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Care your visitors


latest article of online marketing April 2012

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  • pg 1 (April 2012)

Show Your Site Visitors That You Care

Do you care for your fellow website visitors? Of course you do. Now, do your visitors KNOW that you
care for them? Simply by saying, "I CARE FOR MY VISITORS" in bold letters and a font size of 40
on your website is not enough. You have to show them that you care, because action always speaks
louder than words.

Valuable Content

This is definitely a no-brainer but many site owners still make the mistake of recycling or either posting
up contents which are boring, stale, and non-informative and most of all very self-oriented. This should
not be best to describe a business blog or website.

You have to step into your reader's shoes. From there, then you can find out their wants, needs, desires,
what are they interested in or the problems that they are facing. Only then can you come up with the
best content suited for them. Remember, at the end of the day, it's all about helping them.

By constantly coming up with valuable content and sharing useful information with them, you keep
current readers impressed and win over new ones, thus continuing growing your number of readers at a
steady pace.

Honest About Advertising

This may sound strange, but marketing has come to a point that by being more transparent actually
works in your favor.

When you mention to your readers that the product that you are reviewing or recommending is a
sponsored review, it gives the impression that you are indeed an honest and trustworthy person.

And trust is a big thing especially on the internet. If they know they can trust you, then they are more
likely to be more receptive to your future offers. In this case, honesty is really the best policy.

                                        © (April 2012)

You Are Human After All

Gone are the days where companies deal their visitors in a strictly professional way. This includes the
tone used and method of approach. It's hard to be relationships this manner as everything may seem on
merely “superficial” level, therefore discouraging a deeper and more meaningful connection with their

Therefore by sounding more human and using a warmer approach, your visitors will eventually warm
up better to you thus you are able to learn more about your target audience better. Having a better
understanding of your target audience is definitely good for business so will know exactly what it is to
cater to them.

So, show your visitors that you are human. Interact with them on a more personal level, encourage
feedback, ask for suggestions, thanking them for contributions, deal with in the proper manner if they
are unsatisfied with something regarding your business, and most importantly apologize to them if you
make a mistake.

Let Them Help You Grow

Just how do you improve your business? Which aspects should you improve on? And what can you do
to better serve your visitors?

Sometimes we don't have to look very far to find the answer we need. And who knows your visitors
then the visitors themselves.

You can always ask your visitor what they would like to see implemented as part of the business in the
future, what kind of content they would like more of, or is the overall service up to standards?

When you do improve aspects of your business based on their suggestions and recommendations, they
will definitely feel that you indeed care about them and care about what they have to say.

Also, you can also offer incentives as a form of reward for helping you out. Visitors love the chance to
be able to win free and valuable stuff. It could come in a form of a free e-book download, free useful
software, or it could even be a cash-prize.

Sometimes, it's not just about the numbers. It's not how much people can you pull into your website in
a day, or how many sales can you make in a day, or the conversion rate. You have to place the well-
bring of your visitors as priority.

Build a relationship with them and constantly offer value to them. A loyal visitor, has a potential to be a
loyal customer, and loyal customers are the ones who are likely to buy many times from you.

                                        © (April 2012)



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