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best cell phone by basquezjamie


									                                            Best cell phone

         So today I am going to talk about the best phone of this year. The iphone 4 is my favorite device
and will always be. I love apple products the ios platform is amazing. This device has an amazing back
camera, it takes beautiful stunning pictures. You can use the front camera for face time or to take self
pictures. The resolution on this device is wonderful. The 8gb device holds a lot of music and pictures.
Apple itunes has a ton of cool free apps and a lot of amazing paid apps. My favorite apps are skype,
facebook, twitter, paypal, angry birds, unblock me and much more. Please when you get a chance go
look at the iphone and you will be stunned just like I am. I used to be an android person but as soon as I
played with the iphone and saw all of the cool things it did I changed my mind and I couldnt be any
happier. When you update the phone it does it straight from the phone so you dont have to plug it into
the computer. Please comment and like if this helped you with your decision.

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