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									Link Building techniques for search engine positioning

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Search engine positioning, search engine positioning

Today, many businesses are operating online and everyone is gradually recognizing the importance of
internet marketing. They are getting closer to the field of internet marketing and have understood the
parameters of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. to bring number one rankings in such
search engines. The uploading of the content through the different websites and the other link building
techniques are being applied to bring the rankings to the first page. There are lots of techniques to rank
keyword in posizionamento motori di ricerca

Here is the list of some of the link building techniques to bring the rankings in search engines.

First of all the SEO techniques are divided into two types. One is off page optimization of the website
and the other is the On-page optimization of the website. Off page optimization consists of many link
building techniques such as

Social Bookmarking Technique: These are the directories which stores and permit various users to
manage their websites according to their requirements. For the submission part, you need to provide
the title and description of two three lines for a particular web page. The title you provide becomes the
anchor text for the link you are going to submit. The keywords we provide in the description or title part
improves the search engine rankings when search engines like Google start crawling those keywords and
the website as well. The description provided must explain regarding the website like if the website is
about the cosmetics then it must add few lines with keywords by explaining the website and you may
also tag your website along with the title and description. Some popular sites for social bookmarking are
Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Diigo, Reddit.

Directory Submission: Here by finding different directories, we submit the website link in particular
category of the directory e.g. There are couple of provisos to submit your link to a directory like the title
you provide must be a keyword and must be search engine friendly. The directory may have direct link
to your website thus by increasing the search engine ranking of your website. You can check the status
bar by placing your cursor over a directory link and analyze where the link stops.

Content update or article syndication: It is one of the important techniques for linking website to
important sites. New and fresh articles are written to improve the rankings of the website with its
biography and anchor text links. For posizionamento sui motori di ricerca, an article i.e. of 500 words
must be unique and keyword rich with proper keyword density and keyword prominence. Like if an
article is of 500 words then the keyword density must be 3-4 % and keyword stuffing must be avoided as
it could spam your website and you may be penalized by Google.

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