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									Religion in Indonesia

Islam is the name of the religion founded 1,400 years ago by the holy prophet of Islam,
Muhammad. Islam is an Arabic word which means submission of peace, love and complete
obedience have. there is no difference between Islam and Muslims.Islamadalah follows Muslim
religion, like Christianity is a religion that follows manakristen. Muslim is a person who has
accepted Islam and kehidupandan care, promoting peace, and fully obey and comply
padakehendak god.
Islam demands from believers, so they created perdamaiandi world, promote love and make
them an example like the others, knowing that they are Muslims, feeling peaceful and
harmonious diknewledge it. This is the true Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.
holy prophet of Islam says that a true Muslim is a person yangperbuatan and words do not harm
The role of women in business
• There is no physical contact between men and women are made in public, except maybe a
• Be on time for every meeting. traditional meeting late, and business associates Indonesia you
will probably come too late. However, you are expected at the time, and never have to make a
comment apapuntentang meetings start late or arrive late.
• he did not offer a handshake to a woman indonesia.membalasnya, however, if he initiates.
• women do not offer to shake hands with a man indonesia.Namun, should a man stretched out
his hand, always shake the man might follow the rules tangan.beberapa Indonesian western
business in a business environment.
Care etiquette
high heat and humidity require packing enough clothes look clean and fresh untukselalu. You
may have to change clothes Andabeberapa times a day to keep this look.

women must wear long-sleeved blouses and skirts that cover the knees. women meeting in a
more formal office should wear a suit with socks. limited women's clothing colors that will be
disabled or gelap.meninggalkan bright. colored clothes at home. women always have to cover
their upper arms when wearing a casual blouse.jeans can be worn for very casual, but never
shorts for men or women. Even

Social value

• never stand with your back to a parent or a high-ranking officials.
• When you enter the room to realize the people who will be the room with you.
• always go up when the host or hostess enters the room.
• leave food on your plate indicates that you are not polite, so makansemua food you are
• only use your right hand to eat, when to touch a person, or handling money or paper.
• not polite to talk during dinner. reserved for conversations before or after eating.
• never show the soles or shoes or whatever menyentuhdengan your feet.
• never touch another person's head, this includes the child's head (sepertitepukan in the head).
• never eat while walking in public, or chewing, yawning in public is inappropriate (cover your
mouth if you harusmenguap) (remove hats and sunglasses when going to the room) .. gift,
though small, are often given.
gifts are not opened when it is given. This practice shows the receiver graceful, not greedy.
• religious or cultural dictate specific rules for an appropriate gift. Muslim, Hindu, and Chinese
culture respectively
• have rules about food, alcohol, and other items. make sure your gift does not offend the
person you give it to.
China can politely refuse a gift three times before accepting. hadiahditerima time, tell the
recipient how happy you are with her or his acceptance.
do not give gifts of alcohol or pork. This will also include a perfume because it is made with
alcohol, and any product made from pig skin leather (Muslim).
• do not give a gift that contains beef or items made from cowhide (Hindu). do not give a gift or a
picture that shows anjing.mereka considered unclean.
chinese new year, giving children and the people you are dealing with are not government
employees, the prize money. their money should be an even number of new bills, and
presented in a red envelope (China).
• not give knives, scissors, clocks, handkerchiefs or straw sandals

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