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School Counselor Master of Education School Counselor option


									                                       Master of Education,
                                      School Counselor option

                         This program is offered at Cameron University
                  through a cooperative agreement with East Central University.

The M.Ed. in Education, School Counselor option, is designed for the graduate student
specializing in counseling at the elementary or secondary level and leads to a Master of
Education degree at either the elementary (option 0841) or secondary (option 0842) level.
Special attention is given to the development of the student as a consumer of research along
with a major emphasis on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to become a
school counselor.

East Central University (ECU) is offering this program through a cooperative agreement with
Cameron University (CU). Cameron University will offer five (5) of the courses required for
the degree. The remaining six (6) courses must be taken with ECU but may be taken on
Cameron’s Lawton or Duncan campus, as available. A list of course rotations is attached.

Students who are not currently certified by the Oklahoma State Department of Education can
work on certification concurrently with this program.

Each student in the Master of Education, School Counselor option, will be required to
complete a professional portfolio and practicum hours in an educational setting. The
practicum hours are flexible and can be completed by individuals working fulltime.

I. Admission Process--Must Apply To Both CU and ECU

   Cameron University (CU)

      Apply online at as Non-degree Seeking-Education
      The $15 application fee (waived for students who have previously enrolled with
       Cameron) can be paid online with a credit card, at the Business Office (Administration
       Building, 101), or at One Stop (North Shepler 121).
      Official transcripts from all institutions you have attended should be taken or sent to
       the Office of Admissions/Graduate Studies (North Shepler 227).
      Interested students may also apply for tuition waiver scholarships during semesters in
       which they are enrolled in 6 or more hours at Cameron University. (Applications for
       school loans should be done through ECU.)
      Students must pass the English proficiency exam or earn a grade of “C” or better in
       ENGL 5003: English Usage and Composition for Graduate Students.

Reviewed and Revised September 2011, ECU                                                Page 1
   East Central University (ECU)

       Apply online to both ECU and ECU School of Graduate Studies:
        ECU Campus Application:
        ECU School of Graduate Studies Application:
        Indicate your M.Ed. program option.
       There is no application fee for graduate students.
       Mail 2 copies of all official transcripts from previously attended schools to
               ECU School of Graduate Studies
               1100 E. 14th Street, Box H-7
               Ada, Oklahoma 74820-6999
        One copy is for Admissions and Records; the other is for the Graduate School.
       For admission to ECU education programs, a student must have completed at least 18
        hours of work in a professional education and psychology program and hold a
        teaching certificate or have an alternative placement program approved by the
        Oklahoma State Department of Education on file with the dean of education.

II. Enrollment Process

   1. Students will consult Cameron’s education graduate advisor to enroll in Cameron
      courses and complete a graduate plan of study to be sent to ECU.

               Claudia Edwards, Graduate Advisor
               School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
               Office: Nance Boyer 1015

   2. Students will need to contact the ECU School of Graduate Studies to enroll in ECU

               Amy Eckart-Gregg, ECU Graduate Office Secretary
               580/559-5708 or

        For degree details, contact the program advisor or director:

               Dr. Usha Fountain, School Counselor Program Advisor
               580/559-5577 or

               Dr. Bill Heitland, School Counselor Program Director
               580/559-5329 or

   3.    Please consult the current ECU course schedule for the most recent information:


Reviewed and Revised September 2011, ECU                                               Page 2
                                   Academic Requirements:
                                M. Ed. School Counselor Option
                                     Cameron University (*CU) courses in bold

Part I – English Proficiency Requirement
   Students must pass either the CU or ECU English proficiency examination, or pass *CU’s
   ENGL 5003 English Usage and Composition for Graduate Students with a grade of
   “C” or better.

Part II - Research (1 course)
  * CU EDUC 5103 Intro to Graduate Research
  * CU PSY 5013         Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences

Part III - Specialization Core (8 courses)
  * CU PSY 5003 Ethical Principles of Counseling, Assessment, and Research

  ECU EDPSY 5163 Cognitive Behavioral Theories & Methods of Coun & Psychotherapy

  * CU PSY 5253 Career Counseling & Lifestyle Development

  ECU EDPSY 5433 Affective Theories & Techniques of Counseling & Psychotherapy

  ECU EDUC 5453 Developmental Guidance

  ECU EDUC 5482 Counseling Intervention Strategies

  ECU EDUC 5493 Practicum & Portfolio in Guidance & Counseling

  ECU H/P/E 5443 Advanced Group Counseling

Part IV - Measurement and Evaluation (1 courses)
  * CU EDUC 5273 Advanced Tests and Measurements

Part V- Psychology (1 course)
   * CU PSY 5243 Advanced Psych of Personality
   * CU PSY 5203 Human Development

Part VI - Electives ( to total a minimum of 32 hours)
       Students must select additional courses, if needed, to total 32 hours for the degree.
       Courses not taken in the above categories may be used.

   Note: Five (5) courses must be Cameron courses (in bold). The seven (7) required ECU
         courses will be offered live or via ITV at either Cameron’s main Lawton campus or
         the Duncan branch campus.

Students should not plan to take any Cameron University courses in the final semester
                                 prior to graduation.

Reviewed and Revised September 2011, ECU                                                  Page 3
                                    School Counselor Course Rotation
   Through an agreement, students complete 15 graduate hours with Cameron University (courses in
   bold); the remaining 17 hours must be completed with ECU. Students should not plan to take any
   CU courses within their last semester of the program. The program is 32 credit hours (11 courses).

                     COURSE NAME                   INSTITUTION     FORMAT/LOCATION                 SEMESTER
              Intro to Graduate Research
EDUC 5103
              OR                                                         Live-Lawton
OR                                                         CU                                    Fall/Spring/Summer
              Research Methods in Behavioral                             ITV-Duncan
PSY 5013
                                                                                                    Fall(Live &
EDPSY 5163    Cognitive Behavior Theory            ECU                   Web/Live-Ada
              Ethical Principles in Counseling.
PSY 5003                                                   CU            Live-Lawton                 Fall/Spring
              Assessment, & Research
              Affective Theories & Tech of
EDPSY 5433                                         ECU                    Live-Duncan                    Fall
              Counseling & Psychotherapy
H/P/E 5443    Advanced Group Counseling            ECU                    Live-Duncan                   Spring
              Career Counseling &
PSY 5253                                                   CU            Live-Lawton                     Fall
              Lifestyle Development
                                                                    Live-Duncan (Even Fall),
EDUC 5453     Developmental Guidance               ECU                                                   Fall
                                                                       Lawton (Odd Fall)
              Counseling Intervention Strategies
EDUC 5482                                          ECU              Live-Duncan (Odd Spring)            Spring
              (should be taken with 5493)
              Practicum & Portfolio in Guidance
EDUC 5493                                          ECU              Live-Duncan (Odd Spring)            Spring
              (should be taken with 5482)
              Advanced Tests &
EDUC 5273                                                  CU               Lawton                      Spring
PSY 5243      Advanced Psych of Personality
OR            OR                                           CU               Lawton                   Fall/Spring
PSY 5203      Human Development
                    * EDUC 5482 and EDUC 5493 should be taken in the last semester.

                                  Counseling Program Offerings by Semester
                   Fall                             Spring                                     Summer
   EDUC 5103/PSYCH 5013 CU                  EDUC 5103/PSYCH 5013CU              EDUC 5103/PSYCH 5013 CU
   EDPSY 5163                               EDPSY 5163                          EDPSY 5163
   PSY 5003-CU                              PSY 5003-CU
   EDPSY 5433                               H/P/E 5443
   EDUC 5453                                EDUC 5482
   PSY 5243-CU                              EDUC 5493
   PSY 5203-CU                              EDUC 5273-CU
   PSY 5253-CU                              PSY 5243-CU
                                            PSY 5203-CU
                                            Remove PSY 5253 from here.

   Reviewed and Revised September 2011, ECU                                                                Page 4

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