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MOS Legal Transcription Offers Transcription solutions for Various Industries


The company has a team of efficient transcriptionists providing affordable solutions to suit individual requirements.

More Info
									       MOS Legal Transcription Offers Transcription
            Solutions for Various Industries

                                     MOS Legal Transcription Service, a leading
                                     transcription companies in the US, is delivering
                                     99 percent accurate business transcription
                                     solutions. Its client base is extensive – travel
                                     and tourism, healthcare, medical businesses,
                                     manufacturing, law, IT and investment. Clients
                                     can opt for transcription by either domestic or
                                     international specialists. Small, medium and
                                     large businesses can gain from this expert
                                     service, which, the company says can also
                                     assure savings of up to 40 percent.

Wide Ranging Business Transcription Services

Wherever a business event or activity takes place, this service provider assures high
quality solutions. Transcripts are provided for:

   •   Seminars
   •   Speeches
   •   Conferences
   •   Symposiums
   •   Telephone calls
   •   Interviews
   •   Internet information
   •   Market research
   •   Group discussion
   •   Shareholders’ meetings
   •   Vox pops
   •   Focus groups
   •   Lectures
   •   Workshops
   •   Board meetings

Versatile Service

“We support a number of file formats – MP3, MPG, MOV, VHS, CD, DVD, WAV, SWF
and more for business transcription outsourcing. We also prepare the transcripts
in the very format our clients specify. In our many years of working with a vast
clientele, we have successfully performed verbatim and non-verbatim transcription,
met different time stamp, time code and turnaround requirements and even
transcribed poorly recorded audio. Clients can go in for a free trial to evaluate our
our capabilities,” says an MOS Legal Transcription Service spokesperson.

Quality Assurance
To ensure top accuracy, the team of transcriptionists makes use of sophisticated
converters and media/sound players that enable modification of speed and pitch for
clarity. Once an audio recording is transcribed, it is edited and proofread. The
quality assurance process itself is three-tiered.

About MOS Legal Transcription Service

MOS Legal Transcription Service is primarily a legal transcription company. Located
in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it also offers a wide range of transcription solutions for the
media, educational institutions, students, real estate brokers, corporate clients, and
more. The company is known for its transparent negotiations and commitment to
resolving challenges in a practical and cost-effective manner. For further information
on      the      company’s        business       transcription     solutions,      visit

Contact Information

MOS Legal Transcription Service
8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H
Tulsa, OK 74133
Ph: 1-800-670-2809

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