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					Photoshop Tutorials – How to Create Retro Typography Text Design

In this tutorial, online graphic design will tell you photoshop tutorial. In this section, we will learn how to
create retro typography text design. In this tutorial, you will need a creation and imagination. So, you
must pay attention for step by step of the tutorial. All right, now I will start the tutorial. This is the
tutorial for create retro typography text design:

    1. First, open your Adobe Photoshop application. Then, you must create a new document with has
       700 pixels of width and 400 pixels of height. Then click OK.
    2. Now, you can create background for the layer. You can make the background with gradient tool
       in the tool box. I will set the background with black color and grey color. Maybe, the result will
       be like this.
    3. After that, we will create circle shapes. You can use the ellipse tool to create circle shapes. Press
       Shift for the rounded shapes. You may choose white color for this circle. And then, press right
       click on the layer, choose blending option. You can use this setting.
    4. Now, right click on the layer, choose rasterize layer. Then, create a new layer, select the new
       layer and the circle layer, choose Layer, and then click Merge Layer. After that, you can duplicate
       layer, place the circle in any place you want. Maybe, you can see this picture for example.
    5. Then, select text tool. Type the text what you want. Place the text on the circle place.
    6. Right click on the text layer, choose blending option. You can use this setting to apply for the
       text layer.
    7. Now, create a new layer, and then select the new layer with text layer. After that, click layer and
       choose merge layer. Right click on the layer, and then click blending option. You can see the
    8. Now, the design is finish. You can use your imagination for designing retro text, and the other.

The retro design is very interesting for me. In online graphic design, you can learn photoshop tutorials.
For the tutorials, I will share many tutorials for you. You can search some tutorials in this blog. After
that, you must take action to be a professional designer. I think the professional designer has many
practice before becoming a professional designer. So, you must learn more about graphic design.

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