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									          Custody Nurse Practitioner

         Frequently Asked Questions

  You MUST be a Registered General Nurse holding
 current registration with the Nursing and Midwifery

What skills and experience are required for the role?

You MUST be a Registered General Nurse holding current registration with the
Nursing and Midwifery Council.
You WILL have a competency level equivalent to NHS Band 6 within the Health

You should show the following Core skills in your application:
    Effective communication
    Organisational Skills
    Negotiation Skills

You may have a significant post registration experience in:
    A & E,
    Substance Misuse,
    Mental Health,
    Community Nursing,
    Prison or other relevant discipline, to enable you to work autonomously in this

The following would also be beneficial:
    Basic Life Support.
    Experience of autonomous practice.
    Energy and focus will be required to deliver the high standard of healthcare
       care expected across the Custody Suites.
    A Full UK Manual driving licence. You can still apply for the role of Custody
       Nurse Practitioner if you do not have a full UK Manual driving licence;
       however this may limit the Boroughs we are able to post you to.
What is the Salary and Annual Leave entitlement for this role?

Your starting Salary will be £28,443 progressing to £35,053 by annual increments. In
addition, there is location allowance of £ 3,466 (Inner London) or £1,883 (Outer
London) gross per annum dependant upon your location.

This position also attracts a 20% shift disturbance allowance.

You will be paid monthly by credit transfer to your bank or building society account.

In addition to public holidays, which total eight days, the paid Annual Leave
entitlement will be 28 days on appointment, rising to 32 days after five years’ service.

How is Annual Leave calculated and how much notice will I have to give?

A day’s Annual Leave for a non shift worker is 7.2 hours; therefore, to work out the
entitlement for Custody Nurse Practitioners, the 28 days entitlement requires
conversion into hours. The following calculation applies:

                                7.2 X 28 = 201.6 hours

For each shift taken as Annual Leave, eleven hours are removed from the
entitlement. This means Custody Nurse Practitioners are entitled to 18.3 shifts
Annual Leave.

As we have a fixed rota, you will be required to give six weeks’ notice for Annual
Leave. All Annual Leave requests are at the discretion of your Line Manager,
including any necessary requests without the full six weeks’ notice.

How do I complete the application?

The questions on the Custody Nurse Practitioner application are evidence based.
Guidance on how to complete the form can be found on the ‘Application Guidance
Notes’ document which can be found on the MPS careers website by using the link:

Will I be moved from the Custody Suite I am based at?

Some Boroughs have mobile sites, this means that Custody Nurse Practitioners
work between two Custody Suites within close proximity to each other, providing that
the Custody Nurse Practitioner has a driving licence and has passed the MPS
driving test.

Operational requirements mean that, at times, you will be asked to carry out a shift at
another Borough. We will give you as much notice as is operationally possible,
however, sometimes short notice moves are required. When this is the case your
travelling time is taken into account to allow you to leave home at the normal time for
you and the shift will finish allowing you to return home at your normal time.
Ideally, we aim for no one to have to cover another suite more than four times in a 13
shift period.

If you are required to move to another Borough for a shift at a different time to your
rota pattern, i.e. from a day to a night shift, you will be given 28 days’ notice.

How many nights and weekends will I be expected to work?

Normal practice is six nights, however, operational requirements may mean you
could be asked to work seven nights within your four week rota. You will work no
more than four weekend shifts, within the set four week period. Although you should
be aware that Friday nights are not counted as a weekend shift.

Any additional shifts above those listed above will require your approval first.

Flexible working - what are the options available to me?

As part of the application form, there is an option to request flexible working. You
are able to request working a reduced number of shifts, however, you must commit
to a twelve hour shift pattern and we cannot offer a reduction in the number of hours
per shift.

The fundamental role of a Custody Nurse Practitioner is to provide support to the
Custody Officer by ensuring the provision of healthcare to detained persons. It is a
24/7 role undertaken on a varying shift pattern that includes early mornings, night
shifts at weekends and Public Holidays. Custody Nurse Practitioners are required to
work a twelve hour shift pattern. The overriding necessity is to provide support to the
Custody Officer and the Borough; therefore, there is no guarantee your working
pattern will be approved.

Am I able to have a second job whilst working with the MPS?

The MPS must be your primary employer, however, you can apply for permission to
undertake secondary employment. If successful, restrictions may be placed on the
number of hours you work outside of the MPS in order to ensure you have a healthy
work / life balance and that you are carrying out the Custody Nurse Practitioner role
to the best of your ability.

Any application will be reviewed at agreed intervals.

What is the probation process?

You will be on probation within the MPS for the first twelve months of your career in
the MPS. As part of this process you will meet with your Line Manager at three
months, six months and ten months to complete a report on your progress and
ensure you are complying with the attendance management policy at each stage. In
order to prepare these reports, you will meet with your Line Manager to discuss all
aspects of your role including documentation, clinical practice and any concerns that
you as an individual might have.
Will there be a period when I will be supernumerary once in custody?

No, after you complete your five week training you will be deployed to custody and
be an autonomous practitioner with the support of your Line Manager.

What does the five week training consist of?

The five week training consists of three weeks MPS based training and two weeks of
clinical training. The MPS training will inform you of the processes of custody,
diversity and the roles of your colleagues in custody. The aim of this training is to
familiarise you with working in the MPS and inform you of processes that you will not
previously have been aware of, i.e. PACE and the rights of detainees whilst in police
custody. The clinical training is there to inform you of how clinical practice is carried
out within the custody environment looking at, i.e. PGDs, forensic samples and
confidentiality to name but a few.

What next?

Please complete the application form and the equal opportunities monitoring form.

The application form and any other forms should be emailed* by 4pm on the closing
date to

* if you do not have internet access please post to:-

Business Support Unit
Metropolitan Police Service
Simpson House
Peel Centre
Aerodrome Road
London NW9 5RH

Please do not email and post your application as this causes duplication.

The recruitment process is thorough and consequently can be quite lengthy.

All completed applications received will be acknowledged in writing. Until an offer of
appointment is confirmed in writing, you should not assume your application has
been successful.

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