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									                                  Voluntary Retirement

Officers considering voluntary retirement from active duty should review MILPERSMAN
Article 1810-020 and SECNAVINST 1811.3 (series) for basic guidance. Generally,
requests for retirement at current PRD should be received by PERS 82 6-9 months in
advance of PRD. Those requests for retirement prior to PRD should be received by
PERS 82 9-12 months in advance of requested retirement date. Officers officially retire
on the 1st day of the month. Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) has been extended
indefinitely; please see ASN MEMO of 18 Sep 01 for more details. Authorization for
PTDY is 20 days.

It is a good idea to mail and/or mail a copy of the letter to us (PERS-449) so that we can
ensure delivery to the PERS 82. A sample letter is included below to assist you.

                          Sample Voluntary Retirement Letter


From:   CAPT John P. Jones, USN, 123-45-6789/1800
To:     Secretary of the Navy
Via:    (1) Chain of Command
        (2) Commander, Navy Personnel Command (PERS 82)


Ref:    (a) MILPERSMAN 1810-020

1. In accordance with reference (a), the following information
is provided:

   (a) Having completed [fill-in] years of active service, I request
transfer to the Retired List to be effective on the 1st day of [month
and year]. I hereby certify that upon requested retirement date, I
will have served all training and special pays service obligations. I
further understand that if I have any active duty obligation remaining
in my contract, my request for retirement may be denied or I shall be
required to reimburse the government, if request is approved. I
request no time in grade waiver (or if appropriate (1) I request
[fill-in] month(s) time in grade waiver, (2) I request to retire in
the next lower grade of [fill-in grade]).

   (b) I intend to request [fill-in] days permissive TDY and [fill-in]
days separation leave.

   (c) I have read and thoroughly examined DOD 5500.7R specifically
Chapters 8 and 9, concerning pre- and post-retirement standards of
conduct and employment activities. I further understand that I may
direct any questions to my area ethics counselor or the Office of
the Judge Advocate General (Code 13).


Copy to:
NAVPERSCOM (Put your detailer PERS code here - 180X/646X use PERS-449)

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