Essential English Vocabulary -2 2 by 305dJrAJ


									                                    Essentials of Business Communication
                                                                        Rajendra Pal * J.S. Korlahalli


1 abide by a promise, a decision, rules and regulations : to stick to
2. Accede to a request, to a demand, to the terms and conditions of an agreement : to agree to
3. Access to a person, some information: approach to
4. Account for : to explain, to give reasons
5. Acquianted with a person, facts: having knowledge of
6. Adhere to rules, terms and conditions: to stick to
7. appoint a person to a sitaution
8. Apprise a person of something ; to inform
9. Approve of: to give consent
10. Authority over: power over
11. Averse to : to have adislike for
12. Benefit from : to derive some use from
13. Capable of : having the ability to do somehting
14. Collaborate with a person, a firm : to join hands with
15. Commensurate with; proportaionate to
16. Comepensate for : to make up a loss
17. Comply with request : to agree to
18. Conductive to : helpful in the production of
19. Confer with a person about somehting : to consult him
20. Confident of success
21. Consist of : to be made up of
22. consistent with: in agreement with
23. contrary to: opposed to
24. Cope with: to contend with to be equal to
25. Correspond with : to exchange letters with
26. Deduce from: to draw a conclusion from
27. Dispose of : to get rid of, to sell
28. Elgible for : fit to be selected for
29. Entitled to : to have a claim to
30. Get over a difficult situation: to overcome it
31. Heedless of: without caring for
32. Incentive to : inspiration to
33. Indispensable to : Necessary for
34. Infer from : to deduce for
35. Inferior to ; to be of a poor quality then
36. Insist on, upon
37. Interfere with, aperson in some matter
38. Introduce a person to another
39. Invest money in some project
40. Invest a person with authority: to give him power
41. Involved in ; connected wth
42. Irrespective of ; without reference to
43. neglect of ; not being careful about
44. Negotiate with a person to hold talks with
45. Notify a person of something : an action
46. object to a proposal, an action
47. obligatory on: binding on
48. Occupied with someone : to be busy in discussion with
49. Persist in ; to insist on
50. Preside over or at meeting
51. Prior to ; before
52. Qualified for a job: to be fit for
53. Reconcile to : to adapt oneself to
54. Reduction in expenses, wages, sale : decrease in
55. Regardless of: without paying any heed to
56. Relating to: connected with, about
57. Remind a person of something
58. Remit money to : to send
59. Responsible to : a person for something
60. Specialise in a job
61. Submit to ; to yeild to submit a report, an applciation toa person
62. Subscribe to : to contribute to
63. Superior to: to be better quality than
64. Supply something to a person, supply a person with something
65. Tide over one’s difficulties: to overcome
66. Valid for a span of time
67. wanting in : deficient in
68. Warn a person of something
69. withdraw from a contest ; withdraw money from a bank
70. yield to : to surrender to

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