Benefits of Hosted EPM Project Hosts

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					Benefits of Hosted EPM
Why Online as opposed to Onsite?

     Hosted EPM is …

1.   Fast
     Deploy in days, not weeks

2.   Reliable
     Leverage EPM experts, best practices

3.   Flexible
     Stay hosted or migrate onsite

4.   Business Value
     Faster ROI

                                                  1   Project Hosts
                        Why Online?
1. Hosted    EPM is   Fast

   On-line within days, not weeks -
    you realize EPM business           “We were able to start collaborating right away”
    advantages sooner

   The data center is on an
    Internet backbone – users see
    exceptional performance, even
    when connecting remotely

   Our support staff are EPM
    experts – your questions are
    answered quickly

                                                                         2   Project Hosts
                                               Why Online?
2. Hosted EPM is      Reliable

   Leverage best practices in
                    • SQL Server                      “EPM just works.
                    • Project Server
    • Integrating                         We don’t have to worry about the plumbing.”
                    • SharePoint
    • Upgrading     • Terminal Services
    • Tuning        • Active Directory
    • Maintaining   • OLAP
                    • Active X
                    • Office Web Comps.

   You can allow customers, vendors,
    and partners to access and update
    project information without letting
    them inside your corporate firewall

   We maintain industry-leading
    uptime through redundant CPUs,
    drives, and hot spare servers

                                                                         3   Project Hosts
                                               Why Online?
3. Hosted EPM is      Flexible

   The EPM-specific data center
    infrastructure is scalable. You    “I can access and update project data anytime”
    can start small, then grow your
    deployment on your timeline.

   Contracts are month-to-month.
    You can migrate to your own
    data center at any time.

   You can add extensions to the
    EPM solution and/or connect to
    corporate software at your site.

   Buy Microsoft licenses up front
    or rent them on a monthly basis

                                                                        4   Project Hosts
                                              Why Online?
  4. Hosted EPM creates        Business Value

    No need for on-site IT              “Online solutions fit my business needs”
     infrastructure or added capital
    No need for additional IT staff,
     software specialists
    Flexible, scalable solutions that
     grow with you
    Faster ROI than traditional on-
     site deployments

“This the fastest way
to realize the benefits of EPM”
Tim Low, Microsoft product manager

                                                                       5   Project Hosts
                                             Why Online?
About Project Hosts
Project Hosts is the leading expert in managed hosting
of the Microsoft EPM Solution
   10,000+ EPM users serviced to date
   Fortune-500 and Government customers
   Mid-Sized companies and MCP’s
   Microsoft uses Project Hosts to:
         Demo EPM worldwide in 5 languages
         Deploy instant hosted pilots for top MS customers
         Manage projects that involve customer collaboration
         Provide top partners with controlled access to beta code

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                                       Why Online?

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