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zooburst Grant


This is the grant that I wrote to obtain funds to gain a yearly subscription to zooburst.

More Info
									I am interested in enhancing my curriculum through the use of a Web 2.0 Tool
entitled Zooburst. I would like to purchase two $50 subscriptions to this website,
one for myself and one to share with a colleague. This website features the
development of interactive, three dimensional books. These books, often referred
to as digital stories, can be created online by students.

How does it work?

ZooBurst books 'live' online and can be experienced using nothing more than a web
browser running the Adobe Flash plug-in. Authors can arrange characters and
props within a 3D world that can be customized using uploaded artwork or items
found in a built-in database of over 10,000 free images and materials.

Once constructed, books can be inspected from any angle from within a 3D space,
and rotating around a book is as easy as dragging and dropping a mouse. In addition,
authors can choose to make items "clickable," allowing readers to learn more about
individual characters within a story. Each character can have its own 'chat bubble'
that pops up when that character is clicked. In addition, authors can also record
their own voices using the ZooBurst audio recorder to have their characters really
'speak' when clicked!

How can it be used in the classroom?

Readers can choose to experience and participate in a ZooBurst book in a number
of ways. Authors can share books with readers using a simple hyperlink, and books
can easily be 'embedded' in any website or blog, allowing authors to provide their
own contextual framework to their stories. Authors can also maintain a moderated
discussion forum for each book, providing a virtual space in which readers can
interact with one another.

What is Augmented Reality?

Readers who have a webcam installed on their computer can also experience any
ZooBurst book in Augmented Reality. Once a book has been loaded, readers can
click on the 'Webcam Mode' button at the top of the screen. This button will turn
on their webcam and allow them to see themselves as though they were looking in a
mirror. From here, visitors can hold up a special symbol to the webcam to watch as
the book 'flys' out of the paper and into the room around them! In addition,
Augmented Reality mode also allows readers the ability to interact with a book
using simple gestures. For example, simply waving your hand in front of a book will
allow you to turn its pages back and forth. As a member of the E.E.T.T. grant for 2
years AND as a TIF, I have access to several web cameras and would be able to
extend this unique interactive feature to my students.

As an educational tool, ZooBurst would provide my students with new ways in which
they can tell stories, deliver presentations, write reports and express complex
ideas. ZooBurst contains a powerful 'classroom management' feature for me to
easily set up protected, safe spaces for my students. I can assign usernames and
passwords without having to input any sensitive or personal information, and can
manage and moderate student work in a protected environment.

Thank you for your consideration of this grant request.

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