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					Faucet purchase

According to the functions can be divided into the basin mixer, bath mixer, shower.

Points according to the structure can be divided into single-coupled, double type and triple-type
and several taps. Single type can be accessed by the cold water pipe or hot water pipes; double
type can then heat the cold water pipe, used for bathroom vanities and hot water supply basin
faucet of the kitchen vegetables; triple style then cold, hot water, two pipeline, but also can take
showers, mainly for the bathtub faucet. There is a single handle and double handle points.
Single-handle faucet with a handle you can adjust the temperature of the hot and cold water;
double handle you need to adjust the water temperature of cold water pipes and hot water

Press to open the way to points, can be divided into a spiral leading open spiral handle to rotate a
lot of laps. Wrench-style faucet, wrench-style handle is generally rotated 90 degrees. Lift-style
faucet, lift the handle simply lift up to the water. Inductive faucet, inductive faucet hand out
under the tap, it will automatically water.

Can be divided into the several of the copper the spool, Taocifaxin, and stainless steel spool,
spool to points. Faucet quality is the most critical is the spool. Faucets copper spool mostly open
cast iron spiral faucet has basically been eliminated; Taocifaxin faucet emerged in recent years,
the quality is good, and now more common to use; stainless steel spool is only recently emerged.
more suitable for areas of poor water quality.

Select the faucet should consider the environmental features

With the improvement of living conditions, living standards improve, people on the water quality
requirements. Therefore, environmentally friendly, functional taps the growing attention. Some
business or factory began to create a new, environmentally friendly and functional point of view
is to reduce the lead content of the taps in order to improve water quality-based.

The general leading the body is cast in bronze, copper content of roughly 54% to 82%, the copper
content of some high-quality imports leading up to the 85% addition to copper, as well as other
metal content If high levels of lead is detrimental to human health. Lead content of many taps in
the market generally 3% to 5%, while the less lead than to import the original faucet, this
situation, some manufacturers have developed low-lead type of faucet, its leaded amount of less
than 0.3%.

In addition to leading health and environmental protection of the low-lead type, a small
additional design also reflects a functional pursuit. For example, on both sides of the kitchen
faucet to install the soap dispenser and rinse sink shower, tap the exit fitted with a special
stainless steel filter cover inflatable mouth can slow the rate of water flow, blocking debris in the
water, improving water quality.

Buy taps the quality of the former, the style in the

Taps many styles, the purchase should be quality first, style second. The faucet control handle
single handle and dual handle. Many consumers believe that the relatively new single-handle
faucet, double handle is outdated, in fact, this is a style of appearance, and can not explain how
the quality. Look out from the actual situation. The characteristics of the single-handle faucet is
easy to control, simple structure. Double handle will have both hands to adjust the water
temperature, but the style may be suitable for more occasions (such as audience, basin faucet,
Massage Bathtub faucet, etc.). Single-handle faucet turned on and off instantly, the water
pressure will rapidly rise, the copper content of the product is not high, can not stand the water
pressure in the expansion can be easily damaged, so the single-handle faucet, when used, slowly
on and off. Double-handle faucet pressure range, the water pressure is slowly released, so there
is no problem.

Purchase should pay attention to see more multi-trial

First look at the surface brightness. Faucet body by brass cast, after grinding and polishing, the
surface of nickel and chrome plating. Formal coating has a specific process requirements, and
through the neutral salt spray test, within the prescribed time limit, no rust. In the purchase, pay
attention to the luster of the surface of the hand to touch no glitches, no holes, no oxidation

Followed by gently rotating the handle to see if light and flexible, non-blocking Zhizhong sense.
Some very cheap product, quality of the spool, the technical coefficients up to standard, a
difference of 3-4 times their price. So when choosing not to set the price as the only standard.

Check the faucet parts, assembly of main components is close, there should be no loose feeling.
The body of a good leader, and handle all grades of brass refined weight at a more sedate,
dignified sense.
Identify the product tag. General formal products have a manufacturer's brand identity, in order
to identify and prevent counterfeiting. Non-formal product or quality, but often only to paste
some paper labels, and even without any mark. Must pay attention to look for when purchasing.

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