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					                              Directors Meeting - Portakabin

                             Monday 26th Jan 2009 – 5.15pm


Present; Lavinia Bristol, John Wheeler James, Peter Isaacson, Seonaid Bristol, Emma Grant
and Fra Macintyre

Apologies; John Fraser, Romayne Wainwright and Peter Wilson

1. Approval of minutes of 8th Dec 2008

2. An Cridhe

      Lottery- 16th Feb is date when we will hear about the result of application. Emma has
       responded to 16 issues that were raised by the case officer. The main ones were
       relating to Land, sustainability and value for money. Emma has addressed these
       issues. If we receive a negative we could re submit to the next committee meeting.
       There was some discussion over what should be done in the event of a ‘no’ but is
       was felt that we can only make that decision following 16 th Feb.

      ERDF – we are onto stage 2

      Mechanical &Electrical Engineer – in order to progress the renewable energy grants
       for the building more information is required. We have two application to
       Community Energy Scotland and Greener Scotland. The information needed will be
       supplied by a M& E engineers FLN, in consultation with ABC they have a agreed to
       work at risk. However we have made the same agreement that was made with the
       other members of the design team, ie that if the project does not get the go-ahead
       we will pay them for their time. The maximum this could be is £9000. We cannot
       wait for lottery agreement before getting M& E Engineers to start as we need to
       have information for Greener Scotland deadline on 10 th March. Director agreed that
       FLN should start now.

      Loan – Social Investment Scotland

   We will need a bridging loan to cover lag in payment from major funders ( ie Lottery and
   ERDF) but may also need a loan to finance shortfall in funding. SIS – are set up to assist
   community companies in our position. They currently looking at our financial
   information and will let us know whether they can assist us. Dev. Coll. Mems and Arts
   (4.m) gives authority to borrow but need Director to agree to Company going ahead
   with this. All agreed. Further financial detail, ie how much and when -will be discussed
   at a later date.

      Community Council Meeting
   Later this evening - Fra and Emma attending to chase up what has been agreed re sale
   of Hall and site and the promise of £1000 money from both the Council and the Village
   Hall Committee

3. Financial Update;
Currently received £26,081 for Dev. Coll. wages and running costs- this will take us to the
end of March for wages. We are within budget for other office costs.
Seed Corn - £700 remaining to spend

4. Future Dev Coll - post Sept. 09 –
Looking into funding post beyond Sept 09 – several measures in place
     Lloyds TSB advisor– Duncan Weir visited last week – We approached originally as
       funder for An Cridhe, but felt contribution would be insignificant, however would be
       will to fund position of project manager. This could amount to £7000- 10,000.
     Tiree Meeting - aim to talk to Tree
     Possible Climate Challenge Office – this to be discussed with Jon Rathjen at Feb
     Education Officer – Argyll & Bute currently fund position - could be incorporated

5. Slipway
Consent received ...looking for support/consultation via NewsLetter. It was suggested that
advertising meeting once drawings were complete would be a wise move.

6. Coll Youth – umbrella group to all the various child related committees

7. Climate Challenge Fund – Meeting12th Feb

8. Other

        Emma Maternity – Fra covering 10 of Emma’s hours - Office hours will be dependant
         on Document Library. Pete has put in quote of £180 to complete. This needs to be
         done to allow Fra flexibility of working from home and allow Emma to work from
         home once maternity is finished.
        SCVO Membership – we have paid up as we will save money on first training course
         applied for.
        Training – Fra to go to Edinburgh on training writing Fundraising applications and
         Seonaid – Press and Publicity training at the end of Feb

9. AOB

Emma reminded Lavinia of need for Policies.

Lavinia spoke of water – only update is the report in Oban Times that there is now capacity
connections to 20 more houses in the village

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