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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

ARDRA: It is the sixth asterism. Extends from 6°-40' to 20°-0' in Gemini Sign which is
ruled by Mercury Rahu (Moon's Node) is the Lord of the star Ardra rules over throat
arms and shoulders. Throat trouble, ear trouble dry cough, tonsils, diphtheria, asthma,
casonophilu are the diseases ruled by Ardra.

Sun in the ascendant of this star not favorable for money matters. It makes one
headstrong and of jealous temperament.

By his own temperament he may pick up personal trouble and misunderstanding with

Moon in this star makes one generous: can mix with any society. He is likely to be a
writer if favored by Saturn and Mercury he may be an Engineer.

He may be strict and law abiding. Proficiency in Mathematics. Normally he is generous.

Mercury in Ardra star makes one a good orator; likely to have higher education. May
hold a good position dutiful and punctual. Can impress others by his speech and

Jupiter makes one cautions in dealing with others due to his cultural short comings. He
gets benefit from others through their advice. Likely to have fairly good education. He
is thoughtful and intelligent.

Venus is Ardra makes one versatile and popular. He can impress others easily. He will
be liked by females and may get assistance from them. Females in this star are friendly
and amicable but chaste and strict in their personal life. There may be more than one
love affair.

Saturn in this star makes one sharp and intelligent. Dutiful in his works. Looks after the
interests of others.

He likes to give advice to others. Prone to flattery.

Uranus in Ardra star is not favorable for higher education. Due to his bad temper he
may not be liked by his colleagues. He lacks intelligence. May have a heavily built body.

Neptune in this star makes one versatile in many matters. Inventive with high order of
imagination. Will have a good higher education.

He his many potentates and if property utilized may have name and fame. May not
have well and fame. May not good relation with his mother, if fourth house is affected.
A born dreamer.

PUNARVASU: It is seventh asterism beginning from 20°-0' of Gemini to 3°-20° of
Cancer. Lord of Gemini is Mercury where as Cancer is ruled by Moon. Star lord is
Jupiter. Punarvasu rules over ear throat and shoulder in Gemini and lungs, respiratory
organs, chest, diaphragm in Cancer.

Moon in this h\star makes one intelligent and hard working. Can impress others by his
talks, will have proficiency in many subjects. Fond of music and such other artistic
pursuits. Likely to be famous as an author. He will have philosophical bent of mind with
artistic faculties. May be a good Engineer specially in mechanical side. Fond of Music
will have proficiency in mathematics and Astrology.

Mercury in this star makes one sensitive and gives inclination to art and literature. May
give name and fame as poet, author or singer.

He has a religious bent of mind. In the later part of life he is likely to be associated with
religious institution.

Jupiter in his own Nakshtra will make one intelligent, thoughtful with good character.
Literature would attract him. Leads a peaceful life. Will be blessed with name of fame in
the middle of his life.

Venus in Punarvasu gives proficiency gives proficiency in artistic faculties. His creative
faculty may be seen as an author, actor, singer, writer or poet. It Saturn and Mercury
are favorable posted he may also be an Engineer. Females with this star will be a good
talker and can attract others by her intelligent talks.

Saturn in Punarvasu though makes one talented in various filed, unfortunately it will be
difficult for him to remain attached to these for a long period. Will have proficiency in
art and literature. Can acquire name and fame.

Uranus in Punarvasu will bestow philosophical bent of mind. He will be known as wise
person. Can convince others easily. Will have good connection with powerful
personalities. He would be successful as teacher, author or lawyer.

Neptune in this star gives success through business, specially in liquid and watery
products. Foreign trade is also possible. May have strange dreams. He is essentially a
mental oriented person.
PUSHYA: It is the eighth asterism beginning from 3°-20' to 16°-40' of Cancer. Moon is
the Lord of the Sign. Star Lord is Saturn. Pushya rules over lungs, respiratory systems,
chest diaphragm and ribs.

Sun posited in the ascendant in Pushya star is very favorable to bestow good results. It
makes one upright and honorable with good results. Social position can be increased.
Can maintain wide contacts. Philosophical bent of mind but reserve in communication.

Moon in Pushya makes one well reputed. He will be respected in his society. If the tenth
house is not seriously affected, he is likely to hold a very senior position in any
organization. Very nature and clear in thought and deed.

Mars in this star is not fully benefic. One is likely to be involved in extra-marital affairs.
If the 7th (Seventh) house is not well aspected may marry twice.

Much of his time will consumed for the opposite sex.

Mercury in Pushya makes one critic but amendable. Always tries to mix with influential
and moneyed persons.

Venus in this star is not favorable for material gain, but it makes one mystic lovers to
read philosophical books. As a lawyer he can do well to neglected society. It is a good
asterism for females, happiness of married life can be ensured.

Jupiter in Pushya gives good education. Likely to be connected in a big commercial
organization. He will be acquisitive and will become well-to-do with all amenities. Can
get good things in life.

Saturn in this star makes one intelligent courageous and modest.

Family will be a happy one. Good as an author. If the 7th (seventh) house is affected
there may be two marriages. Success in profession specially in Law line.

Uranus in Pushya makes one generous and happy with contented life. Keenly interested
in mystic subjects. He is God fearing and would always search for truth. Will be
attracted to all pursuits of mind. Quite an attractive character.

Neptune in this star is not fully benefic in respect of material gains. Will be helped by
his mother and the importance of his mother will be felt by him throughout the life. May
suffer from heart trouble.

ASLESHA: It is the ninth asterism extending 16°-40' to 30°-0' of Cancer. Moon is the
lord the Sign. Star Lord is Mercury. Aslesha rules over Pancreas, Liver, diaphragm,
stomach and lungs.
Sun is ascendant in Aslesha star makes one believer in muscle power. He is likely to be
disliked by the elders and superiors. Makes one arrogant and blustering. Enjoys life
through hunting and sports.

Moon in this star is not favorable to make one a clear man. Although one will be quick
writhed, active and bold but at heart will be treacherous and deceitful. May not be able
to keep cordial relation with his mother. Takes pleasure in teasing others.

Mars in Aslesha makes one revengeful with criminal attitude. Will pick-up quarrel-some
habit for which he will not be liked by others. He may not get assistance from his
friends due to his habits. Happiness through mother/father may be possible.

Mercury in this star makes one intelligent and clever in speech. Will have a cheating
mentality. Will try to convince others through flattery.

Will not be honest in thought and deed. Will create enemity with whom he will come in

Jupiter in this star will give moderate education. Will do well in commercial
organization. By nature he will be jealous and secretive. Envious to others who are
otherwise successful. Can improve his financial position by personal efforts.

Venus in Aslesha makes one pervert in sexual maters. May get involved in too many
lover affairs which may lord into serious trouble. Opposite sex and involvement in love
affairs even after marriage. Because of this star are shrewd and diplomatic. Can
command others by her tact.

Saturn in this star is not fully benefic. It makes one quarrelsome and extravagant. A
self-centered person who even may not be able to keep good relation with his mother
and other family members. May develop financial crisis by own fault.

Uranus in Ashlesha makes one eccentric and shrewder. He has capacity to deceive his
enemies and gain from them. Not a pleasant childhood. May not get mother's affection.
He has criminal attitude towards life.

Neptune in this star may not give good health. May suffer from nerve-trouble. Early life
may be full of struggle; later life will be more successful. Gain through farming,
gardening or agriculture.

Shanker Adawal

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