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 Accessories India,Cable
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Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Cable Accessories, Cable Jointing
kits and accessories, cable joints, Heat Shrinkable Tubing and many other electrical products. Our
products are demanding in more than 34 countries due their quality and best features. Our Cable
Accessories products find application in the field of Power Distribution, Electrical Insulation, Telecom
& other tailor made solutions in similar industries. We are committed to supply World best electrical
products, not only meeting the required standards, but exceeding them comfortably. All our products
are in conformance with International standards, such as IS, BS, IEC etc.

We always take care of around time for the delivery of the products and meet all our customers specific
requirements of cable accessories and jointing products. The products which we provide is always
certified ,tested and recognized meeting the requirements of all international quality. So we can satisfy
our customer's demand through our efficient distribution network. Presently our products are used in
multitude or different applications such as wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Our production units is
always in care of experts team.

At Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd. we provide & manufacture best quality of Cable Accessories
and Cable Jointing accessories in India. We manufacture multitude varieties of Cable Jointing
accessories such as Resin Pour, Tapex, Pre-Moulded Slip-On and also our quality team keep a vigilence
during the production of these products in order to provide best services. We cater a wide range of
customer requirements through our excellent service support. Over the years we have expanded our
products and offering for our clients with the timely delivery of the services.

Being at top position among the Cable Jointing manufacturers, we are serving since years with our best
services and committed to provide the highest quality of cables, accessories and kits, where our
customers rely on us completely and we in turn give consistent,experienced and excellent product
service through our oversea distributors and agents. Our products are available in different material
types and several shrink ratios with different properties. For more information please visit:- or mail or call us at tell.
No:- Tel. : (91) 11 – 43577777 or Fax : (91) 11 – 43577778.
Contact details:-
Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd.
3/101 Kaushalaya Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016
Tel. : (91) 11 – 43577777
Fax : (91) 11 – 43577778

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