Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) System by 305dJrAJ


									  SOLICITATION, OFFER AND                                            1. THIS CONTRACT IS A RATED ORDER              RATING                           PAGE          OF PAGES
                                                                       [ ] Yes               [ ] No                                                    1
  2. CONTRACT NO.                 3. SOLICITATION NO.                          4. THIS IS A:                        5. DATE ISSUED       6. REQUISITION/PURCHASE NO..
                                        DTFAWA-11-R-00834                      SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE

                                                                               [ ] YES          [x] NO        12/10/2010
  7. ISSUED BY:                                                                            8. ADDRESS OFFER TO (If other than Block 7)

               Federal Aviation Administration
               Vickie Gordon Lewis                                                         See Section L.3. TIME, PLACE, AND RECEIPT OF WRITTEN
               Contracting Officer                                                         SUBMITTALS
               800 Independence Avenue, S.W.
               Washington, D.C. 20591
  9. Offers in original and copies for furnishing the supplies or services in the Schedule will be received at the place specified in Section L.3. TIME, PLACE, AND

                                    CAUTION - LATE Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawals: See Section L.
  10. FOR INFORMATION                     A. NAME                                                          B. TELEPHONE NO. (Include area code) (NO COLLECT CALLS)
             CALL:                        Vickie Gordon Lewis, AJA-47                                                            (202) 267-8356
                                          Contracting Officer   11. TABLE OF CONTENTS
  (X)    SEC                       DESCRIPTION                                PAGE(S)       (X)   SEC                     DESCRIPTION                           PAGE(S)
                              PART I - THE SCHEDULE                                                               PART II - CONTRACT CLAUSES
   X       A      SOLICITATION/CONTRACT FORM                                      1         X       I      CONTRACT CLAUSES                                          1-18
   X       B      SUPPLIES OR SERVICES AND PRICES/COSTS                         1-15               PART III - LIST OF DOCUMENTS, EXHIBITS, AND OTHER ATTACH.

   X       C      DESCRIPTION/SPECS/WORK STATEMENT                              1-48        X       J      LIST OF ATTACHMENTS                                        1
   X       D      PACKAGING AND MARKING                                          1-2                       PART IV - REPRESENTATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS

   X       E      INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE                                      1-5        X      K       REPRESENTATIONS, CERTIFICATIONS AND                        1-8
   X       F      DELIVERIES OR PERFORMANCE                                      1-6                       OTHER STATEMENTS OF OFFERORS

   X       G      CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION DATA                                   1-7        X      L       INSTRS., CONDS., AND NOTICES TO OFFERORS                  1-28
   X       H      SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS                               1-12        X     M     EVALUATION FACTORS FOR AWARD                                    1-9
                                                                   OFFER (must be fully completed by Offeror)
  12. In compliance with the above, the undersigned agree, if this offer is accepted within calendar days (60 calendar days unless a different period is
  inserted by the Offeror) from the date for receipt of offers specified above, to furnish any or all items upon which prices are offered at the price set
  opposite each item, delivered at the designated point(s), within the time specified in the schedule.
  13. DISCOUNT FOR PROMPT PAYMENT                          10 CALENDAR DAYS             20 CALENDAR DAYS                30 CALENDAR DAYS        _____ CALENDAR DAYS
      (See Section I, Clause No. 3.3.1-6)                             %                             %                            %                             %
  14. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF AMENDMENTS                                 AMENDMENT NO.                        DATE            AMENDMENT NO.                  DATE
  (The Offeror acknowledges receipt of amendments
  to the SOLICITATION for Offerors and related
  documents numbered and dated)
  15A.. NAME                                                                                                   16. NAME AND TITLE OF PERSON AUTHORIZED TO SIGN
        AND                                                                                                        OFFER (Type or print)

  15B.   TELEPHONE NO. (Include area                15C.   □ CHECK IF REMITTANCE ADDRESS                       17. SIGNATURE                         18. OFFER DATE
         code)                                             IS DIFFERENT FROM ABOVE - ENTER
                                                           SUCH ADDRESS IN SCHEDULE
                                                                      AWARD (To be completed by Government)
  19. ACCEPTED AS TO ITEMS NUMBERED                            20. AMOUNT                  21. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION DATA

  22. RESERVED                                                                             23. SUBMIT INVOICES TO ADDRESS SHOWN IN                   ITEM
                                                                                               (4 copies unless otherwise specified)
  24. ADMINISTERED BY (if other than item 7)                                               25. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY

  26. NAME OF CONTRACTING OFFICER (Type or print)                                          27. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                              28. AWARD DATE

OMB Control No. 2120-0595                                                                                                                      (SF-33) FAA Template No. 2 (8/97)

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