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									                                 The                                                                          Pastor’s Page
                                                                                                              “A” Is for “Attract”
                                                                                                    “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
                                                                                                                  Proverbs 29: 18
                       Spearfish United Methodist Church                                              Spearfish United Methodist Church is a healthy,
                                                 Pastor: Scott McKirdy                         vibrant, strong, diverse congregation. I love to share with
                                      Youth Director: Brenda Swanson      you that we are a congregation that has now walked over the threshold into a
                                             Secretary: Orvette Stepper
                                                                          time of growth. Christmas was huge for us with 546 people joining us for
JANUARY 2012              Editors: Jane Carlstrom & Ramona Strandell
                                                                          worship over the weekend. Many of these were visitors who have now
                                                                          returned home to their own churches, but many more were those who are
                                                                          searching for a faith home. Perhaps they are new in our community and
                                                                          church. Perhaps because they are becoming active in their searching once
                                                                          again after being away.
                                   You are invited to                            We are not called “Methodists” for nothing. Behind every successful
                             participate in POWER HOUSE                   church there is a method. The method we are now working is called “C-A-
                         PLANNING, a training and planning                T-C-H”. What do the letters stand for that guide this process? C—Clarify,
                         workshop, for all teams and                      A—Attract, T—Transform, C—Connect, H—Help.
                                                                                 Developed by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in
                         committees of Spearfish United
                                                                          Kansas City, “C-A-T-C-H” is a system that begins with examining who we
                       Methodist Church. Every member of                  are as a congregation that follows Jesus Christ and intentionally invites
                  every committee is invited to attend and                others to join us in joyful worship as we seek to “Know God. Love God.
              review their job descriptions, develop SMART                Serve Others.” It guides us through the welcoming process as a newcomer
         goals and discuss committee business needing                     walks in the doors and takes us all the way through creating lifelong patterns
                                                                          of positive, engaging Christian faith.
immediate attention for 2012.                                                    Each month I continue to walk with you through one of these letters /
     Mark your calendar for Saturday, Jan. 7, 9:00-12:00                  concepts. In December I shared with you some insights about Clarifying our
p.m. You are also invited to have breakfast with UM Men at                mission as a church. This month “A” is for “Attract.” A healthy, vibrant
8:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. They are doing the                      church is one which attracts people.
                                                                                 Throughout the years I have participated in any number of
cooking!                                                                  conversations about attracting people to churches. Some of those
     Please RSVP to council chairperson Chris Davis at 642-               discussions were really disturbing. “Why should we have to go to all the
3252 or clavis57@hotmail.com .                                            work of pulling people in? We’re a friendly church. We’re always
                                                                          welcoming people when they come to be with us. Look, the doors are open.
                                                                          They know where we are, and they should just be here. If their priorities
                       Mission Statement:                                 were right, they would just be here.”
                                                                                 Disturbing. Because that’s not the way church growth happens. Ask
             Know God. Love God. Serve Others.                            yourself this question: Why would people want to be a part of THIS
                       Vision Statement:                                  church? The bottom line is that people are attracted to churches that have
      To include all people in the fellowship of the church               something valid, relevant, and valuable to offer them. That “something”
                 and nurture spiritual growth.                            needs to be Jesus Christ. When we attract people to this church, what we are
                                                                          truly doing in inviting them to come spend time with Jesus Christ.
                                                                                 This is incredibly important. There is an urgency that we have in the
task that lies before us. People need Jesus. People need churches. People
need THIS church.
        How do we attract others, specifically those who are searching for
                                                                                    BIRTHDAY WISHES
faith in their journey?                                                         Gertrude Thompson             01-02    Janyse Cameron             01-14
        We can attract by:                                                      Don Miller                    01-03    Linda Foltz                01-15
 Offering regular, wonderful worship that feeds people spiritually. This       Clifford Rusch                01-03    Reagan Niesent             01-17
                                                                                Heather Brewer                01-03    Hayes Haiar                01-18
     is why our three very different worship services are so important.
                                                                                Benjamin Burgeson             01-03    Beth Garrett               01-19
 Offering our presence in the important times of life: weddings, funerals,     Jordan Orth                   01-03    Kiara Stone                01-19
     baptisms, holidays. You don’t have to be a part of our church for us to    Ryan Delzer                   01-04    Lorraine Vigoren           01-20
     care about you!                                                            Christian Burgeson            01-04    April Laabs                01-21
 Participating powerfully in our community, reaching out in truly              Joe Carr                      01-05    JoAnne Cleveland           01-22
                                                                                Rex Moyer                     01-05    Madison Garvin             01-22
     relevant ways to meet the needs of those who are our friends and
                                                                                Sasha Pursley                 01-05    Emmy Rollin                01-23
     neighbors. We as a congregation (read “YOU”) are feeding the hungry,       Peggy Heckel                  01-06    Kathy Schneider            01-23
     helping the poor, offering guidance to the lost all through the year.      Art Prosper                   01-07    Ashton Burditt             01-23
 Opening our doors for community activities, such as the Blood Drives.         Gladys Teupel                 01-08    Matthew Burditt            01-23
 Telling people who we are, what we are doing, and where we are doing          Tad Brewer                    01-09    Savanah Allen-Richards     01-23
     it. We can do this through the newspapers, radio, TV, internet, and (of    Frances Sanders               01-10    Mikala Reimer              01-24
                                                                                Katie Christofferson          01-10    Jackson Dana               01-24
     course) your favorite coffee shop. (A related question: although we        Preston Hazledine             01-10    Cole Hansen                01-24
     have been here on the same corner for 126 years, if you were new in        Cathryn Reimer                01-10    Alice Sessions             01-25
     town would you be able to find us? Would you be able to see our name       Thelma Davis                  01-11    Jean Butler                01-26
     and address to know this was the Spearfish United Methodist Church?)       Virginia Furrow               01-11    Colleen Cadieux            01-27
 Meeting the needs of all generations. In my first weeks here, I was           Aleen Christofferson          01-12    Lou Allison                01-28
                                                                                Cheryl Kissack                01-12    Marlyce Huyck              01-28
     informed three different times that, “We are an old church.” Not so!       Amanda Schoon                 01-13    Britain Burditt            01-31
     We are a powerfully intergenerational church! We have people of ALL        Patti Wood                    01-14
     ages from those just born to those who are now nearing the century
     mark in their lives. We are here to meet the needs of every generation.
 INVITING! Growing churches INVITE! They
                                                                                                       Happy Anniversary
     invite friends, family, and neighbors to come to                           Ernest & Gertrude Thompson    01-01    Don & Peony Hammerquist    01-02
     their women’s groups and men’s groups and Bible                            Joel & Jodi Johannesen        01-01    Jason & Rebecca Hill       01-09
     Studies and youth activities. They invite others to
     come join them in worship and work and play and
     prayer. They invite others to become a part of a
     family of faith.
        We are here in this community to help those seeking faith to grow. It
is our task…our PURPOSE…to attract! Remember that this church is not a                 Announcing a new young adult group! Those who are
good choice for many people. Not everyone who walks through our doors           in their late teens and early twenties are invited to “WBL’s”
will be attracted to this congregation. BUT…for many others, this is the        (“Warm Brown Liquids”). It’s a small group that meets each
PERFECT church. It is exactly what they are searching for right now. It has     Sunday evening from 5:00 to 7:00. It’s all about supper
“something” that will help them survive and thrive in this life that we live    together, watching and discussing a faith-based DVD (the Nooma
together!                                                                       series), drinking warm brown liquids (coffee, cappuccino, tea, cocoa),
                                                                                sometimes playing a game together and always talking and laughing a
Pastor Scott                                                                    lot! WBL’s meets at McKirdy’s (14 Horseshoe Lane). Want more info?
                                                                                Talk to Pastor Scott.
                United Methodist Women                                              Our Caring Ministry Reaches Out
      Pastor Scott will install the United Methodist                             We are needing volunteers to help with the caring meal
Women officers for 2012 at the Unit meeting on                            program. Is this an area where you could help?
Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 10:00 a.m. Joy Circle will                                 Our church “Caring Ministry” has been showing care and concern
be the hostess for the lunch.                                             to our church families. We have delivered 4 meals this past month to
      The Circle meetings will be held on                                 people who have had illnesses. One person expressed her appreciation
Wednesday, Jan. 25. Rachel Circle meets at 9:30 a.m. and Joy Circle       by saying, “Your caring and kindness was so appreciated.” Another
meets at 1:30 p.m. Both meet in the Library. Bev Carr will do the         person said, “What a wonderful church family we have.”
“Pledge Service” program for both meetings. All women are invited to             Please call the church office if you are willing to help provide food
attend any of the meetings.                                               for meals which will be taken to persons who are ill or bereaved. These
                                                                          meals may be made ahead and put in the kitchen freezer, or made fresh.
                          Book Review                                     If food is put in the freezer, it should be labeled as to what it is along
                                                                          with the date and name of the person providing it. The reason for
                          By Josephine Boyer
                                                                          identifying the person donating the food is that if the recipient has food
                                                                          sensitivities or allergies, it will be possible to check on ingredients used
      Ostriches, Dung Beetles and Other Spiritual Masters written by
                                                                          in making the donated food items.
Janice McLaughlin. As Janice McLaughlin tells us about the wildlife of
                                                                                 A small freezer is located in the church kitchen for food to be used
Africa, she also teaches us about ourselves and what we’re capable of –
                                                                          for this purpose only. Some suggestions for food are: soups, casseroles,
how from an elephant we can learn the meaning of community or from
                                                                          and breads. Food containers should be disposable or clearly marked so
the hippopotamus humility and self-acceptance.
                                                                          they may be returned to the church kitchen.
      Delightful sketches of African wildlife by two African artists
                                                                                 Please call the church office at 642-3457 if you are able to put food
accompany the reflections, along with quotes from scripture and ways to
                                                                          in the freezer, or would be willing to receive a phone call to give
apply the wisdom of the wild to our own lives.
                                                                          assistance with a salad, vegetable, dessert, casserole, etc. There will be a
                                                                          clip board/sign-up sheet on a table in the church Fellowship Hall for
                      FREE Yoga Class                                     people to sign up if they can help with this important church outreach.
                                                                                 If you know of someone who has a need for a meal please notify
       Come and join this class taught by Colleen McKirdy                 the church office. It means so much to know that people care and it
in the nursery at the church. Classes will be held Monday,                helps with the healing process!
Wednesday & Friday’s at 12:00 noon. There are beginning
and intermediate levels. Please bring a yoga or exercise mat
and wear clothing in which you can move comfortably. Contact Colleen
at 269-1054 if you have questions.
                                                                                          Please give us your E-mail!
                                                                                               Please inform the church office of your e-mail so
                     Safeway Gift Cards                                                  that we can contact you with current news or church
                                                                                         happenings. Send and e-mail with your name and
      Do you shop at Safeway, use their pharmacy, or buy gas at the                      address to the church office at spfumc@speartown.com
station? If “yes”, then help our Youth by buying Safeway Gift Cards                      or write your e-mail on the Registration of Attendance
from the church office. Use the cards like cash at any Safeway. The       pads when you sign in at worship.
Youth receive 5% of the total sold for their summer mission trips. Gift
Cards may be purchased at the church office Mon.-Fri. THANKS!
                    Missions for January                                               United Methodist Men’s Retreat
                                                                                                        January 20-21
Human Relations Sunday – January 14-15
       On Human Relations Day, United Methodist Churches celebrate                                                         Come join other men of
their connectional work. This day of social action raises awareness for                                              the Black Hills for a wonderful
healing social ills at the national level. Offerings support Community                                               program in the beautiful Gist
Developers, United Methodist Voluntary Service (UMVS), and the                                                       Lodge at the Storm Mountain
Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program. The first two programs are                                                    Center! Cost is $45 and
administered through the General Board of Global Ministries.                                                         includes three meals, lodging,
       Programs supported through Human Relations Day offerings                                                      worship and three sessions.
include but are not limited to:                                                                                            Registration will begin at
                                                                                                                     5:00 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 20
    HIV/AIDS                                Senior Citizen Assistance
    Affordable Housing                      Restorative Justice
                                                                                                                     and Session 1, “Our Call to
    Youth Empowerment/Initiatives           Prison Ministries                                                      Serve Like Christ” will follow.
    Mental & Physical Health                Youth Leadership                     On Saturday, Jan. 21 Session 2, “How God Calls Us to Serve Him”
    After-School & Summer Initiative                                       and Session 3, “How to Seek Ways to Serve” will be in the morning. In
                                                                            the afternoon there will be a Storm Mountain Center work project.
Honduras VIM Team – January 21-22                                                  Contact John Britt (605-787-2414), Jerry Laird (605-484-4684) or
      The Dakotas Conference Volunteer in Mission Medical Team will         Kent Reimann (605-209-5135) for information and registration.
again be traveling to rural Honduras. This year the Team hopes to send
two separate mission groups, one in late January and another in early
February. Team members from Spearfish include Ron and Gloria                             Valentine’s Dinner & Concert
Borgman and Michelle Jennings.
      The teams will return to remote villages in the eastern part of
Honduras to provide medical and dental care to rural villagers, who often                           Mark your calendars and get
walk many hours to receive care.                                                              your tickets! The annual Valentine’s
      The teams will be hosted by Send Hope, a Methodist project in                           Dinner and Concert tradition
Puerto Lempira that provides care and education for children with birth                       continues! Boyd Bristow and Kenny
defects, injuries, and malnutrition, and for children who are orphaned or                     Putnam will delight us again with a
abused. Team members are eager to return for the fourth time to work                          concert on Saturday, February 11th
with hosts Send Hope.                                                                         following another deliciously
      Mission Team members pay their own costs for the trip, so all                           prepared pork loin dinner by Barry Wood!
funds raised from cinnamon roll sales and other donations are used to            Proceeds from this event will go to the summer youth mission trips
provide medicine and supplies for the team's work. The team asks for        and tickets are $25 per person for the dinner & concert or $15 for the
support and prayers as they go to serve.                                    concert alone. Limited tickets are available at the Spearfish UMC and
                                                                            will be sold in advance for the dinner & concert. Tickets for the concert
                                                                            only can be purchased in advance or will be available at the door until
                                                                            they run out.
                        Come, Share, Rejoice!
      “Will you be loyal to the United Methodist Church, and uphold
        it by your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness?”                           Worship Volunteers for January
                           GENERAL FUND 2011                                        Jan. 1 – 10:30 AM
Month            Actual Income   Needed to Meet Expenses             Difference     Greeters: Dick & Eileen Jones/Ron & Lillian Mitchell
Jan.             31,163.85       29,994.92                               1,168.93   Hospitality: Jane Carlstrom/Volunteers Needed
Feb.             25,794.14       29,994.92                              -4,200.78   Liturgist: Janelle Jones
Mar.             25,354.40       29,994.92                              -4,640.52
Apr.             29,027.39       29,994.92                                -967.53
                                                                                    Jan. 8 – 8:00 AM
May              26,620.65       29,994.92                              -3,374.27
June             26,059.93       29,994.92                              -3,934.99
                                                                                    Greeters: Jim & Bonnie Witt/Tad & Heather Brewer & family
July             27,615.93       29,994.92                              -2,378.99   Hospitality: Cinnamon Rolls for Honduras
Aug.             28,113.14       29,994.92                              -1,881.78   Jan. 8 – 10:30 AM
Sept.            23,557.33       29,994.92                              -6,437.59   Greeters: Keith & Sherry Haiar/Bart & Shannon Eastwood
Oct.             33,061.14       29,994.92                               3,066.22   Hospitality: Cinnamon Rolls for Honduras
Nov.             30,315.54       29,994.92                                 320.62   Liturgist: Sandy Asheim
Dec.             36,738.73       29,994.92                               6,743.81
               BUILDING/DEBT RETIREMENT FUND 2011                                   Jan. 15 – 8:00 AM
Month            Actual Income Needed to Meet Expenses               Difference     Greeters: Bob & Laura Oliver/Janelle Jones/Debra Richardson
Jan.             5,453.85      4,888.58                                    565.27   Hospitality: Barry & Tammie Wood & family
Feb.             5,220.44      4,888.58                                    331.86
Mar.             4,905.50      4,888.58                                     16.92   Jan. 15 – 10:30 AM
Apr.             5,138.54      4,888.58                                    249.96   Greeters: Ernest & Gertrude Thompson/Fay Shields/Doris Horner
May              4,103.27      4,888.58                                   -785.31   Hospitality: Volunteers Needed
June             5,588.07      4,888.58                                    699.49   Liturgist: Ron Borgman
July             4,816.74      4,888.58                                    -71.84
Aug.             5,416.21      4,888.58                                    527.63   ********************
Sept.            4,084.60      4,888.58                                   -803.98   Jan. 22 – 8:00 AM
Oct.             5,932.60      4,888.58                                  1,044.02   Greeters: Lanny & Dnyee Swisher/Sarah Hazledine & family
Nov.             5,297.79      4,888.58                                    409.21   Hospitality: Volunteers Needed
Dec.             3,785.37      4,888.58                                 -1,103.21   Jan. 22 – 10:30 AM
Worship Attendance for December: 1,447 (Avg/Wk = 289 (inc. Christmas Eve)           Greeters: Lyle & Joan Bockwoldt/Neil & Donna Barth
Sunday School Attendance for December: 57 (Avg/Wk = 57-one week only)               Hospitality: Volunteers Needed
                                                                                    Liturgist: Brenda Swanson
                         Special Gifts for December
Camping Scholarships         $     160.00   Tree of Life                  201.00    ********************
Poinsettias                        127.50   St. Andrew                    200.00    Jan. 29 – 8:00 AM
Food Pantry                         55.00   Solar Oven                    200.00    Greeters: Stan Smith & Laura Lloyd-Smith & family
Staff Christmas Fund             2,105.00   Honduras Donations            740.00    Hospitality: Volunteers Needed
Adult Choir Fund                    70.00   UMCOR Philippines             200.00
Children First Donations          1591.50   Artemis House               1,068.00    Jan. 29 – 10:30 AM
Haiti Hot Lunch                      5.00   Pastor’s Discretionary      5,440.60    Greeters: Stan & Connie Seymour/Clara Christensen/Jane Carlstrom
Bishop’s Thanksgiving Off.         100.00   Youth Mission               2,930.00    Hospitality: Volunteers Needed
UM Student Day                     100.00   Youth Fund                    133.14    Liturgist: Jordan Louks
                                            Totals                    $15,426.74
                                                                             Sunday Worship:
                                                                                “The Gathering” ~ 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                “The Sanctuary” ~ 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                 Nursery care
                                                                                 Van rides to worship
Here’s what’s happening with our youth:                                          CD’s of worship
      Thanks go to the people of this church and community for their        Sunday School: 9:15 a.m.
       support of the youth Christmas dinner! Thanks also, to Barry
       Wood and crew for preparing the delicious prime rib meal! It          Saturday “Blue Jean” Worship ~ 5:30 p.m.
       was a beautiful day with great fellowship and food! Thank you         E-mail Addresses:
       all!                                                                    Website: spearfishumc.com
      Butter Braid bread sales brought in almost $600 for the youth           Pastor: spearfishumc@speartown.com
       summer mission trips. Over 125 braids were sold! Thanks to all          Church Secretary: spfumc@speartown.com
       who supported the sales! If you haven’t received your Butter            Youth Director: brendas@speartown.com
       Braid yet, please contact your sales person or check the freezer at     Finance: pbosch@speartown.com
       church.                                                                 Music Director: nottus6017@gmail.com
                                                                             Call the church office for more information at 642-3457.
      Winter Connection is coming up January 27-29 at Storm Mt.
       Center. District middle school and high school youth are invited
       to this weekend retreat where they will be hosted by Dakota
       Wesleyan University, who will treat them to an afternoon of
       tubing at Mystic Miner Resort. Cost for the weekend is $60 per
       person. For registrations contact Brenda @ 642-3457.
      High School youth interested in running for CCYM (Conference
       Council on Youth Ministries) should have their applications in
       by January 15, 2012. CCYM youth are the youth leadership
       team of the Dakotas Conference. They plan and implement the
       conference middle school event—The Crossing; the high school
       mission event – The Journey; Leadership Training Camp (LTC)
       at Lake Poinsett and the Winter Connections. They also have 10
       voting delegates at the Annual Conference and lead a worship
       service there. If you are interested in running or have any
       questions, please contact Brenda at 642-3457.

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