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									      Article Marketing
      Secrets Revealed!
             BY: RAM GUPTA

Are you searching for proven article marketing secrets to scale your
business to new heights?
Look no more, here are my best kept article marketing secrets gained
from my experience of writing over 200 articles!

However, before I reveal them to you, you must understand the objective
of writing value based content. In simple terms, it generates money!
Don’t be surprised, yes, it does. It generates traffic by attracting viewers
to your content and converts a good percentage into clicks to your
website. The conversion of traffic is directly dependent to the following

  1. The quality of your content
  2. The Value offered in your content
  3. The intrigue value your content invokes in a reader, “to know more
It is these clicks that become your future prospects or cash. Remember

        Article Marketing = Traffic + Clicks = Profits
This is the core fundamental of Article writing. If you could master
these, you will have a never ending stream of traffic. Here, I must also
explain the quality of traffic that you generate with you articles. This
traffic is not generic traffic. No one reads an article on “how to lose
weight” unless he or she is looking to lose weight or is required to lose
weight. In other words this is the best, highly targeted, absolutely
filtered, free organic traffic.
The second property of traffic generated through articles or content is
that the flow of traffic is ongoing. It is a flow which never stops as
internet adds new users every day, hence your traffic is guaranteed
forever, day after day.

It All Sounds Good, But How Do I do this?
I am sure that is the question that must be bothering you. Don’t worry
we will hold hands and walk together to uncover the article marketing

Content Is KING!
This is the biggest article marketing secret. Understand that to produce
quality content you must be well versed with the topic that you chose or
with the subject matter of your niche. No use trying to pen down
something like “Secrets of Performing heart surgery” unless you are an
expert in that area. So you need to acquire knowledge by researching
your topic or take the help of an external content writer with some
Good Keywords Are Like Solitaires!
Secondly, your content must be keyword rich. What I mean is that to
attract traffic, it must rank on the top of search page, it must be on top of
Google, Bing or Yahoo sites. That happens if your article contains high
value keywords in the title, in the content and in the concluding part-
just don’t overstuff your article with key words, the article directories
don’t like it. You could do your keyword research either on Google
AdWords Tool, which is a free Google Tool, or buy a keyword tool
like the Market Samurai. I personally use a combination of both
tools. Use and results will tell to where to use which tool.

Get Visibility – Publish!
Now that you have an article that has good content with solid keywords
what next? Well lets’ start article submission to article directories in
order that they get published on the web. There are thousands of
directories on the web that you could use. The important authority sites
which I use are:
Ezine Articles
Article Base
Go Article
Hub Pages
Article City
All these directories are free sites and you are required to complete a
simple registration to start posting your articles. As you go along, you
could add other directories to your submission list. The submission
could be done manually which is quite time consuming or through a tool
which is not only faster but it also submits to hundreds, if not thousands
of directories. I personally use Article Marketing Robot and Magic
Article Submitter.

Get To The Top – Get Back links!

Now that your article is submitted and publishes, you need to do little
more. Submit the article to Social web 2.0 sites to get quality back links
to your website. Back linking is the key source to improve your search
engine rankings. That’s how you come to the top of the Google, Bing or
Yahoo pages. While there are hundreds of Social web 2.0 sites, I
normally use:
Stumble Upon

Here a word of caution. Do not expect the results instantaneously, it
takes time for the search engines to bookmark your site as it starts
receiving more and more back links from different sources which have
your content.
You can also submit your content to Blogs, Pings, and Social News Sites
and by snippet posts. My article marketing tip to you will be to first
make a start. You can always scale it up. For graduation you have to
pass through your middle and high schools! Isn’t it?
Finally let me tell you that content or article marketing is much more
than just posting your content to article directories. This is a complete
process and needs careful planning. Guess what, Article Marketing helps
you not only generate highly targeted organic traffic, clicks and leads, it
    - Builds your list
    - Gives you visibility and recognition as an expert

    - Builds “YOU” as a brand
Article Marketing is an economical traffic generating strategy; it
requires investment in terms of your time and effort. Remember making
money in any business requires some investment at least.

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Looking forward to reading your on line articles very soon!
You are free to publish this article without any change in the content or links, electronically, in
print, in your e-book, or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the author resource details
are included

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