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					The question of when to stretch is always a hot topic. While doing
   sports we were always taught to stretch before working out.
However, through Personal training certification classes, we were
 taught that stretching too much before working out was actually
   ALL WRONG! The theory was that stretching relaxed muscles,
            which made them weak and lack strength.

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• When you stretch before exercising, your body
  may think it’s at risk of being overstretched. It
  compensates by contracting and becoming
  more tense. That means you aren’t able to
  move as fast or as freely, making you more
  likely to get hurt.

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     Stretching and Bone Health
• The shape of your bones is determined by the
  stress that you put on them.
• Tight tissues create an uneven pull on the
• Relaxed muscles and flexible tissue decrease
  the risk for bone injury
• Daily stretching increases flexibility and thus
  increases bone health

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• Many people take it for granted that they should start
  their exercise routines with some stretching on the
  spot, perhaps hoping it will loosen them up for their
  workout. Most fitness experts now agree this kind of
  static stretching before exercise is not just counter-
  productive, but potentially harmful.
• Traditional stretches, like when people bend over to
  touch their toes or stretch their legs on a fence, often
  cause the muscles to tighten rather than relax —
  exactly the opposite of what is needed for physical

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                 Why Stretch?
• Because it relaxes your mind and tunes your body
• Stimulates flow of blood, nerve, lymphatic fluid, and
  energy currents in your body.
• Reduces muscle tension, which makes the body feel
• Increases range of motion
• Helps prevent injuries
• Develop body awareness by recognizing where you
  hold stress in your body
• Feel Good

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            When to Stretch?
• In the morning after you get out of bed; a long
  night’s sleep can leave you feeling tight due to
• At school or work to release nervous tension
  (especially during finals!)
• After sitting or standing for a long time
• When you feel stiff

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                 How to Stretch
• The correct way of stretching is a relaxed, sustained stretch.
• DO NOT bounce up and down when stretching or you will hurt
• For the first 10-15 seconds of a stretch take it easy
• The next 10-15 seconds you can push yourself until you feel
  mild tension, but don’t over do it or you may hurt yourself.
• BREATHE! Concentrate on your breathing while stretching
  and use your breathe to help you relax the muscle groups that
  you are stretching.

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• Flexibility can protect you from injury, so stretch
  often. Regular stretching with good form will
  improve blood flow and help your body be less
  prone to injury. With a body that is loose and
  strong with no muscle tension, any movement is
  made safer. Even a simple grocery store visit is
  safer with a good stretching regimen. Lift that
  heavy sack of potatoes with confidence, knowing
  you are physically trained and prepared for any
  physical circumstance.

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Twist Bend Tilt Slowly

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             The Stretch Reflex
• Our muscles are protected by a mechanism called
  the stretch reflex.
• When you overstretch a nerve reflex responds and
  sends a signal to you muscles to contract in order to
  protect the muscle
• Thus if you overstretch you are fighting this
  mechanism and tightening the muscle you are trying
  to stretch.

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Start the day with some
 relaxed stretches. The
first four can be done in
 bed before you get up.
 Then get up and move
  around a little before
    doing the last four

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Long day at school? Try
these stretches right at
    your own desk!

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  Relax your body and
   your mind is sure to
    follow! Do these
  stretches every night
 before you go to sleep
and you will sleep like a

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          Flexible Works for Us
• Learn the proper way to stretch. It is
  important to know the proper way to stretch.
  Incorrect or over-enthusiastic stretching can
  actually cause injury. Also, try to perform
  sport- or activity-specific stretches before that
  activity, and stretch to the point of resistance,
  not pain. As with any new physical activity,
  seek your physician’s opinion and guidance
  before trying a new exercise.
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