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					                                                                                May 2012: Volume 7 : Number 5

SECC                                                                            Navy

Torchbearers recognized for generous                                            New submarine
donations                                                                       named Indiana
For their generous commitments in 2011, 186                                     On April 13, Secretary of the Navy
Torchbearers were honored at a ceremony at the                                  Ray Mabus announced that one of
Governor’s Residence on April 17. The group                                     the next five Virginia-class attack
helped the 2011 State Employee Community                                        submarines will be named the USS
Campaign (SECC) surpass its goal and raise $1.21M.                              Indiana. It is the first ship named after
Torchbearers each contributed $1,000 or more to the                             Indiana in about 50 years.
campaign. These individuals contributed more than
$302,000, nearly 25 percent of the total amount raised.                         The most recent “Indiana” to serve
The 2011 campaign benefited 1,600 not-for-profit                                was the battleship the USS Indiana,
organizations worldwide.                                                        which decommissioned in October
Below is a special message from SECC Chairman,
Major General R. Martin Umbarger.                                                “Prior ships carrying the names of
                                                                                these five states stood as defenders
It was indeed an honor to be the Chairman of this year’s SECC program. I        of freedom on the water. Now these
want to thank all State agencies and employees for their generous donations     states will represent the latest and
helping support our goal of over $1.2 million.                                  greatest technology ever assembled
                                                                                to submerge below the surface and
I enjoyed meeting many of you at the Governor’s residence and being able to     project power forward,” Mabus said.
personally thank you for your generous contributions. 186 State employees
gave over $1,000 each, “Torchebearers” to the campaign, you are less than ½     These next-generation attack
of one percent of State employees, Yet, you gave over 25 percent of the total
raised…you are very very special.                                                                     (continued on page 4)

Thank you all so                                                                In this issue:
                                                                                 Governor appointments .............. 2
Very                                                                             ER alternatives .......................... 5
Respectfully,                                                                    Texting and walking .................. 6

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Governor appointments

Governor names new leadership for Department of
On April 13, Governor Mitch              the board of trustees of Indiana State    state. Before joining DCS, he was
Daniels named Mike Alley as the          University. Alley serves on a number      director of corporate finance and
new commissioner of the Indiana          of non-profit boards including the        investment banking at Eli Lilly from
Department of Revenue and Mike           Indiana State University Foundation,      1998-2006. He previously worked
Ashley as the new chief financial        Boy Scouts of America, the                for Eli Lilly Japan KK as director
officer of the department.               Crossroads of America Council and         of administration and strategy and
                                                   the United Way of Central       as the director of finance operations
Alley served as                                    Indiana. He earned his          and was controller at Physio Control
president and CEO                                  accounting degree from          Corp, a Lilly Medical Devices
of Fifth Third Bank                                Indiana State in 1978.          division in Seattle. In all, he was
of Central Indiana                                                                 at Eli Lilly for more than 29 years
in Indianapolis from                                 Ashley has more               in various financial leadership
1989 through 2002.                                   than three decades of         positions. He earned his bachelor’s
He is currently                                      experience in information     degree and MBA from UCLA.
chairman and owner                                   technology and finance,
of Patriot Investments,                              including various chief       Alley will replace current
LLC, a company he                                    financial officer roles. He   commissioner John Eckart, who
founded in 2002.                                     was the deputy director       tendered his resignation earlier
In 2009, he was                  Mike Alley          and chief financial officer   this month but remains with the
named interim chairman and CEO            for Indiana Department of Child          department to assist with the
of Integra Bank Corporation in            Services during the time DCS moved       transition. Alley and Ashley will
Evansville, a position he held until      the responsibility for child welfare     begin their new duties in early May.
2011. He is the current president of      financing from the counties to the

Leadership change for Department of Workforce Development
On April 17, Governor Mitch              financial officer from 2000 to 2002      and moved to DWD in June 2010.
Daniels named Scott Sanders              and president from                                     At the Department of
commissioner of the Indiana              2003 to 2004. After                                    Administration, he
Department of Workforce                  First Commonwealth                                     oversaw the state’s
Development (DWD). On May 1, he          was purchased                                          participation in the
replaces Mark W. Everson, who is         by Guardian Life                                       successful 2010 census
leaving state government to accept a     Insurance of                                           and at DWD, he led
position in the private sector.          Chicago, Sanders                                       agency efforts to
                                         remained as second                                     bring solvency to the
Sanders is the DWD deputy                vice president. He                                     state’s unemployment
commissioner for systems                 earned his bachelor’s                                  insurance trust fund. He
information and analysis, a position     degree from Miami                                      was the commissioner
he has had since July 2010. He was       University and his                                     of the Internal
the agency’s chief financial officer     master’s in business                                   Revenue Service
                                                                         Scott Sanders
from November 2006 to July 2010.         administration                                         from 2003 through
He also served as the chief financial    from Northwestern University’s           2007. Everson’s new role will be
officer of the Bureau of Motor           J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of          vice chairman of Houston-based
Vehicles from 2005 to 2006.              Management.                              alliantgroup, LP, which provides
                                                                                  specialty tax services for small and
Before joining state government,         Everson joined the administration in mid-sized businesses.
Sanders was with First                   January 2009 as the commissioner
Commonwealth, Inc, serving as chief      of the Department of Administration
2                                                                                                             The Torch
Benefits                                 Employee discounts
Is your list of                          Summer destinations discounts
dependents correct?                      The summer is almost upon us so it’s time to start planning your summer
The state of Indiana has instituted      activies. Check out a few of these summer hot stops that offer a state employee
a process to verify the eligibility of   discount:
dependents enrolled in the state’s
                                                                            Kings Island online ticket program is
health, dental and vision plan(s),
                                                                            up and running and state employees can
which helps keep plan costs down.
                                                                            purchase discounted tickets. To purchase
Employees are randomly selected to
                                         tickets through this program, please click on the link below and log into the
participate in a dependent audit
                                         system using the username and password provided. State employees can
                                         purchase single day discounted tickets for $28.99 for adults and $24.99 for
Please make sure that dependents
                                         children and seniors.
enrolled in your plan are eligible.
                                         Kings Island Ticket Link: Click Here For Savings
Notify the Benefits hotline if you
know a dependent is no longer
                                          User Name: KIStateofINemployees
eligiblefor coverage, possibly
                                          Password: kingsisland
due to divorce or aging out. As
always, remember that it is your                                    Six Flags St. Louis has signed state employees up
responsibility to remove ineligible                                 for savings! Just log into the Six Flags site to buy
dependents within a timely manner                                   tickets with substantial savings off the main gate
according to rules of a qualifying                                  price. This online benefit program offers not only
event.                                                              substantial savings, but allows you to “print and go”
                                                                    so you have your ticket in hand when you get to the
                                         park with no waiting in line to purchase tickets.

                                         To access your special tickets, please go to the special ticket link below, then
                                         log into the site with the username and password provided.

                                          Six Flags St. Louis Ticket Link: Buy Six Flags St. Louis tickets

                                          Username: INSTATE
                                          Password (numeric & case sensitive): SixFlags8
If you experience a qualifying           Check out these and other discounts here. Email SPD Communciations if you
event, you must request a change         have any questions.
to your benefits within 30 calendar
days of the event and provide
required documentation. If you do
not request the change within 30
calendar days, the next opportunity
to make changes is during an open
enrollment period.

Any questions concerning the
dependent audit should be directed
to the SPD Benefits Hotline at 317-
232-1167 (within Indianapolis) or
toll-free at 877-248-0007 (outside
Indianapolis). Click here for more

3                                                                                                               The Torch
Continued from page 1
                                                 Family Medical Leave
New submarine
named Indiana
submarines will provide the Navy                  New Fiscal Year for FML starts July 1, 2012
with capabilities required to maintain                                     Are you ready?
the nation's undersea supremacy             If you currently have intermittent or reduced-schedule FML
well into the 21st century. They will       approved for this fiscal year and believe that the need will extend
have enhanced stealth, sophisticated        into FY 2012-13 (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013), you must reapply.
surveillance capabilities and special
warfare enhancements that enable                Here’s your To Do List to ensure there is no gap in coverage:
them to meet the Navy's multi-mission
                                                 p May - Visit Health Care Providers for exam, evaluation,
                                                                       or treatment
                                                   p June 1 - Submit new Request & Certification based
                                                                        on those visits

                                            Remember, a 30 day notice is required for foreseeable absences.
                                            If you have FML for a chronic condition now, the need for those
                                            absences may continue in the future. This requires a new request and
These submarines will have the
capability to attack targets ashore with                               Questions?
highly accurate Tomahawk cruise             Call the FML Call Center at 317. 234.7955 or toll-free at 1.855.SPD.
missiles and conduct covert long-term               INHR (1.855.773.4647) and choose the FML prompt.
surveillance of land areas, littoral
waters or other sea-based forces.
Other missions include anti-submarine         Failure to submit documentation by June 1 may result in
and anti-ship warfare; as well as mine          unauthorized leave for absences after June 30, 2012
delivery and minefield mapping. They
are also designed for special forces
delivery and support.

“It’s a proud and happy day for the
nation’s most patriotic state” said Gov.
Daniels. “We celebrate this news on
behalf of all those Hoosiers who have
served in the uniforms of the Navy
and Marine Corps, and also those
now working at the Naval Surface
Warfare Center Crane Division, whose
enormous contributions were one
of the reasons Sec. Mabus made the
decision he did.”

Each Virginia-class submarine is
7,800-tons and 377 feet in length, has
a beam of 34 feet, and can operate
at more than 25 knots submerged. It
is designed with a reactor plant that
will not require refueling during the
planned life of the ship, reducing         On Arbor Day, April 26, Governor Daniels plants a bur oak tree on the west lawn of
lifecycle costs while increasing           the State House. The tree planted by Daniels was donated by Cardno JFNew.
underway time.

4                                                                                                                    The Torch

ER alternatives may save you time and money
Chances are at some point you will           following warning signs:                   least one board certified physician.
be faced with an unexpected medical             • Chest pain or pressure                They often use other trained medical
situation and need to decide the                • Uncontrolled bleeding                 staff, such as nurse practitioners, who
best place to seek treatment. The               • Sudden or severe pain                 are certified to treat certain ailments,
emergency room used to be the                   • Coughing or vomiting blood            and physician assistants, who
only option, especially after normal            • Difficulty breathing or shortness     generally work in tandem with an MD.
business hours. With the explosion                of breath
of urgent care centers and retail               • Sudden dizziness, weakness,\ or       The wait to be seen is, on average,
clinics, patients now have more                   changes in vision                     significantly shorter. According to the
choices. However, even with so many             • Severe or persistent vomiting or      Urgent Care Association of America,
alternatives, emergency rooms visits              diarrhea                                                       57% of
have been on the rise, either due to            • Changes in mental status,                                      patients wait
convenience or lack of awareness.                 such as confusion                                              15 minutes
                                             If you have a chronic condition,                                    or less to
There are many advantages to                 discuss in advance with your                                        be seen and
choosing an alternative over the             primary care doctor under what                                      about 80% of
emergency room. Emergency room               circumstances you should go to                                      all visits are
alternatives include: urgent care            the ER.                                                             60 minutes or
facilities, retail health clinics or walk-                                                                       less.
in doctor visits. Cost can be one of         Emergency room
the factors. According to Anthem, the        alternatives                                                        A great
average ER visit costs you $800, as          When to go: Emergency room                                          resource
compared to $10 to $80 if you chose          alternatives facilities are for non-       available to state employees to help
a retail health clinic, doctor visit or      life-threatening conditions that need      you decide which option is best for
urgent care center.                          attention right away. These include        you is the 24/7 Nurse Line (1-888-
                                             minor traumas: cuts, sprains, eye          279-5549). NurseLine provides
According to the National Association        injuries, flu, fever, insect bites and     anytime, toll-free access to nurses for
of Community Health Centers, Inc., at        simple fractures. Patients are usually     answers to general health questions
least one-third of all emergency room        seen on a walk-in basis and many           and guidance with health concerns.
visits are “avoidable,” meaning non-         centers have extended hours. By            The nurse can help you understand
urgent or ambulatory care sensitive          administering an EKG or adjusting          your symptoms or explain medical
and therefore                                                      your diabetes        treatments. Every caller receives
treatable in primary                                               medication, urgent   credible, reliable information from
care settings. More                                                care centers can     a registered nurse. The Nurse Line
than $18 billion are                                               even help manage     number is located on the back of your
wasted annually on                                                 a chronic health     Anthem ID card.
avoidable ER visits.                                               condition after
                                                                   normal business
Emergency room                               hours. Typically these centers won’t       IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE A MEDICAL
                                                                                        EMERGENCY, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911
When to go: If you have symptoms             refill maintenance medicines.
                                                                                        OR A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL
of heart attack, stroke or feel that                                                    OR GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM.
your “life or limb” is in danger, go         Most urgent care centers have              NurseLine is available 24/7 at 888-279-5449.
immediately to the emergency room            computerized radiology equipment           This information is for educational purposes
(ER). Also, if you think you might be        and the ability to do lab work such as     only and is not a substitute for professional
                                                                                        medical advice. While generally accurate, these
having a medical emergency, but are          a complete blood count (CBC) test          statements may not be current or complete
unsure, go to the ER.                        or electrolyte test. They can also run     and may not apply to your specific medical or
                                             diagnostic tests for conditions such       financial situation.
According to the American College            as mono, strep, pregnancy, flu and         Never disregard professional medical advice,
                                                                                        or delay seeking it, because of something you
of Emergency Physicians, you should          viruses.
                                                                                        read here.
visit the ER if you have any of the
                                             These care centers are staffed with at
5                                                                                                                          The Torch
Workplace Safety
Texting and walking can be hazardous to health
The risks of distractions while driving     public outcry. Each of the proposed                crossing the street while using cell
are well-documented. So much so that        bills has quietly died before becoming             phones. The extra seconds needed
in 2011, Indiana joined other states by     law. Illinois was the first state during           to cross the street are often fatal.
passing a law that bans texting while       the 2007-2008 session to consider
driving. Less attention is being paid to    a ban on using a cell phone while               • A University of Maryland study
using mobile devices while walking.         crossing a street. Violation of this law          looked at 116 serious accidents
Pedestrians, much like drivers, have        was a petty offense and only carried              involving people wearing
always multi-tasked by doing things         a fine of $25. Also in 2007, a New                headphones while walking; they
such as snacking, reading, texting or       York State Senator proposed a bill to             found that 70% percent of the
listening to music. When the issue is       make it illegal to listen to any kind of          accidents resulted in death to the
addressed, the results are typically not    portable electronic device, (music or             pedestrian. More than half of
conveyed as serious.                        video player, cell phone, smart phone,            the moving vehicles involved in
                                            gaming device, etc.), while crossing              the accidents were trains (55%),
What once was displayed as slap-            the street in cities such as New York,            and nearly a third (29%) of the
stick comedy, now can lead to serious       Albany and Buffalo. Florida and                   vehicles reported sounding some
accidents. While most victims simply        Wisconsin have proposed similar laws              type of warning horn prior to the
walk away with a bruised ego, it could      but none have been signed into law.               crash.
lead to both bodily and property harm.
In 2009, a more serious, but not fatal      Several studies have been conducted           Distracted walking is a hazard that
accident was reported in a New York         on this subject. Consider the                 is not unique to the United States.
Daily News article. A teen fell into        following:                                    Research conducted in both Japan and
an open manhole while walking and             • A study conducted by Ohio                 England show similar increases in this
texting. The manhole had been opened            State University found that more          trend. An experiment was conducted in
by a Department of Environmental                than 1,000 pedestrians visited            London’s busy Brick Lane which was
Protection team flushing a high-                emergency rooms in 2008 because           identified as the top spot for London’s
pressure sewer line, city officials said.       they were distracted and tripped,         68,000 texting accidents in 2007.
                                                fell or ran into something while          Lampposts and other obstructions
“We all have a responsibility to be             using a cell phone to talk or text.       were wrapped and padded to minimize
aware of our surroundings to avoid an           Half of the people injured were           injury to pedestrians who texted and
injury to ourselves and others,” Nancy          under the age of 30 and a quarter         talked on cell phones as they walked.
Zemaitis, Director of the Bureau of             of those were between the ages of         Cameras have been installed to capture
Rehabilitation Services, said. The              16 and 20.                                pictures of people running into these
bureau is part of FSSA’s Division                                                         obstructions and record incident
of Disability and Rehabilitative              • A study conducted by the                  frequency. The idea could be rolled
Services. “The Government Center is             University of Birmingham focused          out to other London texting hotspots if
a large building that can be difficult          on injuries to children using cell        this trial is successful.
to navigate. It is utilized by all types        phones. The study
of people on a daily basis. Some of             found that students
them are individuals with disabilities,         using cell phones took
people who are elderly and children on          up to 20% longer to
school trips.”                                  cross the street than
                                                children who were not
Several methods may be considered               using a cell phone;
when assessing how to reduce the                slow-crossing students
injuries associated with distracted             with cell phones were
walking, including legislation,                 up to 43% more likely
additional research, gathering statistics       to be hit by a vehicle
and public education.                           while crossing the
 Numerous states have attempted to              street; and children
restrict the use of electronic devices          looked both ways 20%        The ‘Metropolitan Etiquette Authority’ post this sign
while walking but have been met with            fewer times when            around New York City.

6                                                                                                                         The Torch

Did you know 5/29 is not just another day?
Here are three very important              education as early as possible to          By opening a 529 early, and
questions for every Hoosier:               ensure they are in the best position to    contributing regularly, Hoosiers have
 1. Do you have children?                  achieve their goals.                       a great opportunity to graduate debt
 2. Do you have grandchildren?                                                        free. May is 5/29 Month, so start your
 3. Are you interested in obtaining a      Fortunately, the state of Indiana          savings plan today by visiting www.
    college or advanced degree?            offers three great ways to save  
                                           using a 529 plan: CollegeChoice
If you answered “Yes” to any of the        Direct, CollegeChoice Advisor, and
questions above, then you need to          CollegeChoice CD Plans. All are easy,
know about the state’s CollegeChoice       tax-advantaged programs in which
529 Savings Plans. The                     Hoosiers can save, while enjoying
CollegeChoice Plan has experienced         a number of other benefits. These
tremendous growth recently with more       plans offer a full range of investment
and more Hoosiers beginning to save,       choices and each plan has an option
everyday. Since 2008, CollegeChoice        that is FDIC- insured.
                                                                                           Spring Road Rally
accounts have increased more than
69% with more than $1.8 billion in         Savings placed in a CollegeChoice            getaway at Canyon Inn,
assets under management. Every             Plan grow tax-deferred, and provided        McCormick Creek State Park
year more and more Hoosiers are            you are paying for qualified education
recognizing its benefits and rapidly       expenses, you can withdraw the funds                May 20-22
signing up to save for their future.       tax-free as well.

                                           Funds saved in a 529 can be used for           A perfect gift for both
Hoosiers are turning to the 529
                                           a wide range of qualified education         Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!
plan because they are becoming
increasingly aware of the burden           expenses at nearly any eligible               Just $475 per team of 2
of college debt. The latest reports        institution in the United States, and            (same room occupancy)
show that student loan debt is higher      even some abroad. Tuition and fees,
than ever before. Consequently,            room and board (both on and off-            Spend 3 days and 2 nights with us
the average student graduates with         campus), books, supplies and required       as we explore the area via scenic
upwards of $20,000 in debt related to      materials all qualify to be paid from       back roads. Drive our planned
their college education.                   529 assets.                                 route – experience our scavenger
                                                                                       hunt – and earn points for prizes
With college costs continuing to rise      The main tax benefit, however, is the       Your getaway includes:
each year, it’s imperative that we start   20% state income tax credit. Each year        • 2 nights lodging at Canyon Inn
planning for these expenses early. Too     you contribute to a CollegeChoice             • 3 dinners, 2 breakfast meals
often families say “my child’s young,      Plan, you are eligible for a 20 percent       • Nightly entertainment
I’ve got time,” or “my child’s going to    state income tax credit based on              • 2 days of “on the road” rally
receive scholarships.”                     those contributions, with a maximum             adventure
                                           credit of $1,000! In today’s financial        • Awards ceremony with prizes
While these are understandable             environment an automatic 20% return,            for our winners.
statements, they are also risky            in addition to the portfolio’s earnings,     For a Reservation: 1.877.LODGES1
assumptions, and fail to recognize         is an incredibly attractive program,
the danger of waiting too long to start    which is why so many Hoosiers are
saving, or for scholarships to fall        opening 529’s.
through. This type of under-planning
often leaves college hopefuls with a       Even better, the tax credit is
relatively small amount of money for       available to any Indiana taxpayer
their education.                           that contributes to a CollegeChoice
                                           account. Therefore, grand-parents,
Instead, families are strongly advised     friends and relatives can all contribute
to begin saving for a loved one’s          to a beneficiary’s account and receive
                                           the credit as well.
7                                                                                                                 The Torch
                                       State Employee Night
                               Y, Y
                          FRIDA MA 11TH AT 7:15 P.M.
                                    INDIANS VS. NORFOLK TIDES

            Enjoy a special rate available only to State Employees when you
            experience Baseball Up Close at Victory Field. Following the game, watch as a
            spectacular display of fireworks are set off in centerfield as part of our Friday Night
            post-game fireworks show every Friday night game beginning in May.

            Go to to order your tickets. Enter promo code “state” in Step 3 of
            5 to receive your discount

Contact Name:                                                                                                                Phone:
    City, State:                                                                                                                 Zip:

 To receive discount, tickets must be ordered in advance.                    Payment Options:
       Box Seats ($11)        ___ x 11 = _________                                    Check                 MC                  Visa            Discover
   Reserved Seats ($7)        ___ x 7 = _________                             Credit Card #:                                                  Exp. Date:
        Lawn Seats ($6)       ___ x 6 = _________                            Name on card:                                                    Sec. Code:
                               TOTAL $ _________                                  Signature:
Order by phone at (317) 269-3545. Please send order forms to: Victory Field, Attn: MAY 11 State Employee Night, 501 W. Maryland Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax
to 317-269-3541. Any order received within ten days of the game will be left at will call for pick-up.

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