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How to Run a Business for Next to Nothing


									How to Run a Business for Next to
Nothing: Low Cost Business Ideas You
can Run from Your Home
If you have been thinking about running a business but have been deterred by factors
such as lack of finance, human resources, space and the like, I would say stop! Here are
some great ways to run a business for little or next to nothing without so much as
having to step out of your home…

Teaching a Skill Online

Do you cook, bake, paint, crochet, knit or design stuff? Then teaching people
these skills can be turned in to a business. All you have to do to begin with is set
up a free or paid blog (in the latter case you would have to buy a domain name
and register for hosting) or set up a website and link to videos that you can post to
You Tube. Giving music or language lessons on Skype is a great way to go too.

Sell Designs and Patterns

I am a crochet enthusiast and recently I was looking for patterns for kids booties
and I came across a range of beautiful patterns on Etsy. Not only can you make
products and sell from the comfort of your home, you can sell patterns that you’ve
created and earn from all the hard work you put in to creating them. What a great

Work for the Publishing Industry

With the number of people taking the route to self-publishing and the burgeoning
growth of e-books I think designing book covers and even helping people decide
on titles for books or editing content are career routes you can take and work via


Knowing a foreign language is an added advantage and you can get several
translation jobs online or get translation gigs by setting up a free Facebook page.
You can even sign up on Elance for freelance job opportunities of every type.


If you have a flair for language and love writing then there are always people who
cannot write and are looking for people to write on their behalf. If you don’t mind
other people taking credit for your writing then ghostwriting is just the thing to

Creating a Platform for Others to Network or Do Business

Providing a platform for people who want to network or do business is another
option worth exploring. Setting up a service like Shopo which is a market place
for all things Indian, Afday another online venture dedicated to selling handpicked
goods or something like GyaanExchange, a place on the web for people to list
classes and enroll for classes in a variety of skills are all options worth exploring.

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