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									                        Thorney Running Club Footnotes 2012

Welcome to the first race report of 2012, after a mild although quite windy start to the
year most club members have been pleased to continue training at a time when
snowfall and frost can reduce activity. So on the back of a few weeks of higher than
anticipated mileage a bunch of brave souls entered the County Cross Country
Championships to kick start the competitive season.

Cambridgeshire Athletics Cross Country Championships 8th January 2012

There was a larger entry overall mainly due to Cambridge, Peterborough and Nene
Valley entering big teams – however, the number of younger age groups were
similar or smaller than last year although there were more senior runners.

This year we did not have any juniors running in our club colours we miss the Frisby
family when they can’t make it, however, Liam Ward running in Peterborough AC
colours ran a very impressive race in the under 15 boys race. He was up against
some exceptional Cambridge & Coleridge boys.

This year he was running the longer distance of approx 5k against some lads that
appeared to be considerably bigger than him. After a fast start Liam settled down in
the top 10, gradually working his way past PAC club mates and some of the
Cambridge lads. He kept to his task and ran a very strong second lap coming in 5th
place and with it an opportunity to run for Cambridgeshire in the inter county
championship as one of the first 8. Another excellent and well earned achievement.

Next race was the Senior race over 4 laps scheduled to be 10km (although actually
closer to 10.7km but it was the same for everyone). Conditions were a balmy 8
degrees, dry with a modest breeze – even the mud track through the Priory Park
woods was not too muddy.

We had 3 competitors – Peter Ward, Andy Cowling and myself. There were some
very fast runners at the sharp end but we were more concerned with our individual
and comparative performances. Peter went off at a fast pace getting well ahead of
Andy and myself. After the first lap we were somewhere around positions 70 – 88.

As the laps unwound the three of us gradually worked through. Peter maintained his
first position for the team, try as I might, I was unable to catch him – we both finished
in faster times than last year. Although Andy did not have a time from last year – he
ran a very strong race overtaking several in the last lap which is always a good sign.
Gill was our only senior lady runner this year although Laura Robertson had a good
run in PAC colours.

Frostbite 4th Race March – 15th January 2012

In place of Ramsey we assembled near Whitemoor Prison to run routes that are
similar to the March Spud Run races normally run in the summer – so familiar to
many of our club members.

We were looking to build on the fantastic results earlier in the series – could we get
our strongest team together on this occasion?

The simple answer was a bit like an American election mantra ‘ Yes We Can’. Not
only did we have the brilliant June Swift available, there was Laura and Natalie – so
a potentially great ladies team – and the lads were out in force.

It is important to note that everyone who ran made a difference to the team results.
For example, Nene Valley had no ladies – consequently they picked up last place
plus one for each of their missing runners – the fact that we has 24 seniors running
added additional points to their score! Nene Valley were not the only ones – but it
serves to illustrate the point. The person ahead of any runner might be a scorer in
another team – so if you get in front it could make a difference.

The individual details are on our web site but we were lead home by Martin (who had
raced the day before) and June was 75th overall! The net result was a 5th placing for
the seniors bringing us to 10th overall and only one point behind the next three

The Junior team had another fantastic result, lead home by Liam, he was very well
supported by three lads jostling for honours on the run in which was great to see,
and all of them so much higher up the rankings than previously has been the case.
Well done to the great Junior turnout again.

Folksworth 15 Mile – 22nd January 2012

First real challenge for those planning on a spring marathon. Conditions has warmed
up a bit after a few days frost – so 8 degrees temperature was welcomes – the
30mph wind in your face going up Morborne Hill was not!

Seven Thorney members lined up for the two lap course ready to negotiate a total of
6 hills. Eamonn was away from the gun trying to mix it with the 1 hour 40 minute
boys. Mark (who looked remarkably like Pete) started steady but at a very
respectable pace over a distance well outside his comfort zone – everyone running
had their own agendas – but in the main it was a tester to see how marathon training
was progressing.

The first drag up to the top of Morborne Hill was into the teeth of a gale, and even
descending down the steeper side was a struggle for the first half. Eventually the
road levelled out and a left turn into Bullock Road, and bright sunshine, brought the
wind onto our right shoulder.

Next comes the second hill that looks as if it finishes, then as you reach the right
bend you discover a little kick in the tail – at least the trees shielded some of the
wind. As we continued south the road was pretty well level and included the first
water station, continuing over the cross roads it was a good idea to run in a group to
get some shelter from the wind, then a left turn towards Caldecoat.

This is the famous 6th mile, quite often the wind direction is favourable and there is a
great downhill section – 2012 did not disappoint! However, in running terms what
goes down must go up! And that’s where the tricky 3rd hill resides. At least the tail
wind assisted but the two stage hill is a toughie.

Turning left at the top of the hill brought us past the finish area and on to the half-way
point (nobody counts the single down and uphill through the village and up to the
church). Support was fantastic as we checked progress on our watches and took a

Second lap was similar to the first only the wind seemed stronger – of course we
might have been tiring a bit by then. Working in a group was usually a good tactic –
there were some good results:

Position       Name Category               Time
40            EamonnDorlingM55             1.40.16
104           MarkLouthM40                 1.49.09
308           RichardSharpeM45             2.13.17
362           SusanFrisbyL50               2.22.32
363           AndyHardingM40               2.22.33
402           MartinCurtisM45              2.32.42
427           GilianHolmesL55              2.44.49

Meltham 10k        29th January 2012
We received a Facebook message from Steve Dawson:
Just completed the Meltham 10k in a garmin time of 48:50

Rockingham Brass Monkey 6 Mile -           29th January 2012

Held at the Rockingham speedway stadium, the race name reflects the usual
weather encountered at this charity based event.

Future Events:
The following events have been ‘lifted’ from our web site, it is your responsibility to
check out and enter any races you are interested in. If in doubt or you want further
information about a race – contact an established club member – they may know the
race or someone who has run it before.
1st Feb           Harrier League
5th Feb           Bourne Frostbite see website for details
12th Feb          Stamford (St Valentines 30k)
19th Feb          Sleaford 1/2 marathon
19th Feb          Ryston GP XC 11.40 9k
25th Feb          National XC Champs 11am Parliament Hill
4th Mar           Frostbite BRJ 11am see website for details
4th Mar           Wymondham 20miles 10am
7th Mar           Harrier League
11th Mar          Silverston 1/2 marathon 12 noon
11th Mar          Newton Fractions 1/2 marathon 10.30am
18th Mar          Ashby 20miles 10am
18th Mar          Radar Challenge 10k 10.30am
18th Mar          Hurden 18/9miles 10am
18th Mar          Thetford Forest Mud & Mayhem - Off Road 10K
25th Mar          Thorney 10k 10.30am
25th Mar          Sandy 10miles 10.30 am
25th Mar          Resolution 5k Bury st Edmunds 11am
25th Mar          Spring 10k Frettenham Norfolk 10.30am
25th Mar          Ryston GP XC 11.40 6.5k

Round Norfolk Relay – 15th-16th September 2012:

Many will know that in September a 17 stage relay takes place over multi terrain
around the border of Norfolk – about 195 miles in total – the aim is to complete it
within 24 hours.

Thorney Running Club is looking into the feasibility of entering a team for the first
time this year. We need 17 runners (distances range from about 6 – 22 miles) some
legs are run during the night so support in terms of vehicles and helpers are needed
to ensure success – we will also need the odd reserve runner because illness and
injury can play a part.

If you can Help, Drive, Run or be a Reserve the organising committee would like to
hear from you before 10th February. Contact point can be myself – see details at
the end of this edition of Footnotes. The eventual organisers may change.

Notice:         Training Tops

We have a stock of bright orange long sleeved technical training tops available for
club members at £12.95 each – available from Andy Harding and Geoff Howes. Club
members felt that high visibility is important when out training – a big thank you to
Andy for making this happen. I can confirm that they are comfortable and easily

Call for Help        Thorney 10k Race

This race is very popular locally because it is a fast flat course, well organised and
perfectly timed as an early season test over the classic 10k distance. At the time of
writing we had 100 entries accepted out of the maximum 300. It is also an important
income generator for the club that helps us keep costs to a minimum. We have
deliberately not increased the entry fee again this year because it is recognised that
we are in a recession.

I have had some individuals offer help in the form of marshalling duties at our 10k
race on 25th March, to whom I thank – I need a few more please. They can be family
members or friends with no experience – we will tell them what to do. It is important
that the event is well marshalled for safety reasons as well as ‘doing it right’.

For those wanting to run the race, it is a condition of entry at our own events that you
either help out on the day or provide some help in the form of a willing volunteer.

Please let me know if you or someone on your behalf can help us put on this
important race.

By the way – we are giving a very nice memento to all finishers this year and those
helping out will also get one, so there’s an added incentive!


This report aims to update members about what has been happening in the previous
month. Following feedback I will also include a Future Events section so we are also
looking forward. Minutes from committee meetings are circulated separately – but if
anyone wants this communication to cover additional areas – please contact me by
phone or email.

Greater Peterborough Athletic Network – Update

You should be aware that we are one of 6 clubs that make up GPAN, as a member
of Thorney together with your England Athletics membership we can all enjoy the
benefits of the network.

Coming up in February and March will be some talks directed at coaches on
Nutrition, Core Stability and Injury prevention. For runners there will be specialist
talks on how to prepare for a 5k or 10k and a half or full Marathon.

These sessions are likely to take place at the Peterborough Athletics Track – as
soon as details are confirmed they will be circulated. In addition there will be courses
run for those individuals wishing to become coaches or officials – GPAN subsidises
the costs involved and Thorney Running Club will help out financially if the new skills
can be used within the club to benefit other members – anyone interested – please
let a committee member know. The following link will take you to the GPAN web site:

Compiled by Eamonn Dorling
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