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Build Money Saving Solar System


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									As a home owner, you should be familiar with some basic information on
the science of renewable energy. There are numerous sources of very
cheap, pollution free energy available to the everyday person. So why
don't you use these sources to get your energy? Green DIY Energy Guide
can save you a lot of money which would have been spent on retail systems
or contract services. Don't you want to live in a healthier greener
environment? Begin reducing your families' carbon footprints on our
beautiful planet? You can do all these great things while greatly
reducing or even completely eliminating your power bill, as well as save
thousands of dollars by doing-it-yourself. The Green DIY Energy Guide is
the easiest and most economical convenient method for getting the job
done. You can now join thousands of people who have built their own solar
panel systems using the Green DIY Energy techniques. Easy and fun to
assemble you can completely build your money saving solar system on a
weekend by yourself or with your family members. Your hard work won't go
to waste if you decide to relocate the system is portable; you can take
it with you when you change residence. Capable of producing more than 20
years of solar power energy when properly cared for which equals
thousands of dollars saved. Contribute to a healthy environment by
cutting down on your carbon energy emissions while decreasing your energy
bill by more than half. There are other reasons to produce your own power
besides costs. However, you can't just compare the cost of an alternate
energy system that pays back between three or four years to the cost of
commercial power and base your decision to install or not to install the
system. Maybe your property is located no more than a mile from the
utility company power lines. If that is the case then alternate energy
becomes very attractive. Often a utility company will charge a bundle of
cash per mile to provide power to a remote site. And then you still have
to pay a monthly bill. The Green DIY Energy Guide comes with two solar
panel how to assemble manuals and two wind turbine assembly manuals.
Third feature of the guide teaches you about the solar panel bundle which
includes electrical wiring plans for solar panels. The last two main
feature sections include tutorial videos on tools and preparation,
construction, soldering, wire connection, assembly and system testing.
Learn just how much good you are doing by converting to solar power
energy with a collection of 50 educational videos on renewable energy and
7 bonus e-books about renewable energy providing high quality detailed
information. You have been dependent all of your life on the utility
company. Whether your electricity comes from a nuclear power plant, a
hydroelectric plant, or a coal fired plant, you are paying for the cost
of the nuclear folly through higher utility rates. Power for the
television, computer, radio, lights, and appliances is never more that a
flip of a switch away. Living without commercially generated electric
power gives you a sense of freedom like you have never experienced

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