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Goalkeeper Training Company Just4Keepers Launches New Website


									Goalkeeper Training Company Just4Keepers Launches New Website

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 Goalkeeper training specialists Just4Keepers today announces the release of an entirely new
 website for a better user experience.

Online PR News – 03-May-2012 goalkeeper training company Just4Keepers announces the release of
an entirely new website for a better user experience. The previous website was struggling to cope with the
expansion of the company and the increased number of students. Based in the UK, Just4Keepers now
operates in fifteen countries from as near as Ireland to as far away as Australia. The new website provides a
wide range of educational materials and videos, and provides options for students to obtain goalkeeper
scholarships or trials with professional clubs.

Founder Ray Newland said “the launch of our new website is another step in our mission to help as many
young goalkeepers as we can to achieve their dream of becoming a professional keeper. By offering a
range of educational materials, courses and the exclusive range of Just4Keepers gloves directly from the
website we can help as many young students as possible”.

The new goalkeeper training website offers a much enhanced search function throughout the UK for
potential and current students to be able to find a J4K coach in their area. Once a coach is found, students
can print off a free training session voucher and have an ability to interact with each coach. The website is e-
commerce enabled allowing selection and purchase of a wide range of Just4Keepers goalkeeper products.
With a wealth of professional goalkeeper experience, Just4Keepers has designed and manufactured high
quality goalkeeping gloves from training gloves to top of the range professional quality gloves. Also
available on the website is the range of Just4Keepers goalkeeper clothing.

To help fulfil its educational role, the new website provides access to goalkeeper coaching educational
materials aimed at young students and their parents. These include video downloads (both technical skills
and mindset training), books and DVDs. The site also contains information about the Just4Keepers
residential summer camp which is now the largest in Europe. All those with an interest in goalkeeping are
invited to visit the website and enjoy the Just4Keepers experience.

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