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					                              IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Before You Begin
    Before we begin any journey we have to figure out where we are and where we want
to go. Even MapQuest is of no use to us if we know neither our starting nor ending
destination. A career search is no different.
     If you’ve just experienced a lay-off, you may be reeling from the shock. A lay-off
       is a loss, just like any other loss. You need to progress through the natural
       phases of grief, and shock and denial are the first two phases. After that you
       may experience bargaining and self-blame, then anger and finally acceptance.
       It’s wise to deal with this natural process before you begin your search. If you
       don’t deal with it some of the more unpleasant stages may creep out when you
       least expect them...like in an interview.
     Understand that this will take time and commitment. We often spend far more
       time planning a new car purchase that we do planning our next career move.
       Take control of the process and you’ll get the career you want.
     Networking is something that needs to occur at every step of the process. Its
       position on this handout has no bearing to its importance or its timing in your
       career search.

1) Self Assessment and Research
   Self Assessment Options
    Daniels School of Business, Career Placement Center
      (DU Students and Alumni)
    Career Coach
      - Referrals from friends and associates
      - www.coachu.com
    On Your Own
      - Must be focused, objective and persistent
      - Self-Help Books
             What Color Is Your Parachute? 2001: A Practical Manual for Job-
              Hunters and Career-Changers, Richard Nelson Bolles
             I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was: How to Discover
              What You Really Want and How to Get It, Barbara Sher, Barbara
             It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now: How to Create Your Second
              Life at Any Age, Barbara Sher
      - Career sites
             www.netgoddess.com

       What About Brand?
It’s All About You                                                                 1

       - “Brand marketing---the process by which a product creates an emotional
         connection with its audience and sets itself apart from the crowd” Make a
         Name for Yourself, Robin Fisher Roffer. She discusses a step-by-step
         program that includes:
              “Unearthing your authentic self to develop a brand that reflects your
                natural talents, abilities, and passions.
              Defining your long-term career goals and dreams.
              Adapting and selling your brand to your target market.
              Identifying and overcoming personal roadblocks.
              Packaging yourself to reflect your chosen brand image.
              Launching, maintaining, and building your brand.”
      - The Brand You 50: Or: Fifty Ways to Transform Yourself from an 'Employee'
         into a Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion!, Tom Peters
    Market Research
      - Denver Business Journal, Book of Lists
      - www.hoovers.com
      - www.telecomclick.com
      - Corporate web sites
2) Develop Plan
    Top Five Companies
      - Top three reasons you’d like to work at each one
      - Top three reasons you’d be an excellent addition to their team
      - Highest reasonable contact level for the area you’re interested in (name,
         phone, address, email). Best if this name comes from research AND
    Collateral
      - Incorporate the ‘six reasons’ in a cover letter tailored to each opportunity
      - Develop email and voice mail scripts
      - Adapt resume to each opportunity
3) Put Plan into ACTION
    Send cover letter and resume to key contact
    Follow-up with a well developed phone call or voice mail message
    Ask for an appointment
4) Networking
   Networking Basics
    You’ve been networking for years
      - Selecting movies, restaurants, doctors, etc.
      - People like to help people
    Networking Self-Help: It’s Who You Know, Cynthia Chin-Lee
      - Openness and Flexibility
      - Goal Orientation
      - Self Discipline

       -   Helpfulness and Empowerment
It’s All About You                                                              2
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001

      - Gratitude
      - Persistence
    Your Network
      - Family and Friends
      - Educational Associates
            Instructors, Professors, Classmates, Career Centers, Advisors, Alumni
    Business Associates
      - Current or former co-workers, bosses, subordinates
      - Customers, Vendors, Suppliers
    Social Acquaintances
    Neighbors
    Professional Advisors
      - Career Coaches, Recruiters (Contingent and Retained)
    Organizations
      - Charitable and Professional
    How Long Will I Have to Network?
      - Forever
5) Job Boards
    One of many tools
    Post confidentially – no personal info or company names…check the entire

It’s All About You                                                            3
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001


                       What’s the Purpose of a Resume?
To package and differentiate your experience and skills to get you an INTERVIEW.

1) Format
     Use the chronological format. This format enables your audience to piece
      together the who, what, when, and where of your background.
     The functional format frustrates the reader, and often creates doubts about
      your background.
2) Sections
     Objective:
      Should be incorporated if your experience does not directly support what you
      want to do next. Objectives are not required. They can be handled in cover
     Summary of Qualifications:
      Should always be incorporated because it helps the reader quickly comprehend
      your background.
     Experience, or Work Experience:
      Should be presented in reverse chronological order. Should include employer
      names, title(s), and dates. Should include general job descriptions and specific
     Education, or Education and Training:
      Required training should be presented in its own section if extensive and
      directly relevant.
     Computer Skills:
      A must for computer professionals. Optional for others. Could be divided into
      languages, databases, and operating systems. Could also be presented in
      Summary of Qualifications.
     Other possible sections include::
      Foreign Language Skills; Professional Affiliations, Military Service (which can be
      presented in Experience). Use a Personal section only if there is a specific
      reason to do so.
3) The Most Important Parts of Your Resume
     Summary:
      This is your brief “product description.” It should include a general background
      statement and specific areas of expertise. It is honed while networking and
      emphasized while interviewing. It should include the three reasons they should
      hire you.
     Accomplishment Statements:
      These statements bring your resume to life. They demonstrate success, and are
      often the talking points in interviews. They are presented under the general job
      description of each position.

It’s All About You                                                                  4
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001

4) Quick Tips
    Dave Opton, founder and CEO of ExecuNet says that “people spend a total
     of 15 to 20 seconds on every resume and cover letter that they see.
     If they’re staring at a stack of 300 resumes and cover letters, it’s likely to be even
     less. Their primary goal at that point is to eliminate as many as possible as
     quickly as possible. That means you’ve got very, very little time in which to avoid
     the garbage bin.” Fast Company Online, Smart Ways to Land Your Next Gig.
     Jennifer Reingold

      Use quantitative, interesting, powerful bullets. Don’t ramble. Refrain from
       purely qualitative bullets.

      Do not rely on spell check. Double check by reading several times. Triple
       check by reading entire resume backwards.

      Do not use lines, graphics, italics, or colorful paper. Such features can
       cause scanners to malfunction.

      Edit down to one or two pages. Three pages would be acceptable in
       exceptional cases, but the reader will almost always prefer to read one or two, as
       would you.

      Confidential resumes should not include any names, addresses, or
       telephone numbers.

It’s All About You                                                                    5
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001


                       What’s the Purpose of an Interview?
 To discuss, highlight and differentiate your experience and skills to get you the
                        To confirm that you want the JOB!

1) Research
     Company website
     News, trade publications and press releases
     Network with current employees, past employees, vendors, competitors,
      service providers
2) Preparation
     Self assessment
     Company assessment
     Know your resume and your facts
     What are your key messages
      - What are the three reasons you want to work at their company.
      - What are the three reasons you’d be an excellent addition to their team.
     Agenda
     Questions
3) Logistics
     Be early
     Get accurate directions and try them out, if possible
     Ask advise about appropriate dress
4) Communicate Effectively
     Each meeting is a two-way conversation
     Be personable
     Be concise
     Pay attention to body language
     Have energy and enthusiasm
     Great attitude
     Listen
     Confident is good, cocky is bad
     Provide examples
5) Questions and Answers
     Have a list of questions prepared- bring them
     Ask the right question at the right time and to the right person
     Rehearse your responses to as many standard questions as possible
     Salary
It’s All About You                                                             6
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001

6) Close
    Close at the end of each meeting
    Ask for the job
    Ask for next steps
7) Quick Tips
    Turn off the cell phone
    Bring all the necessary documentation to complete an application
    Bring extra resumes
    Get a good nights sleep
    Be yourself and be honest
    Relax and have fun
    Phone vs. face to face

It’s All About You                                                      7
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001


1.     Why are you leaving your current employer?
2.     What do you like about your current role/employer?
3.     What do you dislike about your current role/employer?
4.     What are your career objectives?
5.     What do you know about us and why are you interested?
6.     What are your strengths and weaknesses
7.     What has been the biggest challenge in your current position and how did you
       overcome that challenge?
8.     What has your biggest professional accomplishment been to date?
9.     What would be the first thing(s) you would do if you were to come aboard?
10.    How do you determine if you and your direct reports are meeting company goals
       and expectations?
11.    How do you go about gauging and communicating back the performance of your
       direct reports? Give me a recent example in which one of your direct reports was
       either over achieving or under achieving and how you dealt with the situation.
12.    What is your current compensation package and what are you looking for?
13.    How would management, customers and co-workers describe you?
14.    What determines a successful implementation for you?
15.    What have you personally done to continue investing in developing your
       skills/technical knowledge?
16.    What is your leadership style, what is your best method for motivating staff? How
       do you deal with staff conflicts, how do you deal with prioritization conflicts?
17.    What industry best practices do you utilize, how have you modified them? How
       have you implemented them? What return did you get on them?
18.    Describe several of your best IT projects, how did they benefit the company?
       Describe some failures, what did you learn?
19.    What do you see as the future of telecommunications in next three years?
20.    Why would I hire you?

It’s All About You                                                                    8
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001

                                         Street Address
                                         City, State, Zip

Summary of Experience
 Nine years telecommunications experience with seven years in senior marketing roles for
   data and Internet products and services.
 Specific experience with products and technologies including Optical Services (DWDM),
   Frame Relay, ATM, SONET/SDH, IP, and Internet access. Familiarity with Managed
   Hosting, Content Delivery and Applications Services.
 Successful experience assembling teams that have developed and maintained multiple
   major product sets and trained and supported quota-bearing sales reps that were
   responsible for the delivery of over $250M of traditional and IP based products and services
 Unique combination of operational experience and marketing savvy allowing full leverage of
   organizational resources for exceptional product development and delivery.
 Motivated professional, able to develop and deliver profitable revenue streams while
   recognizing opportunities for cost avoidance and revenue recovery.

Professional Experience
Company, Dates of Employment
Title, City, State
 Responsible for the network services product line (Managed Hosting, Content Delivery,
    Network Services and Applications Services) - the largest product line at XXX in terms of
    revenue and costs.
 Managed a team responsible for product development, strategy, positioning, pricing, and
    sales training and support.
 Responsible for vertical channel management and campaigns respective to the product line
    and the business aspects of managing costs, driving revenues, and reporting growth and
 Actual customer count increased 107% and base monthly revenues increased 75% during
    tenure in position.
 Added several value-add and cost savings measures that substantially increased cash flow
    and shortened time to profitability. Responsible for bringing in excess of $300K per month
    to bottom line from tenaciously identifying issues in billing portion of order processing

Company, Dates of Employment
Title, City, State, Dates of Position
 Created and managed the data and Internet product lines for the new XXX International
    Wholesale organization launched in January 1999.
 Assembled a team that developed and maintained 12 major product sets and trained and
    supported over 60 quota-bearing sales reps that met the annual data and Internet revenue

It’s All About You                                                                         9
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001

   target of $250M (400% annual growth). Products and services were both traditional and IP
 Managed the ISP segment-focused marketing team and initiated and built several strategic
   corporate products including XXX’s first DWDM offering.

Title, City, State, Dates of Position
 Built and developed a wholesale sales channel for data services in the Asia-Pacific region.
 Forged and managed relationships with all major carriers and service providers in the top 20
    countries throughout Asia and Australia/New Zealand and managed over 40 active
 Drove Frame Relay and ATM network expansion to new Asia-Pacific locations, giving
    customer presentations to the Asia-Pacific office of US Multinational customers, and training
    and consulting carriers and resellers on the implementation of advanced data product lines.

Company, Dates of Employment
Title, City, State
 Oversaw the first network expansion effort to the Asia-Pacific for XXX and, through the
    course of mergers and acquisitions, eventually managed all international data products for
    the combined company.
 During tenure the international Frame Relay network coverage grew from three countries to
    21, and revenues exceeded business development expectations by more than 40%.
 Regular responsibilities in this position included training, sales support, product
    development, product management, and product marketing.

Company, Dates of Employment
Title, City, State
 Designed and developed robust network management systems in support of the company’s
    core business assets.
 Selected to join an elite team that developed XXX’s first Object-Oriented design-based
    systems architecture and multi-threaded parallel-processing systems architecture at the
    XXX Research Center.

Academic Degrees and Corporate Training

University, Date if Appropriate

University, Date if Appropriate

Applicable Corporate Training

It’s All About You                                                                          10
Denver Telecom Professionals and Daniels College of Business
June 19 2001

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