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May 3, 2012

To whom it may concern:

A new law has been enacted by the Louisiana Legislature that prevents a company from prohibiting any
person in lawful possession of a firearm from transporting the firearm onto a company parking area and
storing it in a privately owned, locked vehicle. Chevron’s long-standing policy has been to prohibit guns
on Chevron property. This policy is based on Chevron’s Operational Excellence tenet regarding
workplace safety and section 654(a)(1) of the Federal OSH Act.

Chevron continues to believe that the safest and best practice is not to transport firearms onto Chevron
property. Contractors should carefully consider Chevron’s commitment to safety when deciding whether
to keep a firearm in their locked vehicles while in a Chevron parking area. Nevertheless, a contractor
who elects to bring a firearm onto Chevron property will be expected to comply with the following

   An individual in lawful possession of a firearm that is transported onto Company property in a
    privately owned vehicle must at all times (i) keep the firearm stored in the locked vehicle; and (ii)
    keep the firearm in a locked case or container. Although not required by the new law, Chevron
    recommends a trigger lock be used for the security of the firearm.

   In the interest of safety and to ensure compliance with the law, individuals bringing firearms onto
    Chevron property will be required to inform Security and complete a Firearms Notification Form.

   The new law only extends to parking areas; firearms are not permitted in Chevron buildings or in any
    other area of Chevron property.

   The failure to comply with this policy could result in permanent removal of a contractor from
    Chevron property.

Please communicate this policy to your personnel who may be visiting Chevron locations and ensure they
are familiar with these requirements.

Very truly yours,

Phil Durrett

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