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									One of the best sales techniques around nowadays is the technique of cold
calling. Now cold calling though it might sound strange is actually
very effective, since it entails your first brush with your prospective
client. The first call you place to the client, as a telemarketer or now,
the first face to face encounter you might have with your client can also
be classified as cold calling.

 Cold Calling

 It is all about selling your product in an indirect way. Cold calling is
a method similar to that of door to door canvassing- only it is done via
the telephone. If its a face to face thing, then it is also known as
prospecting because you are courting prospective customers or takers for
your products.

 Cold calling is one of the sales skills that seasoned sales people have
acquired over their years in service, due to their experience. It has
enormous potential in determining the sales of a particular product and
the customers choice because in this method, the sales person has the
liberty of determining the exact nature of the relationship between the
customer and the supplier.

 In other words, you can totally figure out what your client feels about
your boss.

 As you have already, probably understood, cold calling is different from
traditional telemarketing because it does not involve the sales person to
merely deliver a pre written speech to his or her prospect. It, in fact,
is much more sensitive than that and heres how a good sales executive
should go about it.

 How To Go About It

 Introduce yourself briefly and make it a very businesslike affair. Tell
your client who you are and what the purpose behind your call is.
Acquaint your client with the main reason for your call be sure that you
have a good reason!- then introduce your product. But dont start on a
huge list of features and praises. Keep it a short, yet sweet description
which highlights all the positive aspects of your product.

 One of the most important sales tips which pertain to cold calling is
market research. Be sure you have your facts straight before you call
your client. If you do, then you will be in a much better position with
your target market. Plus, if you know a bit about your target audience,
you will have the great advantage of being able to address their needs
without them having to elaborately explain them to you.

 After you are done introducing yourself, ask your client a couple of
pertinent questions which will actually help them see the products
benefits in a positive light. At the same time, try and have an objective
approach. Dont let them see that you are out to just sell your product
you want them to believe that you genuinely care about their problems.
 Follow this up by providing your client with genuine information and
interesting facts. This is sure to catch their fancy. Then finally,
involve your client in conversation and slowly move to the next stage
the transaction. Try and provide your prospect with exactly what they
need for best results.

 Lastly, make sure you follow this up by keeping in touch with your
prospect. Try cold calling, it is sure to win you some loyalists because
it is one of the best sales techniques around!

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