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									Definition, Definition, Duties & Functions of Human Resource Management / Human Resources
- Management of Economic Science - Human Resource Manager
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Definition, Definition, Duties & Functions of Human Resource Management / Human Resources
- Management of Economic Science - Human Resource Manager
Human resource management is a process of dealing with various issues on the scope of the
employee, employees, workers, managers and other workers to be able to support the activities
of the organization or company to achieve its intended purpose. Section or unit which usually
take care of tablespoons is a human resources department or in English is called HR or human
resource department.
According A.F. Stoner human resource management is an ongoing procedure that aims to
supply an organization with the right people to be placed in proper position and the position
when the organization needs it.
Department of Human Resources has Roles, Functions, Duties and Responsibilities:
A. Preparation and selection of manpower / Preparation and selection
a. Preparation
In the process of preparation to do the planning human resource requirements to determine the
range of work that may arise. To do is to do the estimate / forecast the vacant job would,
amount, time, and so forth.
There are two factors to be considered in the preparation, the internal factors such as the
number of new employees' needs, organizational structure, existing departments, and
others. External factors such as employment law, labor conditions pasa, and so forth.
b. Recruitment / Recruitment
Recruitment is a process to find potential employees or candidates, employees, workers,
managers, or a new workforce to meet the needs of tablespoons oraganisasi or company. In
these stages to the required analysis of existing office to create a job description / job
description and job specification / job specification.
c. Employment selection / Selection
Selection labor is a process of finding the right employment of the many existing or potential
candidates. Early stage that needs to be done after receiving the applicant's curriculum vitae is
a look at / cv / applicant's curriculum vittae. Then do the sorting of applicants cv between
applicants who will be called by that fail to meet standards of a job. Then next is called the
candidate elected to do a written test exam, job interview / interview and other selection
2. Development and evaluation of employee / Development and evaluation
Workforce that works for the organization or company must master the tasks and work
responsibilities. It required a briefing for the existing workforce can be more controlled and
experts in their respective fields and to improve existing performance. That way the process of
development and evaluation of employees is very important start of the employees at both low
and high levels.
3. Providing compensation and protection for the employee / Compensation and protection
compensation is a reward for the contribution employees regularly work from an organization or
company. Compensation is very important and tailored to labor market conditions that exist in
the external environment. Compensation that does not comply with existing conditions can
cause labor problems in the future or may cause harm to the organization or
company. Protection should also be given to workers in order to carry out work in peace so that
the performance and contributions of workers would have kept up from time to
time. Compensation or benefits provided various kinds that have been described in other
articles on this site.

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