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									Amy Winehouse Legacy: Probate Records Examined

There was speculation regarding the Amy Winehouse estate shortly after she passed away last summer.
Sources were saying that they had reason to believe that the troubled singer had taken the time to put a
solid estate plan in place after she got divorced from her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

As it turns out, according to probate records suggestions that she had a last Will in place are turning out
to be untrue. Forbes has published an article that cites probate records indicating that Amy Winehouse
died intestate or without a Will.

People sometimes wonder what happens to your resources if you do pass away without leaving behind
your final wishes. The way that it works is that intestacy rules of succession are utilized to determine
who is the heir to the estate.

Your spouse would be considered to be your closest relative followed by your children. But since Amy
Winehouse was not married and she was childless her parents were next in line so they wound up being
the heirs to her estate, which was worth $4.66 million after taxes and final expenses were paid.

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