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From the Dean
               The University of California, Davis
               School of Law (King Hall) is proud of
               the innovative educational programs
               that we have designed and implemented
               for international lawyers over the past
               22 years. Our goal has been to provide
the knowledge and skills that contemporary lawyers
need to serve their clients in the global economy.
Our school is proud of its leadership in welcoming
and supporting lawyers from throughout the world
to our school and the UC Davis campus. We value
the exchange of ideas and perspectives that define
these international law programs. Moreover, we are
particularly pleased that so many of our outstanding
faculty as well as distinguished members of the
California legal community participate as instructors
in our programs.
We hope that you will join one of our international
programs and that we will see you soon in Davis. You
will find the educational experience professionally
enriching, and you will encounter an intellectually
stimulating community of friends, faculty and
Kevin R. Johnson
Dean, School of Law

From the Director
               We are pleased to share with you the
               latest information about our International
               Law Programs for 2011-2012.
               As part of the University of California,
               School of Law, you will experience an
               excellent legal and educational program
that combines a theoretical and practical approach to
U.S. and international law.
The dynamic California legal and business communities
stand at the crossroads between East and West. You
will enjoy a unique opportunity to build camaraderie
through cross-cultural experiences that last long after the
program ends. We are grateful to our friends, colleagues
and alumni in the United States and around the world
who continue to encourage us to expand our program
offerings. Look for more in the future!
See you in California!
Beth Greenwood
Executive Director, International Programs
School of Law


University OF CaliFOrnia.............................................. 5

abOUt the City OF Davis ................................................. 5

sUmmer PrOgrams

    Orientation in U.s.a. law ............................................ 6

    structuring an international Joint venture .................. 8

    Fifteenth annual international Commercial
    law seminar in Cologne, germany ........................... 10

    licentiate in international transactions
    involving the United states ......................................... 11

    english for legal Professionals ................................... 11

aDvanCeD law Degrees

    summer international Commercial law ll.m. .......... 12

    master of laws (academic year ll.m.) ...................... 14

new DevelOPments

    Coming soon! Online tax Course ............................... 16

    wine law Conference.................................................. 16

    California international law Center (CilC) ................ 17

    licensing academy ...................................................... 17

aDvisOry bOarD ............................................................ 18

general inFOrmatiOn .................................. back cover

UniVeRsitY anD location

University of California
The University of California (UC) is one of the finest public
institutions of higher education in the United States, with
many professional schools including five law schools located
at its campuses in Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles and San
Francisco. The UC Davis general library contains more than 3.29
million volumes, and the Mabie Law Library more than 425,000
volumes plus more than 150,000 volume-equivalents of microforms
and a large network that provides access to a growing list of
compact discs and online services.
The UC Davis School of Law is a top tier U.S. law school. U.S. News
& World Report currently ranks the School of Law at the University
of California, Davis 23rd among all U.S. law schools, placing us in
              the top tier with Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley
                   and UCLA. Our students consistently perform
                     well on the California bar examination. All
                      courses offered through the International
                       Law Programs are MCLE-approved by the
                      California and New York Bar Associations.
                     The International Law Section of the State Bar
                    of California is a co-sponsor of these programs.

about the City of Davis
The UC Davis campus is located in the city of Davis. Davis has a
population of 64,938 and is a popular place for professionals and
their families because it is safe, comfortable and has a variety of
recreational opportunities. Known as an ecologically aware and
socially innovative town, Davis has more than 84 kilometers of
bicycle paths and more bicycles per capita than any other city in the
nation. It also has 210 hectares of parks, greenbelts and open spaces.
Davis is located in the
Central Valley about 20
kilometers from Sacramento,
the state capital, where many
of the trade and business
policies for California are
determined. Davis is within
two hours of the San Francisco
Bay Area and the world famous
Napa Valley. Only two hours
from Lake Tahoe, Davis is also
within close proximity to some
of California’s most beautiful
and historic areas such as the
Sierra Nevada Gold Country,
Yosemite Valley and Monterey.

sUmmeR pRogR ams

Orientation in U.S.A. Law
Sunday, July 8-Saturday, August 4, 2012
Program audience and content
The 2012 Orientation in U.S.A. Law program marks the
23rd anniversary of this successful international summer law
program. Lawyers, judges, prosecutors and defenders, notaries,
law professors, pre-LL.M. candidates and business professionals
attend this program to gain a better understanding of the
theories and practices of the U.S. legal system. Participants
engage in more than 170 hours of classes, seminars and on-site
observations. At the same time, participants enrich the program
with diverse perspectives gleaned from their legal systems. While
the program is fast-paced, there are numerous social activities
that foster the building of strong and lasting friendships.
Academic credit from this program may be applied toward
the summer International Commercial Law LL.M. and/or
the Licentiate in International Transactions Involving the
United States.
This course is open to anyone from the legal or business
community. There are no admission requirements or
prerequisites. This program does not require a TOEFL score.
However, we do recommend that the participants have a good
working knowledge of the English language as all lectures are
taught in English.
when and where
University of California, Davis with visits to the University of
California, Berkeley, the San Francisco courts and major law
Nonrefundable application fee: U.S. $150
Tuition: U.S. $3,900
Material fee: U.S. $100
Enroll by June 1 and receive a U.S. $200 discount towards
the tuition.
University of California law school faculty and members of
the legal community who have expertise in specialized areas
of interest.
sample general course topics:
n U.S. legal system, including the Constitution, Bill of Rights,
  adversarial system, legislative process and courts
n Business planning and structure, contracts, commercial and
  consumer law, corporations and securities law
n Intellectual property law and real property law
n Torts

*Tuition and fees subject to change.

n   Business entities
n   Civil procedure
n   Antitrust regulations
n   Taxation
n   Ethics
n   Remedies
n   Labor and environmental law
n   Domestic and international dispute resolution
n   Trial demonstrations/workshops on negotiation, arbitration,
    mediation and other dispute resolution techniques
n   Legal research and analysis using computers
sample specialized course topics:
Business and trade
n Taxation of international transactions
n Laws related to international trade
n Product liability, sales and warranty issues
  in the United States.
n U.S. antitrust regulations
n Mergers and acquisitions
n Bankruptcy
n Environmental law

Law school preparation for pre-LL.M. candidates
n Legal research and writing
n Oral presentations
n Participation in the Socratic method
n How to succeed in law school
n Briefing cases
n LexisNexis and Westlaw online computer-based
  legal research
U.S. criminal justice system
n Structure of the criminal adversarial system
n Criminal justice agencies
n Bill of Rights protections relating to criminal charges
  and defendants
n Basis of criminal liability
n Federal criminal laws
n Observation of criminal justice system, including courts
  and prisons
n Death penalty

Judicial management
n U.S. judicial system at the local, state and federal levels
n Organization and management of the U.S. judicial system
n Administration of civil and criminal justice
n Visits to courts and meetings with judges

sUmmeR pRogR ams

Structuring an International Joint Venture
Monday, August 6-Friday, August 17, 2012
Engage in legal planning, problem solving, decision making
and negotiations as they relate to the formation, breakup and
dissolution of a major multinational joint venture. Daily classes
consist of presentations by faculty followed by simulations
of joint venture transactions based on case studies. Designed
for experienced legal and business practitioners who wish to
learn about complex international and U.S. business and legal
transactions, this course prepares you to represent clients in
international joint ventures.
The course is open to anyone from the legal or business
community. There are no other admissions qualifications or
prerequisites required. This program does not require a TOEFL
score. However, we do recommend you have a good working
knowledge of the English language as all lectures are conducted
in English.
University of California, Davis
Nonrefundable application fee: U.S. $150
Tuition: U.S. $2,725
Material fee: U.S. $65
Enroll by June 15 and receive a U.S. $100 discount towards
the tuition.

    specialized Programs in
    international Commercial law
    Intensive two-week programs that provide participants with
    specialized knowledge in international commercial law.
    Academic credit from any of these programs may be applied
    toward the summer International Commercial Law LL.M.
    and/or the Licentiate in International Transactions Involving
    the United States.
    These two-week specialized programs are offered every
    August on a rotating three-year cycle:
    the global trading system
    August 2013
    Financing international transactions
    August 2014
    structuring an international
    Joint venture
    August 2015
*Tuition and fees subject to change.

University of California law faculty, legal practitioners and
business experts representing major California firms that
perform international legal work.
 Program topics†
International business and trade
n Corporate law/joint ventures between nationals
   of different countries
n Conflicts and choice of law
n International finance
n Contracts
n Intellectual property
n Environmental law
n National and international taxation and tax planning
n Product liability
n Labor law
n Remedies

Dispute resolution
n Negotiation
n Mediation and other ADR devices
n Arbitration
n Litigation/advanced litigation processes and strategies

Research—library and computer
n Online computer-based legal research (Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw
n Law library
  n Treatises
  n Practitioners’ guides
  n Form books
n Law firm computer-based research using in-house databases

†Topics subject to minor revision.

“The combination of tenured faculty and practicing
 attorneys and other experts makes the
 International Commercial Law program
 extraordinarily dynamic. The faculty
 was motivating and engaging, delivering a
 compact and in-depth ‘package of knowledge’
 in a short period of time. This experience
 exceeded my expectations, changed my
 perception of myself and prepared me
 to interact with the international
 community with confidence.”
—Rodrigo, Brazil

sUmmeR pRogR ams

Fifteenth Annual International
Commercial Law Seminar
Cologne, Germany
Dispute Resolution in International
Commerce and Investment
Monday, June 18-Friday, June 29, 2012
The University of California, Davis and the University of
Cologne—in cooperation with the German Bar Association
(DeutscherAnwaltVerein), the German Institute of Arbitration
(DIS) and the Arbitration Documentation and Information Center
(ADIC)—are proud to present the fifteenth annual International
Commercial Law Seminar.
The exponential growth of international trade over the past
decades has led to an increase in the number of disputes that
arise in connection with commerce and investment. International
attorneys are faced with numerous challenges and issues that
require dispute resolution skills. Join attorneys from around the
globe in this intensive seminar that will provide new perspectives
and tools for dispute resolution in international commerce and
Leading authorities from the faculties of law at the University
of California, Davis, the University of Cologne, and Indiana
University will present lectures, case studies and simulations.
Participation of attorneys and other professionals from around
the world provides a unique opportunity for discussion of a wide
variety of views from many different legal perspectives.
Academic credit from this International Commercial Law seminar
may be applied toward the summer International Commercial Law
LL.M. This seminar also qualifies for continuing legal education
(CLE) credit in New York and California.
Nonrefundable application fee: U.S. $150
Tuition: U.S. $2,988 ($2,888 if you enroll by April 15, 2012)
Materials fee: U.S. $100
Contact us for an application
Phone:     (530) 757-8569
Fax:       (530) 757-8596

*Tuition and fees subject to change.

Customized Training for
Organizations of All Sizes
We can present many of these courses and programs for your
organization. Don’t see exactly what you need? We’ll create a
customized program specifically designed to meet the needs of
your law firm or company. For example, should your firm need a
one- or two-week overview of the U.S. legal system at your office
for your associates in your country, we can create a program to fit
your needs. In addition, should your company only desire to learn
certain aspects of the American legal system related to commercial
law or any other legal area, a program can be customized for
any length of time. For more information or a detailed program
proposal, please contact us.

Licentiate in International Transactions
Involving the United States
Requires two summers of study during July and August (8 weeks total).
Participants who successfully complete Orientation in
U.S.A. Law and two specialized programs in International
Commercial Law are eligible to apply for the Licentiate in
International Transactions Involving the United States.
In addition to successfully completing the three programs,
participants must write a paper on an applied aspect of
international law.

English for Legal Professionals
Friday, June 22-Friday, July 6, 2012
Designed for practicing lawyers and law students, this program
provides an ideal training ground for learning legal terminology
in English. This is an outstanding preliminary course for those
continuing on with the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program;
however, the English for Legal Professionals program is not a
substitute for the legal training provided during the Orientation
in U.S.A. Law program. The English for Legal Professionals
program strictly focuses on improving English language skills.
The course consists of three core components:
n Legal vocabulary
n Legal reading and discussion
n Communication skills

Participants also choose two of three electives:
n Business writing
n American vocabulary and idioms
n Public speaking

n Nonrefundable application fee: U.S. $160
n Tuition: U.S. $1,495
                                         *Tuition and fees subject to change.

aDVanceD laW DegRees

Summer International
Commercial Law LL.M.
An 18-week course of study that can be completed during
three, four or five summers.
2012 session
Sunday, July 8-Friday, August 17, 2012
The summer International Commercial Law LL.M. is a part-time
degree program for legal practitioners with busy schedules.
The program provides in-depth knowledge in international
commercial transactions and enables lawyers to represent clients
more effectively in a global environment.

                               Calen Dar*
                                                                  2012       2013         2014
 Core Courses
 Orientation in U.S.A. Law (7 units)                                n	          n	         n
 Global Trading System: Substance and Dispute
 Resolution (4 units)                                                           n

 Financing International Transactions (4 units)                                            n
 Structuring an International
 Joint Venture (4 units)
 Elective Courses
 International Commercial Law Seminar in Cologne
                                                                    n	          n	         n
 (4 units)
 Business Associations (4 units)	                                    	          n
 Intellectual Property (2 units)	                                    	          n
 Comparative Law (1 unit)	                                           	          n
 Antitrust (1 unit)	                                                 	          n
 Securities (2 units)                                               n	                     n
 Private International Law (2 units)	                               n	           	         n
 International Tax (2 units)	                                       n	           	         n
 International Business Transactions (2 units)                      n	           	         n
 American Legal System Research Seminar (1 unit)                    n	          n	         n
 Writing Project (4 units)**                                        n	          n	         n
 *NOTE: This calendar is subject to change; for the most up-to-date information, visit
 **Course required; however, units not counted toward 36 units required for completion.

“I had the great experience of living with people from 18 different
 countries. Besides having new friends from around the world, I
 improved my skills in solving common law and civil law problems
within an international environment. It was really great. King Hall
 is a place very well fitted for studying. It’s located on a gorgeous
 campus. The School of Law, the library and the computer-lab are
 available 24 hours a day.”
—Marcelo, Brazil, LL.M. graduate

This innovative graduate degree was developed in
response to the demand for a part-time degree program that
provides in-depth knowledge in international commercial
The degree can be completed in three, four or five summers.
This format allows foreign and domestic lawyers to leave their
practices for short periods of intense study.
Candidates begin the master’s degree program by examining the
fundamentals of the U.S. legal system with special emphasis on
business and trade law. They complete the Orientation in U.S.A.
Law program, two of three specialized programs in international
commercial law, and the elective courses.
Examining the U.S. legal system in-depth provides
participants with a model both for comparative legal analysis
and understanding a legal system that is considered highly
responsive to the globalized marketplace. With this foundation,
participants go on to study global trading systems and the
dynamic financial and economic forces driving economic
internationalization and trade liberalization. The program
consists of course work and a research paper equivalent in
scope to a thesis. Thirty-six units are required to complete the
degree. Graduates of this program have gone on to sit for the bar
examinations in New York and California in order to become
U.S. attorneys.
University of California, Davis
Nonrefundable application fee: U.S. $80 for U.S. applicants;
U.S. $100 for international applicants
Tuition: approximately U.S. $26,500
*Tuition and fees subject to change.

application deadline
We recommend that candidates apply by May 1; however,
we accept applications until May 31. For more detailed
information about this program or to apply, please go to Applications for this
program should be submitted online. If you have questions,
please write to
Instructors consist of faculty members of the University
of California, Davis, School of Law, Graduate School of
Management and the Departments of Economics and
Agricultural and Resource Economics, as well as legal
practitioners from private practice and government.

aDVanceD laW DegRees

Master of Laws (LL.M.)
A one-year, in-residence program
August 2011-May 2012
A full-time curriculum at the UC Davis, School of Law that
allows each student to develop expertise in a chosen area of
particular interest, engage in special projects or original
research and obtain a basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system.
The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program prepares students for
their professional roles in the internationalized economy and
in global integration. The program provides LL.M. candidates
with many opportunities, including gaining a basic knowledge
of the U.S. legal system, developing special expertise in a
particular area and doing special projects and original research
under the direction of a faculty member.
LL.M. candidates must complete a minimum of 20 semester
units. Foreign LL.M. candidates take two courses especially
designed for foreign law graduates that provide a foundation
for understanding the U.S. legal system. Participants earn the
remainder of their required course credit by taking regular
courses at the UC Davis School of Law with American J.D.
The law school also admits foreign LL.M. candidates on a
thesis rather than a course basis. The thesis track requires a
substantial proposed research project falling within the area of
expertise of a law faculty member who is willing to supervise
the student’s research and who strongly recommends graduate
study for the applicant. The law school accepts thesis-track
students only if their proposed thesis is likely to make a
significant scholarly contribution.
LL.M. candidates must complete their degree during two
consecutive semesters of residential study. LL.M. candidates
are encouraged to enroll in Orientation in U.S.A. Law, offered
the month before the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program begins.
In keeping with its tradition and to ensure adequate attention
to its students, the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program is selective
and admits approximately 15 students each year. Applicants
must have a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 88-89 (or 230
computer-based or 570 paper-based score). An IELTS score of
6.5 is also acceptable.
Graduates of this master’s degree program have gone on to sit
for the bar examinations in New York and California in order
to become U.S. attorneys.

University of California, Davis
Nonrefundable application fee: U.S. $80
Tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year was U.S. $39,850.
*Tuition and fees subject to change.

application deadline
We encourage students to apply by January 10th but will
accept and review applications thereafter, until the academic
year begins. To request an application, please complete and
return the form on the back page of this brochure or download
the application from our website at
international. Click on “LL.M. Degree”.
University of California, Davis, School of Law faculty

                           “I have not traveled very much in the
                           United States, but I have to say, I love
                           Davis! It’s small and safe, a great place
                           to study, and the people here are very
                           nice. I like to work out at the recreation
                           center, then sit along the lake near King
                           Hall and watch the ducks that roam
                           around campus. The LL.M. program
                           is small and the atmosphere is so
                           amicable. Professors are knowledgeable
                           and helpful, and the staff is very
considerate. They all do their best to help the LL.M. students
succeed. Obtaining the LL.M. degree at King Hall will help me
fulfill my dream of becoming an international lawyer. During my
time at UC Davis I have learned how to study efficiently, and I
have made friends with people from all over the world.”
—Meimei, China, LL.M. graduate

neW DeVelopments

 Coming soon!
 Online Tax Course
 Taught by Daniel L. Simmons, professor of law,
 University of California, Davis School of Law
 Learn to analyze U.S. taxation of multinational investments,
 including jurisdiction of tax, the U.S. tax system, foreign tax
 credits, treaties and transfer pricing. Examine the U.S. income
 tax laws and policies related to the taxation of foreign income
 of people in the United States and U.S. income of foreign
 people outside of the United States. Emphasis will be on
 the fundamental issues of cross-border activities, including
 jurisdiction to impose taxes, taxable nexus, sources of income,
 the foreign tax credit system for avoiding double taxation, the
 U.S. anti-deferral regime and income tax treaties.
 “When an opportunity arose to work for my teacher, I took it,”
 notes Daniel Simmons. Fifteen years later, as Congress rewrote
 the Internal Revenue Code, Simmons would occupy the
 prestigious position of “Professor in Residence” in the Office of
 the Chief Counsel of the IRS. “You cannot practice law without
 understanding the income tax system,” said the 1971 King
 Hall alumnus. “There’s very little we can do in today’s society
 that doesn’t have income tax implications.” For this reason,
 the tax lawyer is both the ultimate specialist and the ultimate
 generalist, practicing an esoteric brand of law that touches
 practically every transaction in American society. “Contracts,
 marital property, trusts, estate planning, immigration,
  corporations, partnerships, securities, torts, constitutional
 law, employment discrimination—the tax lawyer must be
 knowledgeable in all.”

2nd annual
Wine Law Conference
Spring 2012
Join professional colleagues from wine-producing regions around
the world for a two-and-half day symposium that will explore
the history, impacts and future of wine appellation laws.
Please visit our website to find out the date and details of this
year’s conference.

   California International Law Center (CILC)
   Building on a tradition of international law scholarship and
   programs that dates to its founding more than 40 years ago,
   the University of California, Davis School of Law proudly
   launched the California International Law Center at King
   Hall in February 2009. CILC (pronounced “silk”) fosters
   the work of faculty, students and alumni in international,
   comparative and transnational law through speakers series,
   curricular and career development, and partnershipwith
   organizations such as the American Society of International
   Law and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human
   Rights. Our location in California, a state that enjoys both the
   most diverse population in the nation and one of the largest
   economies in the world, positions us well in this effort.
   For more information, visit us at

Licensing Academy
Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization
Sunday, June 3-Friday, June 15, 2012
This new two-week program has been developed for
international lawyers, technology managers and scientific
professionals in the public sector or small-to-medium enterprises
who want to understand successful U.S. models of intellectual
property management. Participants will learn strategies and
tactics for managing intellectual property (IP) that maximize
the commercial success and public benefit of their research and
development investments.
The course will cover topics* such as U.S. and international IP
protection, IP management for commercialization, licensing, IP
issues in negotiating an international agreement, starting IP and
technology transfer offices, start-ups and spin-offs from public
sector institutions. To reinforce classroom presentations, the
program will be based on lectures, hands-on case studies and
field visits to Silicon Valley, Napa or to the greater Sacramento
This unique course is hosted by the UC Davis International
Law Programs and Public Intellectual Property Resource
for Agriculture (PIPRA). Lecturers include world renowned
instructors from the UC Davis School of Law and other prominent
law schools, outstanding legal practitioners and business experts
representing major U.S. firms.
For further information, please contact us at
*Topics subject to minor revision.

aDVisoRY boaRD

exeCUtive COmmittee
Carl E. anduri, Jr., president, lex Mundi, Houston
FrEdEriCk a. Brown, partner, Gibson, dunn & Crutcher, ll.P., San Francisco
williaM Carroll, former director, Continuing Education of the Bar, Berkeley
CraiG Conly, former director, Continuing Education of the Bar, oakland
JoHn F. daviS, retired, lewis, d’amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard, Sacramento
Harry B. EndSlEy, Harry B. Endsley & associates, San Francisco
BEtH GrEEnwood, executive director, international Programs, School of law, university of California, davis
MarGarEt HaStinGS, administrative office of the Courts, Sacramento
SuSan w. liEBElEr, former chair, international trade Commission; president,
  lexpert research Services, Malibu
Carol livinGSton, shareholder, Greenberg traurig, ll.P., Sacramento
JoHn F. MckEnziE, partner, Baker & Mckenzie, San Francisco
MiCHaEl r. MoylE, partner, Squire, Sanders & dempsey, San Francisco
dEnniS PEndlEton, dean, uC davis Extension, university of California, davis
MattHEw d. PowErS, managing partner, weil, Gotshal & Manges, Menlo Park
members OF the aDvisOry bOarD
antonio BEllini, avvocato, Studio Bellini, Perugia, italy
dr. MattHiaS Brandi-doHrn, retired, Seelig & Preu, Bohlig, Munich, Germany
riCHard BuxBauM, professor, School of law, university of California, Berkeley
alExandEr d. CalHoun, counsel, Squire, Sanders & dempsey, San Francisco
dai-kwon CHoi, professor, College of law, Seoul national university, Seoul, korea
CHarlES a. CooPEr, former senior vice president, american arbitration association,
  San Francisco
MiCHaEl a. GroB, hiring partner, kronick, Moskovitz, tiedemann & Girard,
JoHn HalEy, professor, School of law, washington university, St. louis
JoHn HEaly, former secretary general, lawaSia, the law association for asia and
  the Pacific, Perth, australia
kEvin HoBGood-Brown, General Counsel, Sino Gold Mining, ltd., Sydney, australia
kEiJiro kiMura, partner, kyoei law office, osaka, Japan and former foreign law advisor, Sonnenschein, nath
  & rosenthal, new york City
zEntaro kitaGawa, professor of law, chief director, kyoto Comparative law Center, kyoto, Japan
diEtEr kortEn, Cornelius, Bartenbach, Haesemann & Partner, Cologne, Germany
HErBErt H.P. Ma, former grand justice, taipei, taiwan
dr. toBiaS MEili, head, corporate legal affairs, Syngenta international aG,
  Basel, Switzerland
GuillErMo E. MoralES, Morales, noguera, valdivieso & Besa, Santiago, Chile and professor of law and
  economics, universidad de Chile School of law
norMin S. PakPaHan, former assistant coordinating minister for Human resources development, Science
  and technology, office of the Coordinating Minister for Economy, Finance & development Supervision, Jakarta,
  indonesia; senior partner, remy & darus, Jakarta
JudGE CHoon Ho Park, former dean, faculty of law, korea university, Seoul, korea
dr. lEonEl PErEzniEto CaStro, professor at the national university of Mexico
JudGE raul raMirEz, ramirez arbitration and Mediation Services, Sacramento
Mark raMSEyEr, professor, School of law, Harvard
artHur i. roSEtt, professor, School of law, university of California, los angeles
klauS SoGGard, Gorrissen, Federspiel, kierkegaard, Copenhagen, denmark
riCHard StEinBErG, professor, School of law, university of California, los angeles
Brian r. van CaMP, judge, Sacramento Superior and Municipal Courts
Edward J. wriGHt, Jr., attorney at law, Martensen-wright, ll.P., Sacramento
annE waldron, Professional development trainer, abbey Communications, Malmsbury, united kingdom
GEorGE yatES, partner, orrick, london, England

members OF the alUmni bOarD
Moritaka akiHo, Honda Motor Company, Japan
EriC alvES dE Souza, alves de Souza, Houman and Collart, Switzerland
PEtEr M. andErSEn, dragsted Schluter Helmer nielsen, denmark
Martin andrE, Germany
tiziana BEllani, Studio legale oreste dominione e associates, italy
StEPHan BEllin, axer Partnerschaft, Germany
wilHElM BonEr, Boner, Hofmann & lienhard, Switzerland
rolF BrundlEr, Switzerland
Paolo dE vito, Pisano, de vito, Maiano & Catucci, rome, italy
ralPH diEl, Germany
akira Goto, Japan
akiHiSa HayaSHi, Hayashi law office, Japan
won HEE lEE, legal department, dongbu Corporation, korea
yoSHiHiSa Miyazaki, toshoku ltd., Japan
tHoMaS PawlikowSki, national Semiconductor GmbH, Germany
Joaquin rodriGuEz zarza, vázquez velay rodriguez zarza, Mexico
oSvaldo roMo, romo & romo associated lawyers, Chile
StEFano traniEllo, Studio Grande Stevens, italy
viGGo von wiEtErSHEiM, wietersheim, Berg-Grünenwald & Mehring, Germany
kozo yaBE, yuasa & Hara, Japan
the FOllOwing have COntribUteD
generOUsly tO this PrOgram:
BakEr & MCkEnziE, San Francisco
CaliFornia intEGratEd waStE ManaGEMEnt Board
CaliFornia StatE PriSon, vacaville
CaliFornia StatE lEGiSlaturE, Sacramento
City oF oakland PoliCE dEPartMEnt
City oF daviS PoliCE dEPartMEnt
dEPartMEnt oF Motor vEHiClES
Harry B. EndSlEy & aSSoCiatES
FEdEral dEFEndEr’S oFFiCE, Eastern district of California
GolBErt & aSSoCiatES, los angeles
inStitutE oF intErnational EduCation
nixon & PEaBody, ll.P., San Francisco
Carol and GEnE livinGSton, livingston & Mattesich, Sacramento
MCClatCHy nEwSPaPErS, Sacramento
MorriSon & FoErStEr, ll.P., San Francisco
oFFiCE oF u.S. attornEy, Sacramento
orriCk, HErrinGton & SutCliFFE, San Francisco
PillSBury wintHroP, ll.P., San Francisco
SaCraMEnto County diStriCt attornEy’S oFFiCE
SaCraMEnto SuPErior and MuniCiPal CourtS
San FranCiSCo Court SyStEM
SquirE, SandErS & dEMPSEy, San Francisco
StatE Bar oF CaliFornia, international law Section
SuPrEME Court oF CaliFornia, San Francisco
u.S. dEPartMEnt oF JuStiCE, Sacramento
u.S. diStriCt Court, Sacramento
wEil, GotSHal & ManGES, Menlo Park
wilSon, SonSini, GoodriCH & roSati, Palo alto
yolo County SHEriFF’S dEPartMEnt

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❏	 International Commercial Law Seminar in
   Cologne, Germany
❏	 Wine Law Conference
❏	 Licensing academy
❏	 Customized training
❏	 Licentiate in International Transactions Involving
   the United States
❏	 English for Legal Professionals
❏	 International Commercial Law LL.M.
❏	 Master of Laws (LL.M.)
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