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       Reasons for installing residential elevators
Top 5 reasons to install residential elevators

In multi-storied homes, installing residential elevators offers the convenience of moving
from one floor to another easily and safely. Having an elevator for your house may seem
overly expensive but the benefits often outweigh the costs. Having an elevator is
definitely a big advantage and it can dramatically enhance the value of your home. Listed
here are five top reasons to install home elevators.

A home elevator can make your life much easier for the whole family: If you have
family members who are physically challenged at home, there is no doubt that an elevator
will make life much easier for them and give an enhanced sense of independence and
self-confidence. Other members of the family also find it easy to access the upper levels
of the building.

A home elevator can enhance the value of your home: Nowadays, residential elevators
have become quite popular, and are considered more of a necessity rather than a luxury.
Having an elevator in your multi-storied home makes your life more convenient and also
enhances the value and marketability of your property. Most elevators come with various
customization options so that they can easily blend with your home décor.

Home elevator provides convenience: Residential elevators allow smooth and easy
floor-to-floor accessibility. Installing a home accessibility device is very useful when it
comes to moving heavy items including furniture, groceries, laundry and more from one
floor to another. They are useful not only in multistoried residential buildings but also in
houses with just two floors.

Home elevators ensure safe floor to floor access: To ensure that your ride is safe and
comfortable, elevator models come with exceptional safety features and specifications.
Safety features include fully automatic operating controls, manual lowering device,
emergency stop buttons, backup power facility, in-cab alarms, emergency lighting,
handrails on platforms, an emergency telephone or communication system, under-
platform sensors, final and ultimate limit switches, slack rope safety, uninterrupted
power, door interlocks, locked power cabinets, one touch screen controls, cable safety
devices and more.

Elevators for residential purposes are easy to install and maintain: Many residential
elevator models do not require machine rooms and therefore do not take up much space.
They are easily installed in existing as well as new homes without much structural
modification. Another important advantage of a contemporary home accessibility system
is that it is durable and designed to provide maximum service with minimal maintenance.
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Buy from trusted elevator suppliers

Thysenenkrupp Access, Savaria and Federal Elevator are leading manufacturers that offer
quality residential elevators. Look for a trusted dealer with an inventory that features
various models from these well-known brands. A reliable dealer would provide free site
assessment, recommend the right home elevator to meet your needs and undertake to
install it with the least hassle to your home. Established elevator suppliers also provide
proper       customer      service     and     timely     maintenance       solutions.

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