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									                                       Official Minutes
                                    Gwendolyn Brooks PTA
                                      General Meeting
                                      January 15, 2008

PTA President, Laura Evans, called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm.

Laura Evans,, Dave Younce, Lisa Mickolayck, Cathi Plass, Peter Gatz, Sue Coates, Ellyn Margulies,
Beth Kilroy, Lisa Churchill

Laura Evans moved to waive the reading of the minutes since we did not have the minutes from last

TREASURER’S REPORT – Ellen Marguilles
Ellyn was going to look into different programs to use for the Treasurers position.
As of 12/21/07 we have around $41,000.00 in the account.
There is money available for Accelerated Reader. Lisa C. will let Mrs. Stewart know this.

                                   EXECUTIVE REPORTS
Nothing to report.

VICE PRESIDENT – Lisa Churchill
Parties went well.
PTO conference is April 14. Need to know who wants to go.
2/10-16 is bring your family to school week..
4/11 is DEAR
Lisa C. motioned to do single membership for the PTA at $10 a person. Lisa M. seconded and it
was approved.

PRESIDENT – Laura Evans
Laura talked in various parts of the Board Committee reports.

PRINCIPAL – Dave Younce.
Mrs. Aarseth is leaving on Friday. Mr. Younce will be interviewing replacements.
All Day Kindergarten sheets will be sent out at the end of the month and will need to be back by
2/13. Mr. Younce suggested any way we could pass along the info would be great. Sue Coates
will pass the info on to the Stonebridge community.
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Mr. Younce passed out an information sheet about the new high school being slated to be built
up at the North end of town at Eola Road. (see attached).
There are two 1st grade teachers going on Maternity leave: Mrs. Retzler and Mrs. Cooley. He has
replacements for them and is working out a “meet and greet” for the parents to meet the subs.
He thought room parties went well.
Staff dues for PTA are coming in.

                                BOARD COMMITTEE REPORTS
ON-GOING – Program Support/ Sue Coates
See Report.
Per Laura Evans, we are getting $680 for the box tops we collected during the past 2 years. She
suggested if we get $320 by May for Box Tops, maybe every grade would get something.

No report.
Reflections is winding up with a Reception for the honorees.

No report

Tiger Tales deadline is 1/22.

No report

No report.

SOCIAL –Cathi Plass
Cathi is going to do an add in Tiger Tales for the upcoming Cougars game.
Per Laura Evans, there might be a wall climbing event for Family Fun Night.

No report.

                                         OLD BUSINESS
For the movie night we need a sign up sheet .
Mr. Younce will run the AV equipment that night.
Start at 6:30pm , held in Gym.

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Mr. Younce updated us on the sign for out in front of the school. If Granger PTA goes in with us, we
would get a discount.
Lisa C. made a motion to approve to buy the sign for $7000.00 using PTA funds. Sue Coates seconded
the motion and it was approved.

The topic of school colors was brought up again. The staff and kids will decide in some sort of vote. Mr.
Gatz will work on this.

Artwork for Education. Beth Kilroy presented this idea in full detail. We all agreed it sounds like
something we want to do. However, the deadline was too soon to do now. So Beth will talk with Mrs.
Miner to see about starting this program in the fall.

                        NEW BUSINESS

Deb Finger made up some designs for the Field Day Tshirts. We picked out a design.
We will try and sell Tshirts to the adults as well.

Tracey Stiles a 4th grade teacher made a presentation about 4th grade game boards. Last year 4th grade
received a grant to purchase these game boards. The games are facts about the states and are personalized
by the children. Mrs. Stiles was asking the PTA if we could fund these game boards this year. This game
would start in April. There are about 113 4th graders and it would cost PTA about $10 a child. Laura
Evans said to let use know how much money they would need and the PTA could help support this.

Lisa M. motioned, Lisa C. seconded, the meeting adjourned at 2:16 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Lisa Mickolayck, Corresponding Secretary
Gwendolyn Brooks PTA
January 15, 2008

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