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									Medanta Epilepsy Centre

Comprehensive Adult Epilepsy Unit
India Epilepsy Centre has been designed to offer single stop treatment centre for all epileptic disorders and bring
together a coordinated, multidisciplinary team offering a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to meet the
                                        complex needs of patients with epilepsy. The patients benefit from a unique
                                        and multidisciplinary approach of care that integrates the expertise of
                                        doctors. Technicians Neuropsychologists and the availability of cutting-edge
                                        technology to enable accurate diagnosis effective treatment and improved
                                        quality of life. Treatments are based on an individualized assessment of the
                                        nature, type and severity of the patient's disorder. A variety of medical and
                                        surgical treatment options for the control and prevention of seizures are
                                        provided by clinicians at the India Epilepsy Centre.

The state of the art technology to support fast & accurate diagnosis and treatment
•64 channel EEG recording with standard protocols, awake and sleep record

•3T MRI with epilepsy protocol Neuropsychological and psychiatric evaluation in selected cases

•PET Scan

•Functional mapping by functional MRI

•Intra operative Electrocorticography to localize seizure

•Brain Mapping during Surgery

•Navigation during Surgery

•Brain suite for intra- operative MRl confirmation
Comprehensive Paediatric Epilepsy Unit
The last two decades have brought new understanding about different epilepsy syndromes in pediatric age group,
and emergence of a variety of new antiepileptic drugs which can be used in children. Unlike adults, many
                                neurodegenerative/ metabolic / genetic conditions can present with seizures in
                                children. Assessment of these children by a team trained in evaluation of those
                                conditions is essential to treat them appropriately.

                                   Therefore, our Hospital has started a "comprehensive pediatric epilepsy unit"
                                   with an aim to provide individualized, comprehensive care to children with
                                   epilepsy. The following special services are available in our unit. Apart from the
                                   ones already indicated in the previous section.

                                   •Short term video EEG, and Long term video telemetry

                                   •Detailed diagnostic work-up for neuro metabolic/genetic conditions

•Multidisciplinary evaluation with neuropsychology/speech and language/occupational therapist assessment.

•Management of co-morbid conditions associated with epilepsy like autistic spectrum disorders and attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Epilepsy Monitoring Facility

The Epilepsy Monitoring (EM), a fundamental part of the Comprehensive
Epilepsy Centre, is a specialized facility equipped with dedicated
simultaneous video and EEG monitoring equipment linked by computer
network to facilitate rapid and real-time examination of the recordings.
Seizures are recorded and examined by our epilepsy specialists so that proper
diagnosis can be made and the best treatment options determined. The
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit operates 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.
Epilepsy monitoring is performed by highly trained & experienced team of
neurologists and technologists to identify the focus of seizure.

Epilepsy Surgery Programme
Epilepsy is a condition that can be well controlled in a vast majority of
patients. However, 5-10% patients do not achieve adequate seizure control
despite trial of best anti-epileptic drug combinations. Such patients are categorized as having refractory or
intractable Epilepsy. These patients require special evaluation for treatments other than medical management
alone. Carefully selected patients with intractable epilepsy can have a gratifying outcome in majority of cases. The
key points that enable proper selection of cases include gratifying outcome in majority of cases. The key points that
enable proper selection of cases include:
•Concordant demonstration of epileptogenic zone in all investigations listed above. For example, if structural
abnormality is visible on high-Quality MRI corresponding to video EEG localization and SPECT abnormality

•Assessment of risk of surgery: taking into account the location of epileptogenic zone, the surgical procedure should
have low risk of fresh deficit

• Once the above two conditions are met, the patient can be further counselled and prognosticated

•Keeping in mind the specific situation. For example, temporal lesions have higher success rates than extra
temporal. Similarly, cases wherein MRI shows a lesion have higher seizure freedom chances compared to those in
which MRI is completely normal.

Surgical procedures for Epilepsy

We have a skilled team capable of performing all epilepsy procedures. Depending on the clinical indication, one of
the following surgical procedures is chosen for treatment.

   •   Anteromedial temporal Lobectomy

   •   Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy

   •   Electrocorticography guided Resections

   •   Multiple Subpial transections

   •   Quadrantic Resections

   •   Multilobar Resections

   •   Functional Hemispherotomy

   •   Vagal Nerve stimulation

   •   Radiosurgery(selectedcases)

Doctors Profile

The comprehensive Epilepsy Centre focuses on quality patient care using a multi-disciplinary approach. Our
specialized team consists of adult and paediatric epilptologits ( doctors who specialize in epilepsy), neurosurgeons,
radiologist, interventional radiologist, nurse practitioners, neurodiagonstic technologists, neuropsychologists and
social workers.
Dr Ajaya Nand Jha, Chairman Spine Surgery Centre

Our Centre is dedicated to the "patient first" with a team of specialists working together, along with the
best technology available today to optimize patient outcome

Dr. Aditya Gupta, Head Functional Neurosurgery and Radiosurgery

We will ensure that we attain the best standards of patient care, with compassion, integrity and

Dr. Sumit Singh, Head Movement disorder and Headache

“a large majority of patients with Parkinson’s disease, dystonias, tremours etc can be helped using our new

 Dr. Arun Garg, Head Stroke Neurology

 “Stroke should be treated as brain attack. The first 3 hours are critical and should be treated with same
 urgency as heart attack”

 Dr. Vipul Gupta, Head Endovascular Neurosurgery

 “Endoscopy has revolutionized neurosurgery giving maximal benefits, faster recovery and no
 disfigurement to the patient”

Dr. Sudhir Dubey, Head Endoscopic Neurosurgery

“Endoscopy has revolutionized neurosurgery giving maximal benefits, faster recovery and no disfigurement
to the patient”
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