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					Photoshop Tutorials – How to Create Plasma TV Effect in Photoshop

In this post, online graphic design will learn photoshop tutorials. In this section, we will create Plasma TV
effect in Adobe Photoshop. So, you must have online graphic design software before making Plasma TV.
This tutorial is very easy and fantastic for us. Before creating the effect, you should have the picture for
creating this effect. In this post, I will use sport theme. So, I will create the effect with football picture.

All right, it’s time to take an action. Let’s open your Adobe Photoshop software. After that, create a new
document with white background.

Then, create a shape with rounded rectangle tool. Make sure the color is black. After that, create a new
layer, choose rounded rectangle tool again but make sure to create thin rectangle with red color. Then
place the red rectangle in the bottom of first rectangle. After that, you can create clipping mask. Right
click on red rectangle layer, and then choose clipping mask. Maybe, you can look the example.

If you’ve finished, you must make the third rectangle. But, you must choose rectangle tool, not rounded
rectangle tool. Make sure the color of the rectangle is white. After that, you can make the stand for the
TV. Choose rounded rectangle tool to create the stand. Right click on the stand layer, choose blending
option. After that, choose gradient overlay. You can look at the picture.

Now, you create a shape with rectangle tool. Place the shape in bottom of stand shape. After that, click
edit, then choose Transform, and then choose perspective. Don’t forget to make bevel effect. Maybe
the result will be like this.

Now, you can place the image to layer. Then, create clipping mask on the image. You can see the

Now, place the same image to layer. But, you must place to outside of the TV. Then, you can give
Gaussian blur effect to this image. See the result.

Now, it’s time to place the Ronaldo’s picture to the layer. But, we must remove the background first. I
use pen tool to remove the background. Moreover, you can use eraser tool, Magnetic lasso tool,
masking, and the other.

Now, place the ball into the layer. Now, duplicate the ball layer. Use CTRL + J. click on the duplicate
layer, and then click Filter, Blur, Choose motion blur. Set the blur what you want.

Select all part of TV layer, and then choose merge layer. Click edit, Transform, click on perspective
option. See the result.

Now, you can create Plasma TV effect with adobe Photoshop. See also the last tutorial about Photoshop.
In last post I was share some photoshop tutorials. There are How to create retro typography text design,
how to create smoking face, and Pencil Color effect. Do you remember the tutorials? If you forgot the
tutorials, you may see the tutorials in this web. If you still confuse about this tutorial, don’t forget to
leave a comment. Your comment will be reply as fast as possible by admin.

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