of what the next 6 months are going to be like with you, then
you can bet that she is really into you and that she wants to be with you. On the other hand, if she says
something like she doesn't know... that could mean lots of things, but one of those is that she has not
really thought about future stuff with you.

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