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					Services Catalogue
     EQUELLA offers a range of professional services
     that deliver structured, methodical, and successful
     deployments of EQUELLA.

     Our proven methodology, adopted and refined by
     EQUELLA teams around the globe, maximises the
     effectiveness and benefits from institutional use of
     the EQUELLA digital repository.

     The EQUELLA methodology incorporates best
     practices from deployments to university, vocational,
     school, government, and corporate clients.

     The high quality services the EQUELLA consulting
     team delivers include:

        Content Migration
        Production Monitoring
        Hosting Solutions

Strategic Planning Workshop
Overview                                                        Benefits
                                                                Experienced EQUELLA consultants will lead an onsite
Institutional repositories can be a challenge to implement      Strategic Planning Workshop covering a variety of topics
as such solutions can require involvement, assets, and          ranging from current content management practices,
                                                                institutional objectives, content auditing, content life-
cooperation from a variety of teams, including teaching and     cycle, change management, to staffing requirements, and
learning, library, research, IT, content production, academic   more. In addition to the best practices shared and
                                                                worksheets completed during the engagement, the
departments, marketing, and various others. It is critical to   EQUELLA consulting team will create a formal
gain the support and cooperation from all institution wide      recommendations document based on the workshop
                                                                discussion and outcomes.
teams – and a clear communication strategy can greatly
                                                                A Strategic Planning Workshop will enhance the
assist with this important process.
                                                                institution’s central management of digital resources, and
                                                                develop selective consolidation for all users. Strategic
A key to the successful deployment of EQUELLA is a              planning and analysis of an institution’s individual and
strategic approach to its implementation. Whether an            tailoured implementation of EQUELLA builds a solid
                                                                foundation for the institution to continue to build upon
institution is implementing EQUELLA for the first time, or       with the EQUELLA consulting team throughout their
is looking to re-evaluate and expand their existing             implementation of EQUELLA. This process also enables
                                                                the institution to follow on from a successful pilot and
educational technology architecture, a Strategic Planning
                                                                strategically plan to minimise risk and incorporate
Workshop will provide a clear pathway to ensure a balance       feedback, leading to various benefits including reduced
in interests and objectives for the institution’s digital       overall system maintenance costs, increased consistency
                                                                across the institutional systems, and greater value for
repository.                                                     student, academic and research communities.

                                                                                        EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 3
I Review of Current Content Management and Future Content Management Objectives
I EQUELLA Overview
I Content Management Lifecycle Review
I Exploration of Content Migration Alternatives
I LMS Integration
I User Interface Customisation
I Training Requirements
I Implementation Planning

Case Studies

    TAFE/FE/Community College Sector
  A leading TAFE Institute established a clear long-term vision for
  transforming the delivery of teaching and learning across the
  Institute, through replacing a legacy learning management system
  with an integrated platform including EQUELLA, Moodle, and
  Wimba. The Institute and the EQUELLA consulting team have                     HE/University Sector
  developed a strong long-term relationship, recognising the
                                                                               A well established university conducted a current content management
  importance of an integrated team and approach incorporating
                                                                               review, which involved an analysis of an existing repository, and their other
  strategy, change management, technology, and other aspects.
                                                                               institutional systems, coupled with a review of their EQUELLA pilot, with
  The engagement was launched with an on-site strategic
                                                                               the goal of intelligent consolidation of platforms. The EQUELLA
  workshop, eliciting the institution’s online teaching and learning
                                                                               deployment objectives focused on content authoring requirements,
  objectives and business outcomes, whilst ultimately mapping
                                                                               workflow processes, content sharing, federated searching, copyright
  these back to EQUELLA functionality. The engagement
                                                                               management, reporting, training and staffing requirements. The university’s
  continued with a variety of remote and on-site activities,
                                                                               Strategic Planning Workshop explored EQUELLA architecture design: load
  including installation, configuration, content migration, load
                                                                               considerations, scalability, review of system architecture options, and
  testing, disaster recovery planning, EQUELLA
                                                                               disaster recovery. It also featured content migration, current content
  training/certification, and documentation. The EQUELLA
                                                                               locations, migration mechanisms and lifecycle, workflow requirements, and
  consulting team have also deployed remote application
                                                                               contribution lifecycle and participants. The university also emphasised
  monitoring, which includes 24/7 monitoring and response on
                                                                               search capabilities, federated search, Blackboard integration, and
  their EQUELLA servers. The relationship incorporates feedback
                                                                               developing an implementation plan for consolidating a number of content
  from the Institute into our EQUELLA solution as well as the
                                                                               management needs into an integrated EQUELLA platform.
  dynamic integration with Moodle.

                                                  Technical University
                                                An acclaimed technical university’s goal was to ensure their EQUELLA repository
                                                would contain a wide variety and high quantity of materials, to meet a range of
                                                requirements across the university. The content areas that were addressed were: the
                                                Institute’s Images collection, iTunes U content, multimedia learning content created by
                                                the university’s various media production groups, the library’s eReserve and CAL
                                                content, and other institution wide content. Core to the Strategic Planning Workshop
                                                was to identify key business requirements – such as enabling easy and rapid content
                                                discovery – and then demonstrating to academics how EQUELLA could provide a
                                                solution. The Strategic Planning Workshop focused on the way the institute would
                                                support media-rich content, eReserve and copyright materials, academic-created
                                                content online, as well as with the encouragement of academic contribution into
                                                EQUELLA, incorporating change management and additional content types, course
                                                outlines, and research materials.

4 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue
Change Management
Overview                                                                                          Benefits
                                                                                                  Change management can be a critical factor in
Change management is key to the successful deployment                                             maximising the effectiveness of the rollout of an
of a digital repository. The most successful EQUELLA                                              institution’s EQUELLA repository. There are multiple
                                                                                                  aspects of change management required for this
deployments balance individual and institutional needs to                                         particular project: strategy, communications plan,
provide easy access to valuable resources, while enabling                                         sponsorship/champions, training, support, as well as
                                                                                                  reporting and feedback processing. While the scale of
broad overviews and more effective management of                                                   the change management required for the pilot may differ
content. The introduction of new processes, systems and                                           across various institutions, it is still worth considering
                                                                                                  change management formally, and envisioning how it will
approaches to content management can be met with
                                                                                                  scale for future phases of the deployment. Given the in-
resistance – as is often encountered during a change                                              depth nature of change management, EQUELLA typically
process. Clear communication, education, training and                                             partners with institutions for joint planning and delivery
                                                                                                  of change management.
other mechanisms are required to properly convey the
benefits of the rollout and provide proper support to the
community to benefit the institution, the educators, and                                           Inclusions
ultimately the students.                                                                          I Conducting a Change Readiness Audit
                                                                                                  I Development of a Communications Plan
                                                                                                  I Project Management
                                                                                                  I EQUELLA Direct and Train-The-Trainer Certification
                                                                                                  I Creation of Administration Videos
                                                                                                  I Establishment of On-Going Communication and
                                                                                                    Change Management Regime
                                                                                                  I Documentation

Case Studies

   TAFE/FE/Community College Sector
  There were a wide variety of change management processes implemented within
  a state-wide TAFE institute prior to the official deployment of the institution’s
  EQUELLA repository, including a formal Change Readiness Audit, official EQUELLA
  certification for the Institute, further EQUELLA configuration and optimisation,
  configuration for EQUELLA installation, and project management. The value of
  EQUELLA increased for the TAFE institute as additional sources of content and
  delivery mechanisms were added to the repository and other institutional
  systems. An integrated architecture delivered greater value from each
  individual system as well as introducing an overall solution that will continue  HE/University
  to grow and evolve. The addition of various sources of content included
  both internal resources, such as library and SharePoint content, as well as     A client university achieved a successful deployment of EQUELLA by
  external collections, repositories, and systems. This rollout provided a wealth building upon the strengths of the repository in accordance with the
  of valuable resources but also significant changes to processes. The initial     strategic evaluation of the solution. Through the extensive integration
  reception, adoption, and success of the platform were all improved as a         of the institution’s LMS, and the development of research collections,
  result of the formal change management program.                                 users across the university will now benefit from continuous research
                                                                                  collaboration and wider dissemination. The strategies utilised, including
                                                                                  efficient training, a fully supported deployment, and detailed reporting,
                                                                                  alongside CLA enabled the university to extend their research
                                                                                  capabilities and achieve further search outcomes, including
                                                                                  external/national library systems.

                                                                                                                          EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 5
EQUELLA Agent Design
Overview                                                                                          Benefits
                                                                                                  EQUELLA Agents, including Advanced Scripting
EQUELLA Agents enable institutions and partners to                                                Controls, present the institution with the following
extend the EQUELLA platform to fulfil additional business                                          benefits:

requirements. The EQUELLA Agent Design engagement                                                 I Leverage powerful scripting libraries to solve a variety
                                                                                                    of challenges
was developed to enable organisations to best architect                                           I Enables users to search and consume from external
their extension to the platform. Experienced EQUELLA                                                sources

consultants will work with the institution’s team to clarify                                      I Introduces custom functionality, either integrating
                                                                                                    external systems or new capabilities inside EQUELLA
the requirements and design a solution using EQUELLA’s
                                                                                                  I Supports users with strong support from
flexible APIs. The EQUELLA Agents Framework is the                                                   documentation and other client usage examples
suite of services that make it possible for third parties to
integrate and build applications utilising EQUELLA
functionality. The types of EQUELLA Agents include the                                            Inclusions
                                                                                                  I EQUELLA Agent Design Session
EQUELLA integration interface, the SOAP interface, and
                                                                                                  I Requirements and Approach Recommendations
the Advanced Script Control. EQUELLA Agents connect                                                 Document
EQUELLA to additional content and other services in an                                            I As Required, Proof-Of-Concept Development
integrated, seamless manner.

Case Studies

   TAFE/FE/Community College Sector
  Seeking to provide greater access to teachers to online resources, a TAFE
  Institute desired an integration between EQUELLA and Gale – a robust online
  collection of reference content. The EQUELLA consulting team
  identified and documented the integration requirements, and
  developed a proof-of-concept integration with Gale via an Advanced         University
  Script Control (ASC). Following prototyping and initial deployment,
                                                                            Similar to the TAFE example above, a university required tighter
  the Gale ASC has been refined and rolled out across the institution –
                                                                            integration between EQUELLA and EBSCO, the research database
  providing a seamless integration between the two systems that enables
                                                                            service. The EQUELLA consulting team prototyped the integration and
  the linking of Gale resources inside of EQUELLA, and ultimate delivery
                                                                            developed an Advanced Script Control providing the required
  through a LMS.
                                                                            functionality. The seamless integration eliminates the requirement to log in
                                                                            to EBSCO before searching and contributing the linked content into

6 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue

EQUELLA Deployment
Overview                                                                                    Benefits
                                                                                            I Allowing the institution to share best practice,
As an enterprise-wide solution, EQUELLA provides a                                            EQUELLA deployment is based upon numerous
diverse range of deployment capabilities to address the                                       clients who have successfully implemented the
                                                                                              solution, and fully supports the installation of any
varying requirements of different client institutions.                                         new system, which can be complex
These may include the following:                                                            I Institutions can utilise the experienced EQUELLA
                                                                                              consulting team who can quickly train the institution’s
                                                                                              staff in how the solution works on the server,
I Pilot: The EQUELLA consulting team combines high level experience in the education
                                                                                              providing the team with the skills to avoid the need to
  sector with product expertise. This service guides our clients through the entire life-
                                                                                              invest largely in future support
  cycle of deployment, from an initial kick-off workshop, requirements gathering, system
                                                                                            I While on site the EQUELLA consulting team provide
  configuration, training, staffing requirements, content conversion planning, deployment,
                                                                                              log file locations and troubleshooting techniques,
  and documentation.
                                                                                              ensuring the institution is only required to dedicate a
I Full Deployment: The EQUELLA implementation is inclusive of the various installation        small amount of time early on to save large amounts
  and configuration requirements the individual institution has chosen to deliver their        of time on future support
  content, and may include a range of consulting processes that relate directly to each
                                                                                            I EQUELLA deployment enables integration with other
  institution’s deployment objectives.
                                                                                              enterprise-wide systems, the EQUELLA consulting
I Copyright Compliancy: EQUELLA provides a convenient method for institutions to              team are highly experienced in installation, and have
  manage content they access and reuse, and fully supports copyright licensing                the knowledge base to determine the best process of
  agreements, including CLA (UK) and CAL (Australia). EQUELLA automatically tracks            connecting disparate systems
  content usage of the activated items and produces the appropriate reports, reducing
  the reporting work load for institutions.

I Research Repository: EQUELLA can be utilised as an open access repository
  for research collections, allowing for new research information systems, providing
  institutions with open access publications, research administration and management

                                                                                                                    EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 7
EQUELLA Deployments typically include the following key elements:

  Activity                                   Description
  Project Management and Planning            On-going project management, coordination, status reporting

  On-site Kick-off Workshop                   On-site workshop to initiate the engagement, incorporating strategic planning, requirements gathering,
                                             knowledge transfer, and planning

  System Installation                        Installation of EQUELLA for locally-hosted clients

  EQUELLA System Configuration                Configuration of EQUELLA to meet the business requirements, including aspects such as the metadata
                                             schema, collection definitions, workflow, taxonomies, power search and hierarchy model

  EQUELLA Identity Management                Establishment of a scalable security model including users, groups and roles, and integration with an external
                                             authentication scheme

  Design Look and Feel                       Customising various aspects of EQUELLA, including Dashboard portlets, navigation links, menu headings,
                                             graphics, CSS changes and language packs

  Data Migration                             Conducting a content audit, analysis, and migration of data from a variety of sources. Refer to the Data
                                             Migration section below for additional details

  Custom Reports                             Creating custom reports to deliver customised business reporting

  Certification                               Formal EQUELLA training and certification courses. Refer to the Certification section below for additional

  Documentation                              Formal documentation on the platform and the engagement for handover to the client

  Testing                                    Coordination and support during testing, which is often directly performed by the client team to ensure
                                             fulfilment of business requirements as well as knowledge transfer to the client.

  Deployment                                 Production launch of EQUELLA

  Post-Deployment Consulting (ACAP)          Ad hoc support and tuning following the launch. Refer to the ACAP section below for additional details

8 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue
System Architecture Design and
Overview                                                       Benefits
                                                               I High level of availability and performance with service
Organisations typically deploy EQUELLA as an enterprise-         management
wide digital repository and plan to source hardware to         I Maximum flexibility through clustered architecture

deliver a robust, scalable experience for their user base.     I Knowledge transfer to the client team for optimal
                                                                 performance and stability
The goal is to design and deliver an extensible platform       I Improved management and business continuity
that will scale appropriately and can be augmented as the
client chooses to deploy additional content collections and
release the system to a broader user base.

EQUELLA supports a number of different operating
environments, with clients successfully deployed using each
of our core supported platforms. While there are many
variables to consider in system architecture, ultimately the
EQUELLA consulting team recommends that any                    Case Study
EQUELLA architecture leverage client expertise, parallels
existing architectures for other systems, and also                Many of the successful EQUELLA clients across all
                                                                  market sectors engage the EQUELLA consulting
integrates with existing disaster recovery plans.
                                                                  team for installation mentoring endeavours,
                                                                  including architecture design, hardware sizing,
System architecture components may include:                       disaster recovery planning and performance
                                                                  testing. Installation mentoring is a service that
I Load-balancing switches                                         efficiently and cost-effectively facilitates additional
                                                                  or consequent planning that may arise as the
I Various operating systems                                       implementation of EQUELLA further progresses.
                                                                  This will often include complex upgrades of
I Database server(s)                                              EQUELLA, and ensuring there is no functionality
                                                                  or data loss during or after this process. This
                                                                  service can also aid the process of integration with
I EQUELLA application server(s)                                   a wide, diverse range of CMS/LMS/VLE solutions,
                                                                  which many EQUELLA clients have discovered to
I Utility server(s)                                               be highly valuable addition to this service.

I SAN or other storage devices

                                                                                       EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 9
Advanced Configuration Assistance
Program (ACAP)
Overview                                                                                             Benefits
                                                                                                     I ACAP provides flexible support to an institution
The advanced configuration options presented within                                                     during their implementation of EQUELLA.
EQUELLA enable our clients to achieve the maximum                                                    I ACAP allows an institution to allocate a particular set
benefits when implementing a digital repository in a                                                    of hours for either general tasks or specific
                                                                                                       requirements, by ensuring these needs are met
complex environment, whilst acquiring the level of                                                     without being time or project schedule bound, but
customisation required. EQUELLA is a highly flexible                                                    rather being adaptive towards the actual deployment’s
                                                                                                       outcomes and progression.
solution, and the EQUELLA consulting team provides
highly skilled training for the institution’s technicians,
to overcome challenges in order to reach the optimal                                                 Inclusions
results and leverage expert solution knowledge that will                                             Members of ACAP can access advanced configuration
support the institution’s implementation.                                                            specialists that can assist you in the following areas:

                                                                                                     I LDAP and Active Directory Configuration and Tuning
When trying to achieve the maximum benefit of                                                         I Development of XSLT Templates for Display
implementing a digital repository in a complex                                                         Purposes
                                                                                                     I Re-Branding of the User Interface
environment, sometimes to get to the level of
                                                                                                     I Advanced Scripting Within the Administration
customisation desired requires further investigation,                                                  Console
and using the advanced configuration options present                                                  I Development of Bulk Upload Scripts
within EQUELLA. Strong flexibility can present challenges                                             I Integration Assistance with Learning Management
                                                                                                       Systems such as Blackboard, Moodle
in gaining access to the right highly skilled technicians
                                                                                                     I Development of Federated Search Plug-Ins,
with expert solution knowledge that can support you                                                    Customisation of User Management Schema
in your implementation. Such skills are often needed on                                              I Assistance in Creation of Complex Hierarchies,
an on-demand basis as implementation progresses by                                                     Power Searches or Collections
                                                                                                     I Assistance in Implementing Access Control Policies
members of an institution’s implementation team.
                                                                                                     I Server to Server Data Migration
                                                                                                     I Report Design and Creation

Case Study
  The ACAP service has enabled many client institutions to advocate specified and targeted
  professional service hours, that specifically and actively target project objectives and required
  outcomes including scripting, load testing, and LMS integration. EQUELLA’s flexibility and
  customisation goes beyond the software solution and can be seamlessly included within any
  institution project. ACAP is a highly versatile offering of the EQUELLA consulting team, which
  can be easily and readily applied to any configuration of the solution, and any associated
  infrastructure within the timeframe an institution has set, or in direct response to an
  occurrence during the deployment.

10 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue

Overview                              Benefits
                                      I Flexibility: The EQUELLA tools provide flexibility by working directly from the LMS or
As organisations seek to enhance        course export packages, allowing for the process to be run at any point for any number
their content management, content       of courses. This enables an institution to deploy the integrated solution in phases across
                                        the institution, as well as performing periodic “clean-up”, should some courses with
stored within learning management       local content require the migration at a future point in time.
systems is often a major focus:       I A robust solution: Current EQUELLA client feedback has been very positive, with the
by extracting the content into          solution’s application across multiple clients resulting in the tools becoming increasingly
                                        robust. While the tools actively facilitate the migration between LMS platforms, and
EQUELLA, the content can be             extraction of content into EQUELLA, the EQUELLA consulting team recommends a
easily and efficiently discovered,        review of the updated courses, to ensure increased leveraging of the target LMS tools,
                                        as well as for quality assurance.
contributed, shared, managed and
                                      I Client driven process: The content migration process enables clients to drive the
reused. The EQUELLA consulting          structure and strategy behind the procedure, as while the existing tools provide the
team has experience extracting data     underlying functionality, there are always local decisions to be made about specific
                                        business rules. There are various issues that the EQUELLA consulting team would
from, and delivering linked content     work through with an institution during the consulting engagement involving the
to, a number of LMS platforms.          migration process as part of the EQUELLA implementation.

                                      I Ongoing, customised success: Automated content migration from LMSs to other
                                        LMSs, or even to integrated EQUELLA-LMS environments has been highly successful.
                                        The EQUELLA team can extend our technology to meet specific content migration

                                                                                                EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 11
The EQUELLA team utilises the following iterative                   A typical content migration process flow, working from
methodology during a content migration engagement:                  course backups, is as follows:

I Requirements Gathering Session                                    I Interrogate the LMS course backup file
I LMS Content Mapping Exercise (when migrating                      I Extract all content files that are linked within the course
  between LMSs)                                                     I Upload those content files to EQUELLA
I EQUELLA Configuration Planning (when migrating                     I Replace the reference to the files with links to EQUELLA
  content into EQUELLA, and linking to the LMS)
                                                                    I Remove the files from the LMS course backup file
I Proof-Of-Concept Migration of Selected Courses
                                                                    I Upload the revised LMS course backup file
I Customisation of the EQUELLA Content Migration
  Tools to Meet Client Requirements
I Test Content Migration
I Client Review of Migrated Contact
I As Required, Revision to Content Migration Tools
I Production Migration
I Documentation of Solution

For selected LMSs, live extraction and conversion is available, which
can streamline the content migration process.

Case Studies

    TAFE/FE/Community College Sector
   A client TAFE institute recognised from the beginning of their
   implementation the importance of content migration to the success
   of their deployment. The initial migration of 2,000 courses from            HE/University
   their previous LMS to Moodle, with the EQUELLA Moodle
   harvester successfully processing 25,000 content items, following an       A client university received additional value with content migration during
   iterative development process to ensure appropriate content                their implementation of EQUELLA. The EQUELLA consulting team’s aim
   conversion in accordance with the institute’s business rules.              was to facilitate the process of formulating the design of common high
   Following the initial strategic workshop with the institute’s key          level standards for courses across the university colleges, by completing
   stakeholders, the EQUELLA consulting team developed tools that             the proof-of-concept in order to publish all content in the test course from
   harvest content from Moodle courses, upload the content into               the EQUELLA repository environment into the LMS environment. The
   EQUELLA, and update the Moodle course with links to EQUELLA.               EQUELLA consulting team configured the solution to accommodate
   The team harvested two semesters of courses in mid 2010,                   migration of courses from the institution’s previous LMS into EQUELLA
   providing a new platform for educators and staff at the institute to        for publishing into the new LMS. This procedure also enhanced the
   build upon.                                                                packaging of media elements and centralised content, with the additional
                                                                              production of blended and online courses, while the deployment of the
                                                                              solution continually supported the university’s core business units.

12 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue

EQUELLA Certification Program
Overview                              Benefits
                                      I The EQUELLA training team delivers a consistent, validated and structured set of
The EQUELLA Certification                content through a series of interactive, hands-on workshops.
Program is designed to equip users    I Certification courses benefit individuals in client organisations by recognising their skills
with the skill set to interact with     and extending those with EQUELLA, enabling those staff to develop expertise and
                                        serve as a resource to other staff members.
EQUELLA effectively. The EQUELLA       I A certificate that incorporates an examination provides a level of validation to
Certification Program focuses on         organisational management, confirming that the institution’s staff have successfully
                                        achieved the required competencies and knowledge from their EQUELLA training.
effective functional use and
                                      I Certification courses can be used within the institution as training tools for both new
management of EQUELLA, in the           and existing staff.
context of educational technology     I Marked certification courses can identify high quality individuals with the potential to
theory on learning management and       become involved in further EQUELLA developments and projects at the institution.

learning content management.

                                                                                                EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 13
EQUELLA Certification Courses
I EQ101 – EQUELLA Digital Repository Certification (Core Principles)
This base level certification provides a standard EQUELLA user (i.e. contributing educator or student) with a detailed look at the core
functionality of the product through the web interface and through a LMS

I EQ201 – EQUELLA Content Administrator Certification
Builds on the base digital repository certification to ensure full understanding of:
I How to manage copyright collections in EQUELLA
I Bulk modification and management of EQUELLA items (Item management, Advanced item management, Activation management)
I Reporting (running reports with parameters, exporting to Excel, PDF)
I Advanced workflow (i.e. rejecting, commenting, editing within workflow)
Please Note: Successful completion of the EQ101 examination is a pre-requisite for this course.

I EQ301 – EQUELLA Application Administrator Certification
This level of EQUELLA training is recommended for participants who have a high level of competency as a user and administrator of all
basic EQUELLA functionality, including Collections, Schemas, Workflows, Hierarchies and other fundamental elements of the solution.
During the course the participant with be required to set up a basic configuration demonstrating their understanding of the basic
principles of educational content management using EQUELLA. On completion the participant will be fully aware of the wide range of
solution features and configuration possibilities, extending their EQUELLA expertise within their institution.
Please Note: Successful completion of the EQ101 examination is a pre-requisite for this course.

I EQ302 – EQUELLA Advanced Application Administrator Certification
The 3-day certificate course is designed for staff responsible for the day to day administration and application support of EQUELLA.
This course provides the participant with the ability to understand and manage the more technical elements of EQUELLA. This includes
an understanding of the EQUELLA security model, advanced scripting, SOAP APIs, BIRT reporting and EQUELLA Data management.
EQ302 presents participants with the practical knowledge to troubleshoot issues that the user base may encounter, providing a basis for
a support model to be rolled out in the target institution.
Please Note: Successful completion of the EQ101 and EQ301 examinations is a pre-requisite for this course.

I EQ401 – EQUELLA System Administrator Certification
A 2-day certificate course designed for an EQUELLA System Administrators and or Second/Third level support staff.
This course provides participants with the knowledge to manage EQUELLA as part of their own institutions IT strategy and frameworks,
enabling an understanding of how to install, configure and backup EQUELLA within standalone and clustered environments. Participants
in EQ401 training will also complete training on how to effectively troubleshoot issues in EQUELLA and be able to restore EQUELLA as
part of a Disaster Recovery Programme.
Please Note: Successful completion of the EQ101 examination is a pre-requisite for this course.

Case Study

    TAFE/FE/Community College Sector
   A prominent TAFE institute that has extended their implementation of EQUELLA recently completed a high
   level of EQUELLA Certification courses in 2011 to further expand the capabilities and technical EQUELLA
   knowledge of their project team members. Those who recently completed EQUELLA Certification courses in
   2011 stated the training was beneficial to the performance of their work, and that an added benefit was the
   discovery of unexpected techniques and abilities the user may not have encountered individually. Various
   participants believed the training involved a high level of EQUELLA Administration knowledge and expertise, and
   that the included exercises were not only useful for their experience with EQUELLA, but the process of being
   tested was very worthwhile for extending their knowledge base. The training institutions created by EQUELLA
   have also been well received and utilised during training.

14 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue

Remote Application Monitoring
Overview                                                    Benefits
                                                            I Expert Administration: The EQUELLA Remote
The EQUELLA repository has been deployed within               Application Monitoring team is specially trained and
institutions around the world and increasingly serves         staffed to provide advanced administration and
                                                              monitoring of EQUELLA.
as a mission-critical repository for learning content and
                                                            I Reduced Risk: Through engaging an expert team that
other materials. Given the integrated nature of EQUELLA       take a proactive approach to monitoring your
with LMSs and various institutional systems, it is            EQUELLA application, while on-going risks to your
                                                              platform are mitigated.
important to effectively manage the entire infrastructure.   I Controlled Expenses: The EQUELLA Remote
The EQUELLA consulting team has significant experience         Application Monitoring service reduces variable costs
                                                              from system monitoring, upgrades, restoration of
with the optimal configuration and management of the
                                                              data, and other activities to enable organisations to
EQUELLA digital repository. This service is uniquely          properly budget and plan for EQUELLA management.
positioned to offer a cost-effective service for remotely     I Off-Hours Management: EQUELLA’s global team
                                                              streamlines the application management – facilitating
monitoring and managing upgrades for our solution,            upgrades and other activities during off-peak hours.
where clients have opted to host the platform within        I Supported local hosting: The team that delivers
their network.                                                EQUELLA provides a highly supported and responsive
                                                              environment during the deployment of EQUELLA ,
                                                              which enables those staff working directly with the
                                                              repository to have a stronger involvement in, and
                                                              understanding of the infrastructure in place.

                                                                                  EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 15
I Upgrades and Patching: this service includes the application of any applicable Quality Assured releases, hot fixes, or major
  releases of EQUELLA. This service will be applied on the development, staging, and production environments, as

I Monitoring and Reporting: the EQUELLA consulting team will perform weekly monitoring of the application log files and
  system usage, identifying minor issues before they can develop into more significant issues. We will deliver a regular
  report to the client with our findings.

I Performance Tuning: based on the above monitoring and client usage profile targets, the EQUELLA Remote Application
  Monitoring team may periodically recommend and adjust, in conjunction with the client team, server-side parameters in
  EQUELLA configuration files to enhance performance to better fulfil client business usage requirements.

I Restoration of Data: The EQUELLA consulting team will provide advice on the setup and scheduling of regular backups
  of EQUELLA, including the database and file store, and will assist in the restoration of content from client-maintained
  backups to restore lost data up to four times a year.

I Communication: The EQUELLA consulting team will conduct regular communication with the client covering the above
  activities. Protocols will be established on the client approval process prior to the EQUELLA Remote Application
  Monitoring team applying any changes to the client environment.

I Proactive Monitoring and Response: 24 x 7 proactive monitoring and response

Case Studies

    TAFE/FE/Community College Sector
   A TAFE institute is utilising the EQUELLA Managed Application Service,
   and receive 24 x 7 monitoring and response, extensive log analysis,
   server upgrades, and server fault response. The EQUELLA support
   team receives SMS and call notifications, as well as an email for alert
   monitoring services, and also applies the EQUELLA
   Service Monitoring of application log files and
   system usage to identify minor issues and deliver
   regular reports to the institute on the outcomes.
   Any configuration change is passed through a               Complementing the work the EQUELLA consulting team has completed for a
   detailed change request process, and are approved         client university leading up to their deployment, the institution is now
   by the client before the EQUELLA team proceeds.           benefiting from the supported management of their EQUELLA installation.
                                                             The remote application monitoring services are proving valuable for the
                                                             university that still needs to host locally, but does not currently have all the
                                                             staff or the expertise required to manage EQUELLA directly. The university
                                                             receives a weekly log report and associated remediating actions, upgrades to
                                                             EQUELLA, and other assistance.

16 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue

Hosting Solutions
Overview                                Benefits
                                        I Maximise the availability of the EQUELLA repository while mitigating the risk associated
To support the implementation of          with implementing complex systems.
EQUELLA within an institution, the      I EQUELLA hosting solutions can be deployed with limited lead time and allow for
EQUELLA hosting partners provide          custom branding of EQUELLA – to comply with the client requirements.

a range of managed hosting              I EQUELLA hosting partners have specialised knowledge in EQUELLA managed hosting,
                                          based upon well established relationships with the EQUELLA team, ensuring a highly
solutions.                                resilient service.

As an institution-wide repository, it   I EQUELLA hosting partners offer a stable technical team providing institutions with a
                                          constant point of contact, which eliminates the recruiting burden caused by internal
is important that EQUELLA is              staff turnover.
hosted in a secure and supported        I EQUELLA is hosted at secure facilities around the globe, guaranteeing high application
environment. The EQUELLA team             availability, fewer outages and more consistent uptime.

recognises that institutions require    I By engaging with EQUELLA managed hosting, the client organisation will have a lower
                                          and stable total cost of ownership.
certain infrastructure support to
                                        I The ability to utilise and work closely with a team that has extensive EQUELLA
successfully implement EQUELLA,
                                          knowledge and experience who present high quality technical services reduces the risk
and via our hosting partners the          of adopting a new system, and disrupting other institutional projects.
company can provide an institution      I Extend the quality of service to the institution’s end users with a team that has
with various options to host              established best practice for a scalable solution.

EQUELLA. The flexible options
provided will remove the need for
the institution to invest heavily in
dedicated staff and infrastructure.

                                                                                                 EQUELLA Services Catalogue I 17
The hosting solutions available have been developed to suit a range of institutional requirements including:
I Production Level EQUELLA Hosting
I Development / Test Server Hosting

Case Study

   A university decided to further enhance the quality of its online assessment and learning by developing collaborative
   systems in which a core learning environment could be extended through an advanced set of eLearning tools. Everyone at
   the University with access to this hosted solution is set to benefit from its highly resilient service, its scalable solution,
   pricing predictability, and access to EQUELLA and LMS expertise for higher education.

   The hosted environment will eliminate the need for large investments in staff and infrastructure and in licensing and
   hardware fees associated with the maintenance of the previous LMS, allowing the University to achieve significant cost
   savings. This provides the University with the additional advantage of discovering new eLearning outcomes. These include
   an upgraded Library Reading List system and pilot Apple Podcasting system, increased technology specifications for all
   teaching rooms and ePortfolio systems, advancements in digital literacy initiatives, as well as media streaming, and
   corporate document storage. The partnership with EQUELLA will expand the possibilities of the learning environment for
   both educators and students, creating stronger opportunities for their future digital education and improve control and
   ownership of institutional content.

     18 I EQUELLA Services Catalogue
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