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Barack Obama views on change by jennyyingdi


									Presidential Election Project
        By: Period 6
  Due: September 19,2008
Barack Obama’s
views on change
                 Homeland Security
•   Keep Track of Spent Nuclear Fuel
•   Senator Obama introduced legislation to establish rules for controlling,
    tracking and accounting for spent fuel at all nuclear power plants.
•   Evacuating special needs population in Emergencies.
•   Obama introduced and passed legislation to require mandatory planning
    for evacuation of people with special needs.
•   Keeping Our Drinking Water Safe
•   Senator Obama introduced legislation to provide $37.5 million over 5
    years to upgrade the monitoring and security efforts for drinking water
•   Protecting our chemical Plants
•   Senator Obama introduced a comprehensive chemical plant security
    legislation which requires chemical containment, immigration , barriers,
    safety training and using safer technology.
• Zero to Five Plan
• Places key emphasis at early care and education
  for infants.
• Obama will create Early Learning Challenge Grants
• Higher Education
• Make college affordable for all Americans .
• Refundable credit will ensure the first $4,000 of
  tuition is free for most Americans ,will cover 2/3
  tuition at the average public college or university
  and make community college completely free.
• Obama will stop funding wasteful federal
  government programs that make no financial
• He will protect tax cuts for poor and middle class
  families , but reverse Bush’s tax cuts for the
  wealthiest families.
• He will increase the efficiency of government
  programs through technology and stronger
• Obama is going to stop giving tax breaks to oil
  and gas companies and make them even with
  the rest of the industries.
   Energy and the environment
• Barrack Obama will ensure 10% of
  electricity will come from renewable
  sources by 2010 .
• He will also get 1 million plug-in hybrid cars
  on the road by 2015.
• He will create a $7,000 tax credit for the
  purchase of advanced cars.
• Obama will reduce energy usage by
  weatherizing 1 million low- income houses
  a year. .
• He plans to make healthcare affordable for
  everyone and turn no one away .
• The plan will cover all essential services such as :
  preventive, maternity and mental healthcare.
• Barack supports funding for the national institutes of
  health and the national science foundation .
• Obama will support implementation of programs
  and encourage team care that will improve
  coordination and integration of care to those with
  chronic conditions.

• Obama will give his secretary of Defense and military
  commanders a new mission in Iraq: ending the war
• Barack Obama believes that the U.S must apply pressure
  on the iraqi government to work toward real political
  accomodation. There is no military solution to the Iraqi
  political differences, but the Bush Administration’s blank
  check approach has failed to press Iraq’s leaders to take
  responsibility for their future or to substantially spend
  their oil revenues on their own reconstruction.
• Barack Obama will launch an aggressive diplomatic effort
  to reach a comprehensive compact on the stability of Iraq
  and the region.
• Barack Obama believes that American has both a moral
  obligation and a responsibility for security that demands
  we confront Iraq’s humanitarian crisis – more than five
  million Iraqis are refugees or are displaced inside their
  own country.
• He wants guards and technology on the border
  entry to keep out illegal immigrants.
• He wants the number of legal immigrants to
  increase to keep the families together and meet
  the standards for jobs.
• He wants to stop employers from hiring illegal
  immigrants to remove incentives to enter illegally.
• He wants to allow illegal immigrants who are in
  good standing top pay a fine , learn English , and
  to be given an opportunity for citizenship.
so much info more please push
John Mc Cain’s Issues
               Border Security
• Ensuring there is enough money to provide for
  resources on the ground along with training facilities
  and support staff and development or technologies .
• Have unmanned Aerial vehicles and aircraft where
  needed and appropriate in the border region .
• Focus on funding to US Attorney’s offices in border
• Address the fact that we already have a large
  number of illegal aliens living in our country and
  enroll them in special programs to resolve their
• As president, John McCain will pursue
  reforms that address the underlying cultural
  problems in our education system.
• There is no equal opportunity without equal
  access to excellent education.
• We can no longer accept low standards for
  some students and high for others. (No
  Child Left Behind).
• Provide bonuses for teachers who locate in
  underperforming schools.
• He will keep the top tax rate at 35% maintain the
  15% rates on dividends and Capital Gains and
  phase- out Alternative minimum tax.
• McCain understands that many Americans e-mail
  and text message . Therefore he will prohibit all new
  cell phone taxes.
• Simplifying the tax code will make the U.S more
  competitive with other countries, where we have to
  remove any certainty among businesses.
• McCain wants to cut the corporate tax rate from 35
  to 25% because a lower corporate tax rate is
  essential to keeping good jobs in the United States.
             Climate Changes
• John McCain believes that there must be a Global
  solution to Global Climate Change.
• An adaptation plan should be based upon national
  and regional scientific assessments of the impacts
  of climate change .
• John McCain will establish a market –based system
  to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mobilize
  innovative technologies, and strengthen the
• John McCain Proposes a Cap-And-Trade System
  that would set limits on greenhouse gas emissions
  while Encouraging the development of Low –Cost
  Compliance options.

• John McCain believes that it is essential for the
  U.S to support the government of Iraq to become
  capable of governing itself.
• McCain feels that to secure long-term peace and
  security and to establish a stable prosperous ,and
  democratic state in Iraq so that the do not pose
  threats in its neighbors and contributed to the
  defeat of terrorists.
• John McCain believes it is essential to be honest
  with the American people about the opportunities
  and risks that lie ahead.
• John McCain wants to settle disputes in Iraq and
  our troops out .
• John McCain said he would lower health
  insurance by healthcare cost and offer families
  up to $5,000 in tax credits.
• The McCain plan would expand personal,
  portable private health insurance by harnessing
  patient choice and private competition.
• John McCain will Develop a strategy for meeting
  the challenge of a population needing greater
  Long –Term Care.
• John will work with states to establish A
  Guaranteed Access Plan.
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