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Accidental Situations


									Accidental Situations- Set Backs Caused in
Family Life

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Now, I am taking the case no. C/91. This is the case of a young lady whose date of
birth if 16th November, 1963. In fact her palm is good. The formation of the mind and
the life line is joined. The Heart line having an affirmatory situation. There are two fate
lines, good sunline but one branch of the SUN is being islanded. No doubt bar lines are
there. There are markings of the dissatisfaction from the side of the better half. The
marriage line is islanded and forked and the marking at the Mount of Mars is giving us
the very important information along with the crosses at the Mount of Moon.

We can just see the dropping lines from the marriage-line. There are joining lines and
ascending lines from the line but they all are gibing the subject a false understanding
for the self. The formation of the fate line in the right hand is assuring a much secured
life, we can see the line of mentality and line of heart in a better form. But nearby the
crossing of the fate line from the mid line we can just have the two formations of the
islands and these islands are being crossed by the barlines. There is a square attached
to the fate line of the Mercury line being also observed very straight but the termination
of the mind line has become forked. It is not powerful and cannot add to the
intelligence but it is weakening the strength because the line is intersected as the one
branch, is entering into the heartline touching the fateline.

On the other hand, if we just examine the Mount of Apollo, there is an island marked as
CC, AB, AC and CC is a place to read it. There is broken girdle of Venus due to which
sentimental nature of the subject has made her more attached to the sex. If we just
examine the left hand thumb you just know that she was having inner fear for her
dealings and relationships, for her thinking and for her behavior which may not cause
her disturbance. The sentimental nature is being also indicated in the left hand and also
with broken girdle of the Venus. We see the marking of a Triangle on the fate line. It is
independent marking, on the heartline under the both mounts of the SUN and the
Saturn. This mark is very important but here in the left hand we can just see dropping
line form the marriage line 11th this case, the particular subject was having good
relationship, love and affection, attachment with a person before her marriage. After
the marriage she was very successfully to handle the family and impress upon her
husband with her ability. She took over everything and was given the responsibility
even to book the expenditures and incomes.

But unfortunately the formation of an island in the Sunline along with all islanded
formation in the Ambition line at the Mount of Jupiter caused anxiety, disturbances and
differences mal-adjustment in the day to day life and ultimately the faith of the subject
was not continued to be as it was as there were certain things, brought to the notice of
her husband by the circumstances and today she is facing a great deal in respect to the
particular relationship of the past and is taken into consideration just as an attendant in
her family, not the respected wife.

Shanker Adawal

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