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									Best PTC site in the whole world Earn money in your spare time by spending about 10 minutes
Have you ever noticed that how much time do you spent on internet by just browsing web pages or chatting with people. It doesn't give you anything except a huge internet and electricity bill. But have you ever thought that you can actually earn money online by just viewing some web pages for few seconds daily. I will tell you that how can you earn money on internet without even spending a penny from your pocket' all you have to do is to register on the below mentioned PTC sites and starting earning. PTC sites are those sites which pay you some money against the ads viewed by you available on their sites. You just need to register on this sites and view some ads daily for few seconds and it will help you to earn good amount of money. In this page you can find the best PTC Bux companies ive seen in my whole time in the business. I recommend you to register with this companies and click in them all so you will get nice earnings.Also add all your friends and family as referers so you can have even more earnings. All the sites im showing you here all totally trustables and you can be sure you will receive a payment, avoid joining other sites not listed here below because could be scam sites, im keeping this page updated so you can always know which sites to join. How does this work : Please remember if you really want to earn money from this sites then you have to click on the advertisements daily without missing even a single day only then you earn good amount of money and if you want to increase your earnings then you can also buy a premium membership once you have some money in your alertpay account.If you do not have you can register it for free.

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Just View some ads daily and earn money in dollars. Totally free. The payments are made inmediately after you press the checkout button, it has also many innovative options as participating in drawings for having extra referents and more.The minimum payout is 9usd. Very trusta How do you identify a legitimate Paid-to-Click program? 1. Check whether the company is properly registered. Don't get deceived by the appearance of the company's website. Websites of scam companies are sometimes much attractive than legitimate companies 2. Check out the pay rates of the company. Legitimate sites typically pay $0.01 or $0.02 for a click. If the company advertises extravagant rates such as $100 or $200 per click, it's 100% scam 3. Verify the payout limit of the site. An ideal company should have a payout limit of $10 or less 4. Make sure that the company has a dedicated helpline that responds to your queries, either through phone or email 5. Check what options the company provides for payouts(redemption)Paypal, alertpay or cheque etc 6. Establish the payment processing timeframe. Ensure that the company pays you within the stipulated timeframe and does not delay your payment 7. Before selecting any PTC program, browse through various online forums and websites and confirm the authenticity of the company. There are lot of websites which provide valuable about online paid sites

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