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									In case you did not know it, streaming video is the next big thing in
Internet marketing. It has been hailed by internet experts and marketing
gurus as the sales tool of 2008. Theres reason for that.

 Surveys show that streaming video reviews convert at 3-5 times the rate
of text reviews. We are talking about three times the return at less than
half the investment.

 The way you deliver your presentations can make or break your business.
A well-designed and well thought our client video presentation can make
you close that sale in no time. How? Because it makes you undeniable.
Your client just cant say no to you! That is why it makes sense to
produce client video presentations.

 Persuasive client video presentations are the result of some amount of
hard work. Before you make it, you would have to work out what exactly
your client needs and how you can adapt what you are offering to best
answer this need.

 For example, suppose you were selling a fitness food supplement. Now,
market research shows that there is greater demand for a weight loss
product than a fitness product. Fortunately for you, your product can
also help consumers lose weight. Tailor your client video presentation in
a way that shows how consumers can lose weight effectively using the
supplement you sell (probably the supplement reduces hunger levels or
speeds up metabolism) and get fit (improve muscle growth).

 This way, you are explaining to the customer what they would get from
your product. At any point of time, your customers want to know only one
thing, Whats in it for me? Answering this question effectively is crucial
to the successful closing of a sale.

 One of the best ways to demonstrate the value or worth of your product
to the client is to produce a video that shows what your satisfied
clients have to say. Elaborating on how somebody else has used the
product successfully shows future clients what returns they can expect on
their investment with you. Believable estimates are very persuasive when
it comes to making a buying decision. Using your clients in your video
presentation lends credibility to your ad campaign.

 Producing power packed client presentations that motivate and persuade
prospects comes with some experience. Which is why it makes better
business sense to leave the production of important client presentations
to professionals. They identify your unique selling points, review your
products, identify clients and situations that help your sales the most
and shoot your video in a professional manner. The finished video
presentation will look classy, sound sincere and will pull customers to
your business like never before.

 Try it, youll see the difference.

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