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					There are videos which are dull, drab and ordinary, making absolutely no
impression on the viewer. Then there are videos which are artistically
created, holding viewers by the scruff of their necks, persuasive,
decision changers and engaging. Yes, videos can belong to either
category. Now which one would you prefer?
 Cinema is considered the big screen, television the small screen and web
videos the miniature screen. Although creative web videos might be
miniature in size, both in terms of dimensions and recording time, they
are powerful visual communication tools, used for marketing brands,
products and services.
 Most of the young crowd today consistently visit social networking and
video sharing websites. Even middle aged internet surfers are gradually
shifting their attention towards videos, rather than reading text
content. Therefore, having a classy video on your website assures more
traffic. Even the time spent will increase dramatically.
 Web videos convey your companys message in a more succinct manner,
building up your image in a professional way.
 As mentioned above, a typical user today does not want to click links
after links to read the content or fetch product information. Todays
visitors expect audio/video content. This is where a web video production
company literally comes into the picture. These entities are
professionals with years of film making experience. They have a database
of cool actors; utilize the best cameras and lighting equipment, and
creative script writers who pack a lot of content in short scripts.
 In short, these web videos convey the necessary information in an
entertaining manner. Whether it is a product demo video, chairman's
speech or media campaign, these videos make a powerful impact on the
minds of viewers.
 Here are some facts that will convince every company and website owner
that videos are essential marketing tools. Google prefers websites who
have strong social media presence. Yet another important statistic is
that YouTube is the second largest search engine. If your product,
service, talent or media campaign video is creatively made, with relevant
keywords used in the speech and suitably sub-titled, the chances are it
will find a top rank in search engines. A high search engine ranking
means more traffic and more leads and ultimately enhanced sales.
 Tags also play an important role as far as web videos for marketing is
concerned. A relevant tag coupled with matching content is a sure shot
way of convincing search engines that the videos on your website are
useful and needs to be awarded top rank.

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