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									     Best Digital Photography Books - The Long And The Short Of Ben's Books

 One of the best digital photography books for you would be the book that answers the specific
questions YOU have about digital photography!
The incredible explosion over the last couple of years in the field of Digital Photography, combined
with the affordability of excellent digital cameras, has resulted in the publication of some of the
best digital photography books seen yet.
The best digital photography books include books giving a detailed overview of the field, as well as
the more specialized ones. This category is coming to the fore as digital photography is applied to
an increasing number of the traditional fields of photography.
Among the best digital photography books, you will therefore encounter a bewildering array of
The specialized topics covered in the best digital photography books include digital night
photography, digital black and white photography, digital portrait photography, digital infra-red
photography, digital photography lighting, and even setting up digital photography studios.
If you're just starting out on the digital photography road, one of the best digital photography books
to read is probably Ben Long's revised and highly acclaimed 'Complete Digital Photography'.
For someone who wants to buy a first digital camera, or upgrade to a better model, this book
includes some very useful information on what to take into consideration when shopping around.
Judged one of the best digital photography books available, it is neither too basic, nor too
specialized, and is excellent at bridging the gap between the film and digital worlds. It explains the
technical aspects of digital photography with clarity, and can serve as a thorough guide for
shooting, and editing your photos in Photoshop.
The best digital photography books give a novice a good grasp of the subject. Ben Long's book
certainly does this, by explaining everything from how the image is captured on the sensor, right
through to printing and presenting the final image.
He spends a good part on digital 'darkroom' techniques, and introduces his readers to a variety of
useful concepts for achieving the desired effects.
Ben Long, who is highly regarded as author of some of the best digital photography books, divides
'Complete Digital Photography' into four sections. The first part provides basic technical
information to assist you when reading the rest of the book.
Most of the best digital photography books devote a section to giving you the necessary
information upon which to make a buying decision. Even though many new cameras have
appeared on the shelves since publication, the second part of this volume gives you an insight into
which features you should be aware of when buying your digital camera.
In the third part of 'Complete Digital Photography', Ben Long gets down to actual shooting and
shows you how to choose exposure, how to use a histogram, when and how to use a flash, and
much more. All the techniques the best digital photography books usually illustrate, are detailed
Lastly, the book deals with digital editing and correction techniques, and also shows you how to go
about printing your images. The CD that comes with the book, has what you need to complete the
tutorials in the book, as well as many full-color images from the book.
As one of the best digital photography books, 'Complete Digital Photography' offers a truly
comprehensive course that will bring out the best in you and your camera.
Another book by Ben Long, 'Getting Started with Camera Raw: How to Make Better Pictures Using
Photoshop and Photoshop Elements', also deserves a place among the best digital photography
books. This is one of the more specialized titles. Everything about RAW is detailed, from
explaining what RAW is, why and how it is used, the image editing processes involved, to useful
Apart from being the author of more than one of the best digital photography books, Long is also
known for excellent series of articles. In 'Framed and Exposed' he explores how to give your prints
an edge, how to shoot at night, how to buy photo printers, how to control digital camera image
noise, and how to use Adobe Photoshop.
With his wealth of experience and knowledge, it is no wonder that he has written what is
considered to be some of the best digital photography books!
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