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					                           Choosing the Right Acuvue Color Contacts

 For centuries, people have been using correctional eyeglasses. But wearing eyeglasses does not
only make people look slightly 'geeky,' it also needs extra careful to the part of the wearer to
protect their eyeglasses, because it so fragile. The inconvenience of wearing conventional
eyeglasses has led to the invention of plastic corrective lenses that can be worn directly over the

Contact lenses revolutionize the way of correcting visual defects, and it is protected from the injury
by the shape of the skull, thus, minimizes the danger of breakage that is always present with
ordinary glasses. Contact lenses cover only the cornea of the eye; a special molding process
permits precision fitting to the curvature of the cornea to minimize irritation.

But these contact lenses do not only solve the problem of vision, it is also in for fashion. There are
various types of colored contact lenses available in the market, this article will help you choose
what is best for you.

Types of colored contact lens:

Visibility tint type of contact lens is has a very light tint, thus, it does not affect eye color even if it is
usually has light blue or light green tint. The tint on this type of contact lens just help you see

Enhancement tint type of contact lens is a little darker than visibility tint. It is solid but translucent,
and it does change your eye color. This type of contact lens is best for people who want to
enhance their eye color, and make their eyes look more intense.

Color tint type of contact lens completely changes your eye color. It is opaque and rich in color,
good for people who have dark eyes. This type of contact lens is usually made up of solid patters,
and come in variety of colors and shades, including amethyst, blue, gray, green and violet etc.

Colored-contact lenses manufacturing companies have done wonders in imitating the natural
appearance of the colored portion of the eyes. Modern contact lenses now have a series of tiny
colored dots to compensate the more natural look of the eyes. But the part that covers your pupil
is clear so you can still see clearly.

So How Do You Really Choose the Right Color For You?

This is the common problem of first-time wearer. But solving this is not really difficult, Here are
some suggestions in choosing contact lenses for you:
Are you the type of person of wants to get notices by your eyes, and have people ask about it? If
you are daring, confident, and comfortable being the center of attention, then you want an eye
color everyone notices immediately.

Thus:If you have cool, blue-red undertones in your skin, hair, and natural eye, choose a warm-
toned contact lens such as light brown is good for you. If you have dark skin, you might choose
bright-colored lenses. If you wear eye makeup? Choose a contact lens color that will stand out
from the shadow and mascara colors you like to wear. If your natural eye color is brown, you might
choose contact lenses in violet, green, or blue.

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Description: If you are looking for a quick change to your appearance, eye color contact lenses may be all it takes to do the trick. They eyes are indisputably one of our most predominant features and even a subtle change like a change in eye color can give you a completely new look.